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How Can I Read My Girlfriend’s Text Messages Without Her Phone


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how can I read my girlfriends text messages without her phone

How can I read my girlfriends text messages without her phone? Is there a practical way to do that without physically accessing her phone?

Guys, this is particularly related to WhatsApp, and I need to do it somehow due to an urgent matter. I hope a genius will helm me out”. – Dave

Does Dave represent you? In other words, does the above question applies to you? If so, this is a must-read article for you.

So, let’s continue reading and learn how to read someone’s WhatsApp text messages without them knowing (top text message interceptor).


As you already know, WhatsApp is an exceptionally handy, powerful, and convenient platform used to communicate easily. It is used to exchange information like audio, video, text, images, and various other types of files.

If you can rip through someone’s WhatsApp messages, you can unearth some interesting secrets. This situation can be perfectly applicable to partners.

For instance, suppose that you want to reveal some ugly truth related to your girlfriend/boyfriend. In that case, if you can read their WhatsApp messages, that gives an idea about reality. In a way, it is a practical way of realizing the truth.

That is exactly why many individuals ask, “how can I read my girlfriend’s text messages without her phone?”. Although there are plenty of methods to track someone’s text messages, only a few of them actually work.

So, in this article, we explain the most practical methods to get it done.

So, How Can I Read My Girlfriend’s Text Messages Without Her Phone? (The Only Method That Actually Works)

As mentioned before, there are plenty of third-party spying apps that can monitor social media apps like WhatsApp. However, some apps are better than others due to various reasons.

KidsGuard Pro is one of those perfectly designed apps that come with an excellent set of features. You can install KidsGuard Pro on the target device with a couple of easy steps.

After that, it immediately goes into stealth mode. So, the target device owner will never notice that there is a spy app installed on their device. In other words, you can install KidsGuard Pro secretly on your girlfriend’s smartphone and monitor her 24X7.

How Can I Read My Girlfriends Text Messages Without Her Phone via KidsGuard Pro

What else Can KidsGuard Pro Do?

Your primary question is, “how can I read my girlfriend’s text messages without her phone?”. But KidsGuard Pro offers many more features besides monitoring text messages.

For Instance, It Can Keep Track of the Below-mentioned Aspects.

  • Full chat history of the target device;
  • All the WhatsApp notifications.
  • Screenshots of the current WhatsApp interface;
  • Overall app usage.
  • Media files that are shared through WhatsApp.

That’s not all. The above is just a shortlist of features you can enjoy through KidsGuard Pro. This spy tool has a powerful keylogger as well.

You can track every keystroke typed on the target device through this keylogger. This includes the chats and even the usernames and passwords she types on the device.

What else can you expect from a spying app? Even if the WhatsApp messages are deleted after sending, this keylogger feature will capture them all for you.

So, if you have this app installed on her device, there is absolutely zero chance of cheating. To add more value to it, it displays even unsent messages and the sender’s contact details.

How does KidsGuard Pro Work?

Now, you might be curious about the way the KidsGuard Pro functions. This section will give a good explanation for those who wonder about its functionality.

In fact, KidsGuard Pro functions based on three primary processes to go into stealth mode and monitor.

  • The app icon disappears from the main app screen after the installation. That is because the app is programmed to delete the icon automatically once the installation is finished.
  • The app keeps track of all the activities that are taking place on the device. In other words, it doesn’t track only a single app but tracks the entire device. This app doesn’t want the credentials of the target WhatsApp account. So, even if you read her WhatsApp messages, she won’t be logged off or notified.
  • KidsGuard Pro has a comprehensive online dashboard. This dashboard is connected to the KidsGuard Pro app installed on the target device. So, the activities that take place on the target device will be displayed on the aforesaid dashboard. That means you can view the activities on the dashboard even without accessing the target device physically.

So, with all those benefits, KidsGuard Pro allows you to track your girlfriend’s activities and read the cheating wife’s texts.

How Can I Read My Girlfriend’s Text Messages Without Her Phone Using KidsGuard Pro?

Now that you know the functionality of KidsGuard Pro, this section explains how to use it. We explain it in a step-by-step method to make it easier.

  • First, you should sign up for a KidsGuard Pro account through their official website. Then, get a valid license as well.
  • Now, get the target device (girlfriend’s device) and go to the official website of KidsGuard Pro. The link is After that, you should download the app called KidsGuard Pro-Assistant APK on the target device.
Download KidsGuard Pro app
  • Now, you should install the downloaded file by clicking on it. You should ensure that the required configuration settings are changed on the target device. The instructions related to the process are explained with onscreen instructions.
How to use KidsGuard Pro
  • Now that the app is installed, it will go to stealth mode, and the app icon is disappeared. Now, please go to the official website of KidsGuard Pro using a computer or a smartphone. Then, you should enter the dashboard of KidsGuard Pro using the same credentials to view it. Now, using this dashboard, you can view every action performed on the target device.
How Can I Read My Girlfriends Text Messages Without Her Phone Using KidsGuard Pro

Besides monitoring a single WhatsApp account, KidsGuard Pro can monitor any social media account. That can also be monitored if your girlfriend uses a different WhatsApp account on the same device.

