How to Easily Hack Tumblr Account

I want to hack my daughter’s Tumblr account since she spends way too much time on it. I want to monitor her activities. How should I hack her Tumblr account?

Many such concerned parents around the globe want to know what their kid is up to on this micro-blogging platform. A lot of parents have asked us for steps on how to hack a Tumblr account since teenagers mostly use this platform.

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If you are one such parent, rest assured you will not have to visit any other site. Step-by-step, we will be teaching you how to hack a Tumblr account without hinting at your kid:

How to Hack Tumblr Account?

One of the largest micro-blogging platforms in the world, Tumblr has more than 500 million. The site’s journey began in 2007 but was later acquired by Yahoo!. Currently, it is owned by Oath Inc.

The main function of Tumblr is to make posting blogs, videos, quotes, GIFs, and photos easier for its users. Tumblr also allows you to reblog your favorite posts by other bloggers as well.

Today, Tumblr has made blogging a very social experience, thanks to the fact that you can find various content on the site and the inclusion of a messaging feature. Teenagers, designers, and artists mostly use social media sites to showcase their arts, creative thoughts, and feelings.

Why Should You Hack into Someone’s Tumblr Account?

While it is true that Tumblr encourages a positive online environment, the lack of regulations has made it susceptible to many users.

In recent times, it has been seen that children and teenagers have been exposed to inappropriate adult content on the site very easily. It has been estimated that over 20% of the content found on Tumblr is related to pornography.

But pornography is not the only thing you need to worry about. It has been reported that Tumblr posts have been linked to many suicide and self-harm cases.

The easy availability of pessimists and depressing content can easily trigger negative thoughts or bring back painful memories for the kids.

It is also possible they might meet someone who can negatively influence your child. Hence, if you want to protect your kid from dangers such as the above, you should hack their Tumblr accounts.

Also, since Tumblr is such an addictive platform, you should be worried if your kid is spending way too much time on it.

Thankfully, it is not hard to hack a Tumblr account. One added advantage is that you can also monitor your spouse’s activities if you feel they use Tumblr more than required.

Kidsguard Pro is Here to Hack Your Tumblr Account

Using KidsGuard, you can easily hack your Tumblr account. The highly advanced tool is very easy to understand and use and can be used to hack into any Tumblr account; it can also be used to hack into different social media accounts. KidsGuard is available for all iOS and Android devices.

After installing this app, you will be able to acquire all the information that is required to access the site remotely, like voice memos, browser history, notes, messages, contacts, call logs, etc.

Some more Important Features of KidsGuard Include:

  • A user-friendly interface with a mobile monitoring app
  • Real-time location tracking of the device
  • Hack TBH and track all other social media sites like WeChat, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.
  • Stealth mode, rendering you invisible to the targeted user
  • Obtaining account credentials remotely with its keylogger tool
  • Ability to screenshot the device of your target remotely
  • Remotely record calls and surround conversations
  • Rooting the target device to use the KidsGuard tool is not required

The above are just some of the features that make KidsGuard a must-have tracking tool for iOS and Android devices. Next, here are the steps on how to hack your kid’s (or anyone, as a matter of fact) Tumblr account.

Hacking Someone’s Tumblr Account Using KidsGuard

As stated above, we have seen that KidsGuard is a top-of-the-line tracking tool that can acquire all the information related to various social media sites, including Tumblr. Learn how to hack a Tumblr account using the simple steps below:

Step 1: Create an account

To begin with, you need first to create a KidsGuard account. It is really simple; register your email id and a password.

Sign up KidsGuard

Sign up KidsGuard

As you move forward, the app will ask which device you would like to spy on – an Android device or an iOS device. This is because features like screen capture, keylogger, and social media tracking are available only for Android devices.

You will also have to provide information related to the targeted user. Once the above procedure is done, you will have to buy a subscription to move forward.

Step 2: Setting up the Tracker

Next, in order to hack into the Tumblr account, you need to install the KidsGuard tracking app on the target’s mobile device.

All you need to do is unlock the device by clicking on Settings and then Security. From there, you can enable the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Download KidsGuard Pro app

Then, go to KidsGuard’s website via any web browser and download its APK version. Once you are done installing the app, you can log in with your own account credentials.

You will also have to grant the app all permissions it needs for maximum functionality.

KidsGuard Pro

Lastly, click the ‘Start Monitoring‘ button and remove the app icon from the mobile device.

This will allow you to hack someone’s Tumblr account without getting noticed or detected.

Step 3: Remote hacking into the target’s Tumblr account

Once done with the installation procedure, you can hack into your target’s Tumblr account without any problem.

Visit the app’s dashboard from any browser, and you will see all the data related to your target’s device.

KidsGuard Dashboard

In order to hack a Tumblr account, you will see the left panel of the interface. This panel will allow you to access many features.

To hack a Tumblr account, click on the ‘keylogger‘ section, which maintains a record of all the keystrokes on the target’s device, like passwords and usernames. This section can also help you view the chats on Tumblr as well.

Hack Tumblr Account with KidsGuard Pro

You can visit the ‘Capture Screenshots‘ option to access their activities in real time. Using this feature, you can capture screenshots without alerting the target.

Capture Tumblr account with KidsGuard

Final Words

That is all you need to do. You can easily learn to hack a Tumblr account just by following the above steps.

Not only Tumblr, but you will also be able to hack several other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

KidsGuard Pro is a mobile tracking tool that will allow you to watch over your teenager’s activities remotely. You need to give it a try!



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