How to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook With Ease

You might have heard about the controversy related to the collected user data through Facebook. This application collects a huge amount of information from each Facebook user’s account.

Even if you have no clue about it, Facebook keeps a check on your location. Therefore, after accessing such data, it becomes easier to find the location of someone on Facebook.

Facebook tracks information for serving the user with targeted promotions and advertisements.

This application even collects data from the user’s IP address, browsing the history, Wi-Fi data (specifical location), and also Bluetooth for pinpointing the whereabouts, location, and other nearby locations for offering you relevant advertisements. Certainly, one can access such information.

However, the main question is how to find someone’s location on Facebook? Well, this is really easy, and you will know about different ways to do so in this article.

Part 1: How to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook Through Location History

The location history of Facebook can be tracked easily using the user data that Facebook collects. To know about someone’s location history, follow the instructions listed below.

Steps on How to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook:

1: Visit and sign into someone’s Facebook account. After that, tap on the arrow present in the Facebook page’s right corner.

How to find someone's location on Facebook Through Location History

2: Select the option ‘Settings‘ from there and then choose the tab ‘location.’

3: Once there, you need to choose ‘View Your Location History.’

4: Next, you have to fill in the Facebook password of the account. Finally, toggle in for viewing the location of the last few days.

In this way, you can access someone’s location history through Facebook. After this, you can track the user’s location. Before you try out this method, you should know that it works only for Mac and PC.

Some Limitations of This Method:

Although this way of tracking location on Facebook is pretty effective, this method has some limitations too.

  • Firstly, you have to know the user password of that Facebook account.
  • It is necessary that Facebook’s location service should be activated for making this method work. Otherwise, this application would not upload the location history.
  • One can delete the location history very easily.

Part 2: How to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook Through Nearby Friends

Facebook comes with a feature ‘Nearby Friends,’ which allows users to share their location with their friends. Basically, you share the location with one another.

If a Facebook user activates this feature, then he has to turn on the location history. Or else, this feature does not work. So, here’s how to find someone’s location on Facebook!

This method varies for iOS and Android devices. Therefore, let’s discuss these procedures separately.

For iOS Users – How to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook

  • 1: Firstly, switch on the tab ‘Location Services.’ After that, set the option for the location to ‘Always‘ under that tab.
  • 2: Next, click on the three horizontal lines present at the bottom of the display.
  • 3: Tap on the option ‘Nearby Friends‘. Here, choose the tab ‘See More‘ if required.
  • 4: Click on the icon ‘Gear.’
  • 5: After seeing the toggle tab, switch it on or off, depending on your preference.

For Android Users – How to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook

  • 1: Switch on the ‘Location Services and Background Location‘ tab.
  • 2: Next, click on the three parallel lines present in the right corner.
  • 3: Choose the feature ‘Nearby Friends.’ Here, you can switch it on or off, depending on your preference.
How to Find Someones Location on Facebook on Android

So, this feature is designed specifically for mobile devices. Thus, the Nearby Friends feature is only present on iOS and Android devices.

Some Limitations of This Method:

This method from Facebook is really innovative, which lets you share the location among friends. However, this feature cannot be said perfect as it has its flaws.

  • For using the ‘Nearby Friends‘ feature, you should be on the friend list of the other person. This is so because Facebook does not allow you to track strangers.
  • For trying out this method, the feature ‘Nearby Friends‘ should be ON.
  • This feature doesn’t provide a precise location, but just the approximate one.

Part 3: How to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook Through Live Location Sharing

Are you still wondering how to find someone’s location on Facebook? If so, there’s another way to locate someone’s location. This method is really effective and uses the application ‘Messenger’ for sharing your location among your friends.

It is a convenient method for Facebook users who cherish their privacy. In this way, only your friend gets to see your location. The best part is that the feature ‘Live Location‘ automatically turns off after some specific time.

So, go through the instructions for seeing the Facebook location.

Steps on How to Hack Someone’s Location on Facebook:

1: Initially, visit Chats on the Messenger application and click on the ‘Location‘ tab.

2: Next, click on the ‘Share Live Location‘ option. For iOS devices, you have to click on the option ‘Always‘ for accessing the live location. In case you like to stop sending your live location to someone, then follow the below-mentioned steps.

3: Visit Chats and keep scrolling down for seeing the text where you have sent the live location.

4: Now, just click on the option ‘Stop Sharing‘.

How to Find Someones Location on Facebook with Live Location Sharing

So, this method works only for Android and iOS smartphones. This is so because the procedure uses the application of Facebook Messenger.

Some Limitations of This Method:

This method comes with some flaws, which we have discussed below.

  • To become friends with the other person on Facebook is necessary.
  • Its effectiveness entirely depends on the other user if he likes to share his location or not.

