How to Catch a Cheater? Here’s the Tools & Tricks

Maintaining a perfect relationship is a dream of many individuals. However, in reality, not all relationships are perfect. A considerable percentage of individuals tend to cheat on their partners due to various reasons.

Practically, many of the individuals worry if their partners are cheaters. If you fall into this category and wonder how to catch a cheater, this is the perfect article.

It is true that many individuals today use modern-day technology to cheat. People use devices like smartphones to maintain secret relationships with others. But, we can use the same technology to catch those who cheat. If you can track the actions related to the mobile device of your partner, it makes your job very easy

. But, how to catch a cheater through a mobile device? Luckily, there are several apps in the market for those who wonder how to catch a cheater. We generally call those apps monitoring tools or spy apps. These spy apps can let you access the mobile device of a target user and monitor all the activities.

Apart from the apps, there are other tools such as spy cameras designed to catch cheaters. We have included the best apps and spy cameras in this article so you can choose the best solution.

Part 1. List of Apps for Those Who Wonder How to Catch a Cheater

01. Using KidsGuard to Catch a Cheater

KidsGuard is surely rated as one of the best spy apps because of the impressive features it has. KidsGuard is a highly versatile spy tool that can track all the activities related to Android and iOS devices. You don’t need to take the risk of jailbreaking or rooting the devices in order to install KidsGuard.

For iOS devices, installing KidsGuard can be done remotely if you know iCloud credentials installed on the target device. For Android devices, you can simply download the APK on the target device and begin monitoring.

It is that simple! The overall usability of this respective tool is impressive. Any novice individual can use KidsGuard without any hassle and start monitoring both iOS and Androids.

How to Catch a Cheater by KidsGuard

The activities that take place on the target device can be monitored from any remote location. You can log into your KidsGuard account’s dashboard through a web browser and monitor the target smartphone easily.

Since KidsGuard works in stealth mode, the user of the target device will not be able to find it. This is exactly why KidsGuard is considered to be one of the best spy tools on the market.

If you are a concerned spouse or a worried parent, KidsGuard is a superb solution for you. It allows you to keep track of your loved ones throughout the day.

KidsGuard comes with an affordable price plan as well. If you need to catch a cheater without costing a fortune, KidsGuard is one of the most prominent options.

02. Using mSpy to Catch a Cheater

There are plenty of apps in the market to consider when you are looking to catch a cheater. And, mSpy is considered to be one of the best options on this list due to various reasons. This specific tool comes with a range of highly versatile tools to hack any social media and messaging app.

You can use mSpy to track the target’s Facebook, WhatsApp, call logs, SMS, browsing history, and everything on the phone. As of today, mSpy has become one of the most reliable and secured tools that have strong spying abilities.

How to Catch a Cheater by mSpy

When it comes to the installation of mSpy, you don’t necessarily have to jailbreak the target iOS device. All you need is the credentials of the iCloud account of the respective account. At the completion of the installation, you can simply get rid of the app icon and go into stealth mode.

Because of this stealth mode feature, the target device’s owner will not be able to notice its functionality. Meanwhile, you have the ability to monitor all the activities related to the target device from a remote location.

Apart from social media tracking, mSpy can track the real-time location of the device. It also comes with a keylogger which is exceptionally handy for those who wonder how to catch a cheater. This special feature lets you keep track of all the keystrokes typed on the respective device.

That means, it lets you track the passwords of all the accounts (including Facebook and other social media apps). Once you have passwords, logging into respective accounts is a matter of seconds. Well, it is needless to say how easy it is from there onwards to go through their profile.

Besides, if you wish to try the best cheaters’ bust solutions, click to find more.

03. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is another powerful spy tool that comes with the ability of monitoring smartphones without any hassle. With the assistance of FlexiSPY, you will be able to monitor both Android and iOS devices easily.

Installation of FlexiSPY doesn’t require you to jailbreak or root the devices. If you’re going to install FlexiSPY on an iOS device, do it simply by logging into the target’s iCloud account.

If it is an Android, you should install the APK on the device to initiate the monitoring process. To monitor the activities of the respective device, you should log into FlexiSpy’s dashboard using your computer. This remote monitoring feature increases the value of this spying tool.

After all, monitoring the activities of your target’s phone from a remote location is an exciting experience, isn’t it?


The powerful monitoring features included in FlexiSPY can necessarily track down all the activities of the target. For instance, you can monitor activities related to all the social media and messaging apps. Having access to those tools is exceptionally handy for those who wonder how to catch a cheater.

Apart from that, this respective tool can track call logs, browsing history, geographical location of the device, etc. In simplest terms, FlexiSPY makes one of the most comprehensive Spy apps in the industry.


XNSPY is known for its smooth and efficient operation as a remote monitoring tool. If you wonder how to catch a cheater with a user-friendly app, XNSPY can be the solution. XNSPY comes with enough features to track down the passwords of the target user.

