Hoverwatch Review – The Completed Guide

Now and again, you might need to monitor someone’s smart device. Your partner’s smartphone, your kid’s tablet, or your employee’s work phone.

These are just the most common reasons people find themselves monitoring someone else’s device, but we’re not here to judge – we’re here to help.

Our goal with this Hoverwatch review is to do exactly that – help you with your monitoring efforts.

Years ago, you might’ve thought spying on someone’s device was impossible. It’s true; it was incredibly difficult to spy in the past.

But we’ve seen an influx in spy tools, so we think it’s the perfect time to write the Hoverwatch review: one of the leading spy apps.

Part #1. Hoverwatch Review – Introduction to Hoverwatch

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Hoverwatch or who hasn’t had a chance to use it, it is a piece of the best spy app for Android undetectable.

After installing this app on your target’s mobile device, you can track all of their activity via a private dashboard.

Using this organized dashboard means that you can see the activity data in a very easy-to-understand way, and with little effort, you can analyze what your target has been doing.

For the most part, parents are the main users of Hoverwatch. Therefore, in our Hoverwatch review, we’ll aim our explanations toward parents who want to keep their children safe.

But, we still believe that this monitoring app can benefit other groups of people too. We encourage suspicious spouses or curious employers to read the following review and learn more about this tool.

Will My Target Detect Hoverwatch?

One of the most common questions regarding spy software is whether or not you’ll be caught. It goes without saying that if your target knows you’ve been monitoring them, they won’t do the same activities. Thus, your efforts will all be for nothing.

So, to answer your question: nope, Hoverwatch is not detectable! It runs as a stealthy background process meaning that it’s virtually impossible for targets to find it.

Even if your target is suspicious and searches for the “Hoverwatch” process, it has a discrete name for extra protection.

Will I Get into Trouble for Using Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is not an illegal piece of software – the app itself is legal. On the other hand, if you use it inappropriately, you could end up in trouble with the law.

As such, you should research your local, regional, and national laws to ensure that your plans won’t get you thrown in jail.

Our Hoverwatch review endorses parents using this spying tool to monitor their kids.

All parents should know how their children use technology to prevent them from accessing inappropriate content and stop them from possibly endangering themselves.

You might also find this software useful for monitoring employee activity too. Now, let’s proceed with the Hoverwatch review.

Part #2. Hoverwatch Review – Main Features of Hoverwatch

As one of the newer monitoring tools, Hoverwatch is host to some of the best features on the market. In this part of the Hoverwatch review, we’ll discuss some of those features’ details.

1. Social Media Monitoring

The age threshold for signing up for social media is slowly decreasing. Regardless of what age your kids are, the odds are that they have some form of social media activity.

Hoverwatch can track a few different social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more. Photos, videos, and audio sent through these apps are also accessible.

2. Texts and Call Logs

Most importantly, users can actively track text messages on their devices.

Not just the texts your target sends but also the ones they receive. Even messages that they delete will be on the Hoverwatch dashboard for you.

Hoverwatch Messages and calls

The call log tracking feature is very straightforward. It tracks incoming and outgoing calls and also the duration, timestamps, and the call’s audio.

3. Contact Information

Most children limit their phonebooks to family members and a few friends. So, if they add a new contact, you’ll get an alert so that you can investigate.

4. GPS Location Tracker

Hoverwatch intermittently sends GPS location updates from the target device.

As long as a signal is available (e.g., from a Wi-Fi network or a cell tower), the Hoverwatch dashboard will show the GPS location.

Hoverwatch Geo features

5. Device Camera Capture

In just a single click, you can subtly capture a photo using the front camera of your target’s device.

The user won’t be aware of the photo being taken, and whenever the device unlocks, this feature automatically takes a photo too.

6. Browsing History

With the internet filling up with more and more content that children shouldn’t see, this is an important feature.

Parents can see what their children look at online, and employers can ensure their employees aren’t wasting time.

7. Calendar Access

Calendars are the best way of tracking your day-to-day activities.

Many people use their calendars to plan out days and take notes, which is why it’s the perfect thing to spy on. Hoverwatch enables calendar spying and makes it very easy to do.

8. Track Multiple Devices (up to 5!)

Perhaps you have more than one child, or your employee, several people. The final feature in this Hoverwatch review is that the spying solution can track multiple devices.

Simply set up this solution according to the instructions, repeat it for each device, and you can access every device’s activity from your account dashboard!

Part 3. How Hoverwatch Works

So, as great as these features are, you might be wondering how Hoverwatch actually works. It’s not as difficult as you’d think – if you install this spy tool properly, then the data it tracks will be very accurate.

When tracking data, Hoverwatch stores everything in what is known as “log files.” Users have full control over which data type the software stores, so you can choose what these log files store.

When you install Hoverwatch on a device, and the target starts to use the device you are monitoring, the data types you have chosen will then store in the relevant log files.

These files are then sent to the spying tool’s servers and arranged neatly so that you can understand the data much more easily.

There’s only one requirement for using this monitoring tool: an internet connection. Your target’s device has to have an active internet connection; likewise, you’ll need to connect to a network so that you can sign into the Hoverwatch dashboard.

If you’re a parent who pays for their kid’s phone bill, then there’s one neat feature to use. The “Upload only on Wi-Fi” feature ensures that the software doesn’t use all of the target’s data.