Part 4: How to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook Without Their Knowledge

As stated above, Facebook provides different ways of tracking someone’s location. However, these methods apply only to Facebook uses. Apart from these methods, there are various other effective, accurate, and much better options available.

One such application is KidsGuard Pro, which is a professional monitoring application. This application tracks the location of any device discretely. One cannot view the icon of KidsGuard Pro on the monitored device as the application entirely functions in the background.

This monitored device takes the help of the built-in GPS tracker for providing accurate location information.

How to Find Someones Location on Facebook with KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro also takes the help of the logger of Wi-Fi for tracking the location. Thus, if the GPS on the monitored device is switched off, you still receive the approximate location through this innovative feature if it remains Wi-Fi connected.

As the real-time location updates every now and then, you can still access the location history along with the date and time stamps.

The application offers the feature ‘Geofence.’ This feature creates fences on the map virtually, and if the target device moves out of it, you receive an alert immediately. You can switch on this feature to protect your children.

Now, Let’s See Why Should You Go with KidsGuard Pro for Tracking Someone’s Location.

  • KidsGuard Pro is a hidden tracking application for phones.
  • This application offers an accurate location of the target user.
  • It is not restricted to Facebook friends. One can track anyone using this tool.
  • The monitoring application offers location history, Wi-Fi location monitoring, Geofence alerts, and more.
  • Users can even hack Facebook ID, and monitor all the Facebook activities, such as outgoing and incoming messages, videos, photos, notifications, and so on the monitored device.

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Part 5: How to Protect Children on Facebook

Nowadays, everyone uses social media applications such as Facebook on their smartphones. This even includes your loved ones and children. Do you think your children are safe there?

Surely no. Due to the increasing cybercrimes, it becomes obvious to worry about your kids’ safety on these social media applications. So, here are a few tips that can help you in protecting your children on Facebook.

1. Use a Parental Control Application

It is best to use parental control applications like FamiSafe and KidsGuard Pro. Using this monitoring tool, you can set time limits and even block Facebook. It even tracks all the phone activities on your child’s smartphone. Through FamiSafe, users detect all explicit data from Facebook.

For this, the tool even allows you to add offensive works for receiving notifications from Facebook. The app enables parents to view all the pictures on their phones. In this way, they can see what their kids download from the internet.

How to Find Someones Location on Facebook with FamiSafe

2. Go Through Facebook’s Age Guidelines

Children shouldn’t be permitted to open up a Facebook account if they do not meet the criteria for using the social network. The minimum requirement for the same is at least 13 years. Also, you can take advantage of age-specific protection policies.

3. Reject Strangers’ Friend Requests

Parents need to check the friend requests that their kids receive. They have to make sure that they do not accept any stranger’s friend request.

4. Get to Know Facebook

Parents do not feel comfortable with the emergence of social networks like Facebook. They generally consider it bad. However, it is necessary for them to know about Facebook and what it offers, specifical aspects like privacy, profile management, and security.

5. Kids and Parents Should Review and Know the Privacy Settings

When it comes to privacy, Facebook offers one of the highest kinds. This is because it gives us the freedom to choose true friends.

6. ‘Who Can Connect with Me?’ – Use It

This section offers you complete access to who can connect with you. It enables you to control who can send you a friend request and even define the message filters.

7. ‘Who Can See My Stuff’ – Use It

The section ‘Who can see my stuff‘ allows you to select the users. Also, it lets you select what types of posts remain public and which posts are not. Plus, it manages the content, and accesses the biography, and other things.

8. Employ ‘Applications and Sites’

This section helps you in controlling the data, which is being shared with other applications. Also, the range of information that websites obtain that is linked to Facebook.

9. Take the Help of ‘Blocked Lists’

It is a great feature, which allows you to block other users from accessing your personal information and profile data that you publish.

10. Treat the Virtual World as the Real One

In the real world, people do not talk much to strangers and do not even provide information regarding who they are and what they do.

So, they denounce people who attack or bother them. This same thing should be applied to the virtual world, especially on social networking websites like Facebook.

So, these are a few tips that you can use for protecting your kids on Facebook. It is important to keep a check on your kids’ Facebook accounts to know with whom they interact. In this way, you can protect them from the impending dangers of the virtual world.


Now, you know how to find someone’s location on Facebook. Facebook itself offers various ways to hack the location of someone. It comes with all the properties of being a great location tracker.

Facebook has also featured multiple ways of tracking the user’s location. However, it comes with a few drawbacks, which make it inappropriate for lots of users.

So, it is best to go with KidsGuard Pro. This monitoring tool works in a far better and more effective way when it comes to location tracking.

Therefore, wait no more and download KidsGuard Pro for hacking someone’s location on Facebook hassle-free!

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