Checking text messages, and accessing call history, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc., can be done with this tool easily.

PS: if you wonder how to track your girlfriend’s phone? KidsGuard is here to help you too.

What Are the Other Ways to Hack WhatsApp Messages on Your Girlfriend’s Phone?

The truth is that KidsGuard Pro is not the only method to hack someone’s phone. There are several other ways to track WhatsApp activities on a device.

However, not all those methods are as effective as KidsGuard Pro. Also, those methods come with the chance of getting caught by the owner of the target device.

With that said, we still would like to mention those methods for your reference.

Method 01: Log into Your Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Account Through WhatsApp Web

Log into your girlfriend’s WhatsApp account using the WhatsApp Web version is always possible.

Well, WhatsApp Web is a very friendly platform that can be used on any computer. You don’t have to download an APK file to get it done.

However, this is possible if you know the account and password of the WhatsApp account of the girlfriend.

Mentioned Below Are Those Steps to Access It.

  • First, you should launch a web browser on your computer and go to
  • Now, you will see a QR code on the screen.
Log into your girlfriend's WhatsApp account through WhatsApp Web
  • Now unlock the device on which the target WhatsApp account is installed and used. Then, click on the tab located in the top right-hand corner of the app.
  • You can see an option called “WhatsApp Web.” Just click on it.
  • Now, you will be directed to the camera, and you can scan the displayed QR code with it.
  • You can now see that the WhatsApp account is perfectly synchronized with the web-based app.
  • You can now check all the messages, attachments, and other information through the web-based app.

Drawbacks of This Method

  • The target mobile device will receive a notification saying, “WhatsApp Web is currently active.” So, if the girlfriend notices it, there will be some trouble.
  • You must get the target device and scan the QR code manually to log in.
WhatsApp Web is currently active

Method 02: Restore the Target Account’s WhatsApp Messages from the Backup

In addition to the WhatsApp Web version, you can restore the messages from the backups as well.

Just Follow Up on the Below Steps to Read the WhatsApp Messages.

  • First, you should launch WhatsApp on your girlfriend’s mobile device.
  • Now, tap on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • After that, you should click on “Settings” and choose “Chats.” Then, select “Chat Backup.”
  • Now, tap on Google Drive Settings and set a backup frequency.
  • Now, you should select the account of your girlfriend.
  • And now, tap on the option “Add Account” if it is not linked to the device.
  • Now, tap on “Allow.”
  • After that, tap on “Back Up” and create a backup manually on the device.
Restore the target account's WhatsApp messages from backup

This method helps to get the backups of your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages.

Drawbacks of This Method

  • WhatsApp backup on the girlfriend’s account must be synchronized to Google cloud.
  • You must verify her mobile number to restore the backup. A text message will be sent to the device of your girlfriend before completing the process.

Comparison KidsGuard Pro vs. WhatsApp Web vs. WhatsApp Backup

MethodKidsGuard ProWhatsApp WebWhatsApp Backup
Can the target user identify the method?Nearly impossibleThere is a possibilityThere is a possibility
The time required to performLess than 05 minutesLess than 03 minutesAt least 10 minutes
Level of difficultyEasyEasyMedium

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is it ethical to read my girlfriend’s messages without her knowledge?
    • No, invading someone’s privacy without their consent is not ethical and can damage trust within the relationship.
  2. What should I do if I suspect my girlfriend of being unfaithful?
    • Instead of resorting to secretive methods, have an open and honest conversation with your girlfriend about your concerns.
  3. Are there any relationship apps that allow monitoring of messages?
    • Yes, there are relationship apps available, but it is important to use them with the explicit consent of both partners.
  4. When should I consider seeking professional help?
    • If doubts persist or the issue becomes a recurring source of conflict, seeking professional help from a couples therapist can be beneficial.
  5. How can I build trust in my relationship?
    • Building trust requires open communication, honesty, and respect for each other’s boundaries and privacy.


Well, that’s the answer to the question, “how can I read my girlfriend’s text messages without her phone.” As you can clearly notice, using KidsGuard Pro is the most convenient method to get it done. Although other options can help you with that, the level of risk is greater.

Moreover, the functionality of KidsGuard Pro is easier to understand. Installation is simple, even for a novice user. So, that’s how I can read my girlfriend’s text messages without her phone. Please leave your comment below.


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