Part 4. Start Using Hoverwatch

In this section of our Hoverwatch review, we’ll walk you through a guide on actually setting it up. Any device, whether iOS or Android, is compatible with this spy tool.

Therefore, we’ve split the following guidelines into relevant sections depending on the target’s device.

Before we move on, sign up and create your Hoverwatch account. Be sure to get this out of the way before you move on.

Sign up Hoverwatch

Install Hoverwatch on iOS

With your new account ready, installing your monitoring solution is the next step.

#1 – Locate and retrieve the target’s device. You will need direct access to the device you want to track. Otherwise, it won’t be possible.

#2 – Unlock the device and open the Safari app (for full anonymity, use the “Private Browsing” feature).

#3 – Head over to the Hoverwatch login and sign in using the account you made.

#4 – Tap on “Add Device…” and select the appropriate device type.

#5 – Tap the “Download” button and allow the permissions it asks you for, then follow the instructions on-screen.

Install Hoverwatch on Android

In this part of the Hoverwatch review, let’s see how to install it on Android.

Whether or not the target device is rooted, you’ll have access to different features.

It might be tempting to root their device if they haven’t already done so but know that this will greatly increase your chances of being caught.

The only extra features you’ll be able to access are screenshotting the device’s display and monitoring instant messages). You might want to go the extra mile, but it isn’t quite worth the risk in this case.

Install Hoverwatch on Android

Steps to Install Hoverwatch on Android

In this part of the Hoverwatch review, please follow the steps below to install Hoverwatch on an Android device.

#1 – Get the target’s device and open the “Settings” app. Locate “Security” and enable the “Unknown Sources” option if it’s not enabled already.

Enable Unknow Sources on Android

#2 – Next, open a browser app and head to the Hoverwatch sign-in page. Enter the details of the account you made earlier.

Login Hoverwatch on Android

#3 – Tap on “Add Device…” and after selecting “Android,” tap the “Download” button and wait while the app downloads.

Download Hoverwatch on Android

#4 – After it downloads, open the APK file and install Hoverwatch accordingly.

#5 – During the installation, accept any permissions the app asks for and follow the instructions closely. After choosing one of the target types, check the box “Hide Hoverwatch Icon.”

Install Hoverwatch on Android

#6 – Type your account email and password into the app and tap “Activate.” You’re done!

Activate Hoverwatch on Android

After you follow one of these installation guides, you can sign in to your Hoverwatch account. You’ll have remote access to your target’s activities from here.

Now, let’s go to the next section of the Hoverwatch review about cost.

Part 5. Hoverwatch Price Plan

Even if you’re tight on money, getting a Hoverwatch subscription won’t harm your finances.

There are various packages available, and better yet, you can try this spying solution out for free without entering your credit card details!

After your free trial ends, you’ll have to sign up for a subscription. Here are the pricing options that you have:

Hoverwatch Price Plan

Personal Plan

This plan is suitable for monitoring a single device like your partner’s smartphone.

Family Plan

The other plan allows you to monitor as many as five devices, making it perfect for parents with multiple kids or employers.

Because there are two plan options, you can decide on one suitable for your budget. If you run a business, you might find the Family Plan suitable since you can track multiple employees simultaneously.

Furthermore, if you enjoy the free trial, consider purchasing a long-term subscription, as it’ll save you money.

Now, let’s see if there are some alternative tools in the next part of the Hoverwatch review.

Part 6. Alternative Spy Tools to Hoverwatch

We won’t lie – Hoverwatch isn’t for everyone. We all have different preferences, and it’s understandable that you might not want to use this spying tool as great as it is.

Therefore, although this is a Hoverwatch review, here are a few others to consider.

1. KidsGuard


KidsGuard is one of the more popular pieces of monitoring software that you can find online.

It’s a fantastic Phone Call Tracker for monitoring employees and children, and it offers various helpful features, including:

  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Remotely access your target’s data via a computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • View all of their texts and call information
  • See the photos and videos that they store on their device

Get KidsGuard View Demo

And here is the completed KidsGuard review for you.

2. mSpy

You might also consider mSpy, another spying solution that will impress you. After a quick and easy installation, you can indulge in many useful monitoring tools.

Whether you’re a curious employer or a worried parent, here are some features:

Hoverwatch alternative - mSpy
  • Tracks social media activity, including Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp
  • It supports Android and iOS devices
  • Users can access customer service 24/7 if they need assistance
  • Includes keylogging technology so that as much data as possible can be collected from the target device

Get mSpy

3. FlexiSPY

Finally, you won’t want to miss out on Flexispy. Undoubtedly a contender for the spot as the best Phone Tracker tool, Flexispy can adapt to any situation.

Perhaps you’re suspicious of your partner or want to keep an eye on your friend. But whatever your case is, here are some features:

Hoverwatch alternative - Flexispy
  • Works on any device (jailbreaking or rooting isn’t necessary)
  • Monitors all the data in real-time and uploads it to the Flexispy server for you to see
  • GPS tracking and Geofencing capabilities
  • Block app usage and website access to limit distractions from your kids

Get Flexispy

To Conclude

It’s a great idea for parents to start using monitoring tools if it’s not something they already do, and hopefully, this Hoverwatch review has proven that to you.

On the other hand, you might not feel like Hoverwatch is for you – that’s fine too! We’ve shown a few alternatives you can try if that’s the case.

All in all, spying tools aren’t scarce, and while Hoverwatch is popular, you can explore some available options and find one that suits your needs better.

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