For instance, you can use XNSPY to capture all the passwords associated with the accounts on the target device. Facebook and Instagram are only some of those passwords. If you suspect that your spouse is up to something unfaithful, XNSPY can help you. Once the passwords are traced, you can find out if your suspicion is fair or not.

How to Catch a Cheater by XNSpy

XNSPY works perfectly on all Android and iOS devices. You don’t need to worry about jailbreaking or rooting iOS or Android devices respectively to install XNSPY. Because of the stealth mode, the user of the target phone will not be able to notice anything suspicious. It is smooth, fast, and accurate.

Apart from tracking the password of the target user, this specific tool can do various other tasks. For instance, it can track Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. too. In addition to that, XNSPY can record the background sounds of the target iOS or Android device. This feature lets you have an idea about the whereabouts of the device you track.

05. Hoverwatch

This specific app is capable of monitoring up to 05 phones at the same time. If the suspect uses more than one phone, Hoverwatch can be an ideal solution for you. Hoverwatch comes at a very affordable price as well.

With the assistance of Hoverwatch, you can monitor everything such as text messages, browsing history, call logs, etc. On top of those features, this product comes with a powerful keylogging feature as superb value addition. This feature lets you monitor all the passwords and other keystrokes typed on the target device.

The installation process of Hoverwatch is pretty simple just like the other software tools listed in this article. If you wonder how to catch a cheater at a lower cost, Hoverwatch can be one of the better solutions in the market.

Hoverwatch has the ability to automatically capture a photo through the front cam. It happens every time someone unlocks the phone. It can update you about the real-time whereabouts of the target person. That is in addition to monitoring the activities related to WhatsApp, Facebook, and Viber.

Part 2. Spy Apps Aren’t the Only Option if You Wonder How to Catch a Cheater

Spy apps show substantial-effectiveness when it comes to catching a cheating spouse red-handed. However, those aren’t the only way to catch a cheater. Instead of limiting yourself to app-based solutions, you can consider using a tool like a spy camera.

Spy (or hidden) cameras can be useful to catch a cheating spouse on a number of occasions. For instance, such a person can be smart enough to avoid using the phone for those unfaithful activities. After all, tracking down the phone activities isn’t the only way to catch a cheater. So, it is worth giving it a try with a different method like a spy camera.

Spy cameras have come a long way thanks to advancements in technology. Modern-day spy cameras are available in miniature sizes and various shapes. Some of these cameras can be hidden virtually anywhere.

Placing these cameras on your partner’s vehicle, office cubical, briefcase, coat, or any other place would be handy. The cost of these spy (or hidden) cameras can vary widely. In general, you can purchase a good spy camera for a price of around $50.

Part 3. How to Catch a Cheater Red-handed

Catching a cheater using a smart app or a spy cam is a very effective way. But, before you actually start to track down a “suspect’s” activities, be sure that there are signs of cheating. Here are some of the signs you should look for.

#1. Changes in Your Spouse’s Behaviors

If you have noticed significant changes associated with your spouse’s behaviors, you better be more attentive. For instance, if your spouse has suddenly started to pay more attention to the outer appearance, better watch out. Spending more time at the dressing table, the sudden interest in working outs, being different, etc. can be some of those signs.

However, if your spouse makes those efforts to impress you, you must be happy instead of worrying. But, if your spouse’s efforts have nothing to do with you, try to be more vigilant.

#2. The Way Your Spouse Uses the Phone

If your spouse is too excited and has become secretive when using the phone, there can be something fishy. If he or she doesn’t let you touch the phone or has changed the passcode, you should be watchful. Making secret phone calls and sending text messages secretly are obvious signs of cheating.

#3. Browsing History of the Computer

If your spouse’s browsing history consists of a dating site, you surely have something to worry about.

Also, if your spouse deletes the browsing history too often, that is a sign of something fishy. You can check the recycle bin and recent files on the computer to see if there is any evidence.

#4. Whereabouts

If your spouse has recently started to get late to come home after work, be watchful. If they make similar types of excuses every day for being late, there should be something.

And if he or she fails to explain the whereabouts clearly, you should consider it as a red flag. Also, if your partner tries to leave the house without good reasons, you should be more watchful.

#5. Less Interest in the Sexual Relationship

If your partner has very little interest in having sex with you, you deserve an acceptable answer. However, if he or she makes silly excuses to stay away from you, there’s something to worry about.

As we believe, now you know how to catch a cheater successfully. Once you are 100% sure about the unfaithfulness of your partner or spouse, you should act smartly.

Getting into fights and arguments will make things worse for you. Those cheaters can take advantage of those fights and put the blame back on you.

So, stay calm and talk to your partner directly about the issue. You can also talk to a good friend and get some opinions.



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