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Protect Your Kids: How to Find Hidden Apps on Android Devices


Written by Janice

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How to Find Hidden Apps on Android Devices

Why Should We Know How to Find Hidden Apps on Android

Some users (particularly the kids) have some apps hidden purposely on their Android devices. That is to hide those apps, particularly from parents. These apps can transmit explicit content to your kid’s phones.

In addition to that, kids may have addictive games and gambling apps installed on their devices secretly. This article will explain how to find hidden apps on Android devices and check if they cause security threats.

As you may already know, Android devices offer more flexibility for users when installing apps. However, this very characteristic makes your kids’ Android devices more vulnerable to various security threats.

For instance, spy apps can get installed on Android devices easily without their knowledge. Then, those apps run in the background and perhaps transmit their personal data to third parties. Scary. But don’t worry.

If you wonder how to find hidden apps on Android, you should first go to the Settings option. Then, reach the Applications option on the menu. You should then see the navigation buttons.

You should then go to the Menu view and tap on the option labeled “Task“. Then you will now see an option labeled “Show hidden apps“. Regardless of the reason for searching for the hidden apps, we will present valuable information in this article.

This information can be pretty handy for you in finding the invisible apps installed on your Android device.

Find Hidden Apps on Android

Do You Suspect That There Are Hidden Apps on Your Kid’s Smartphone?

As of today, it is no secret that technology has advanced to incredible heights. A couple of decades ago, the technology we use today was not even foretold in science fiction movies. In particular, modern smartphones have become compact powerhouses that are empowered with amazing features.

Because of these smartphones, we experience an enormous amount of convenience. Although smartphones today deliver an incredible amount of benefits, they come with some drawbacks as well. In particular, when those smart devices are in the hands of kids, things can get pretty dangerous.

Many of the kids who use smartphones have lately experienced cyberbullying, harassment and blackmailing. What you should know is that different types of individuals use mobile phones and some of the users are ill-intentioned.

Most kids communicate with strangers using messaging apps on their smartphones. They can use these apps with overconfidence and believe pretty much everyone they meet online.

Then, they can start to reveal every single personal detail to those strangers and make themselves vulnerable. Such an approach can make your kid an easy target of sexual harassment, bullying, or blackmailing. So, the dangerous apps must be removed from your kid’s smartphone at your earliest.

In addition to that, it is also important to keep a close eye on your kid’s smartphone activities. If you know what they do, you can prevent potential unfortunate incidents before they take place.

Also, you can get an idea about the kid’s general interests and take necessary actions before things get worse. However, to do all those things under normal circumstances, you should access your kid’s phone physically. But don’t get discouraged on how to find hidden apps on Android. We will explain a solution later on.

Is Your Spouse Behave Weirdly Secretive with the Smartphone?

If you have noticed some weirdness in the way your spouse uses his phone, it can be a headache. You might be wondering if he has something to hide from you.

In simplest terms, you might be wondering if he is cheating on you. He could be calling or messaging someone and maintaining an affair. Or, he can be totally innocent. It might be something on your mind only.

Whichever the situation is true, it is better to keep a close eye on him and get the truth revealed. The most important thing is to gather pieces of evidence about the unlawful behavior of the spouse and catch him red-handed.

The truth is that your spouse will not leave his smartphone for you to monitor freely if he’s guilty. Also, you are not in a position to question him thinking that it is just doubted in your mind. This is why you should find a way to monitor his phone secretly and find hidden apps. He might be using hidden apps to talk or message to other parties.

Also, he may use apps to store photos and videos. Well, still the problem persists; you cannot physically access his phone always.

Both kids and cheating spouses can use hidden apps to perform several main tasks. That means, they can use these apps to call or text other parties.

In addition to that, these hidden apps might be associated with the following aspects.

  • Images were taken or downloaded
  • Messages with text or attachments like photos or videos
  • Contacts of the phone and the email account linked to the smartphone
  • Internet browsing history of the target smartphone

Most Widely Used Hidden Apps on Android Devices

Now, let’s take a look at the most widely and used secretly used apps on Android devices before we get to know how to find hidden apps on Android.

Secret Calculators

Secret Calculator is an app that is introduced for those who want to store private photos. This app might appear as a conventional calculator that is often neglected by us.

However, the actual purpose of this app is to store your private photos secretly. If you open this app, you will see photos and private videos that are stored inside. Those might be the photos that you don’t want to see if it is your spouse’s or kid’s phone.

However, you should also know that this application might have various other versions in different appearances.

Some of the apps that mimic calculator-like appearance can perform other tasks as well. For instance, some of these apps can even work as web browsers and provide secretive internet access. More importantly, some of these ambiguous apps are only accessible through a password or a PIN code.

Best Secret Folder

This is another popular type of secret app that comes with really powerful features. This app is known for its exceptional stealth mode functionality. Even if you are a concerned parent, you will hardly be able to find it on a smartphone.

When the app is turned into its hidden mode, it really becomes invisible except for the device owner. It can store any data including messages, videos, and photos. If you can find this app and open it on someone’s smartphone, you can reveal very crucial information. Since it comes with a password, you cannot open it even if you identify it.

Cover Me

This is a highly versatile and incredibly flexible hidden app that can help users to hide various information. This tool can hide details such as media files (images and videos), call logs, contacts, and other crucial stuff.

Well, in addition to these apps, you will find plenty of other hidden apps that are compatible with Android. If you suspect that there are hidden apps installed on your kid’s or spouse’s Android, they are hiding something. Revealing what is hidden using those apps might be really handy for any parent or spouse.

Your kid might be hiding some explicit content, personal messages, or other stuff from you. Your spouse might be hiding the text messages, call records, call history, photos, etc. they received from a “third-party“. If you access those files, you can unearth the ugly truth. However, if you know the truth, you can proceed with the needful and get your life back on track.

How to Find Hidden Apps on Android Devices Used by Your Kids or Spouse?

Now, let’s find out an answer to the above matter. If you suspect that your kid or spouse is up to something bad, you should check their smartphones. You can do this while they are sleeping or when they have left the phone unattended. If you don’t see anything dangerous at once, you shouldn’t stop.

Instead, you should go to the Settings option and then go to “Show all hidden apps“. You can see all the installed apps now. However, if you still don’t see anything suspicious, we still recommend some “spy work“.

Your kid or spouse can delete messages, photos, browsing history, call logs, etc. every minute. So, just because you don’t find anything on their smartphone at a glance, there can be something with them. So, what’s the best way to make sure that everything is under control and there’s nothing to worry about? The answer is simple; install a SPY APP on their smartphone!

There are plenty of spy apps available in the market for you to try. For your convenience, we will list down some of the best spy apps for Android. If you wonder how to find hidden apps on Android and other valuable information, these apps are precious.


1. Can hidden apps harm my device?

While not all hidden apps are harmful, some may pose risks such as spyware or malware.

2. How can I prevent apps from hiding?

Regularly monitoring your installed apps and adjusting your settings can prevent apps from hiding.

3. Can I use a third-party app to find hidden apps?

Yes, many reliable third-party apps can help reveal hidden apps.

4. What should I do if I find a suspicious hidden app?

If you find a suspicious app, research it first. If it proves to be potentially harmful, it’s best to remove it.

5. Are there hidden apps in every Android device?

Not necessarily. However, some system apps may appear hidden as they are not typically used directly by users.


Locating hidden apps on your Android device can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. But with a solid understanding of Android’s app management and these tips, you can manage your apps effectively, ensuring your device’s security. Always remember, prevention is better than cure.


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