How to Hack Skype Account without Survey Effortlessly

Skype has been the leading voice communication platform for a long time. Millions of people are using Skype each day for voice and video conferences all over the globe.

However, just as with all popular platforms, it has become the target of hackers numerous times. Of course, Microsoft is always looking for ways to improve its security for Skype, but there will always be ways for hackers to get through the intricate measures that are in place.

So, if you think you’ve been a victim of a hacked Skype account, here are a few things you should know.

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Section 1. Wondering if Your Skype Account has been Hacked?

You’ll likely want to know how you were hacked in the first place. Unless you know the hacker, you can’t get a definitive answer, only a rough idea.

Here are the most common hacks to help better understand how your account was infiltrated.

Spam Emails

We all get those annoying emails that do nothing but fill up our inboxes. Most of them are trash, but from time to time, you might see one that appeals to you and open it.

Unfortunately, by doing this, you are giving the hacker an opening, and they can grab your details. You should never open emails or click on links from someone who you aren’t familiar with.

Spam Emails.


Phishing is more of a “hands-on” hacking approach. Hackers who try to hack a Skype account might contact you and pretend to be Skype support.

When they do this, they’ll try to receive answers to your security questions so they can unlock your account and sign in as you. Please note that unless you contact them directly, Skype won’t contact you.


Skype Leaks

There have been a few notable leaks over the last few years (maybe you remember “The Heartbleed Bug”), which could mean that your Skype information was put out there.

This is probably the case if you’ve used the same email address and password for different websites. Using the same email is fine, although you should always try using unique passwords for each account.

Hack Skype Account without Survey

Unsecured Networks

Do you ever connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to a public network? If so, you should know that these networks aren’t secure.

Because they’re public, anything that you do while connected to them (browsing, online shopping, work, etc.) can be viewed by a hacker. Your data isn’t encrypted, so if you sign in to Skype, they can see your email and password.

This will likely narrow things down, and you’ll know how to hack a Skype account occurred. Alternatively, it might just be a coincidence that a hacker randomly chose you as their target.

Section 2. What to Do if Your Skype Account Has Been Hacked

If you’ve never been the victim of a hacker before, you might not know what to do. Here is some guidance on what should be done if you’re a victim of hack Skype account.

Change Your Password

You should have this done immediately. Change your password and prevent hackers from accessing your account in the future. You can do this by signing into the Skype website and going to the “My Account” page.

Change Your Password

Update Account Settings

Hackers are smart and know that once you realize you’ve been hacked, you’ll change your password to something new. They’ll change your account settings to avoid losing access and may even link their own accounts.

On the Skype website again, check the “My Account” page and ensure no changes haven’t been made.

Update Account Settings

Change Notification Settings

Skype gives you the option to link your mobile phone number with your account. This acts as an added security measure and is sometimes used for notifications.

Take the time to check these settings and ensure that the correct phone number and email address are shown.

Change Notification Settings.

After doing these things, we assure you that your account will be secure again.

Section 3. How to Hack Skype Account

You might even find yourself on the other side of things wanting to know how you can hack a Skype account.

There are many reasons for doing this, none of which are malicious. You might be a concerned parent or a worried spouse looking for the best way to go about hacking.

Our recommendation is to use KidsGuard. This software uses various algorithms to get your target’s Skype account information without them knowing what you’ve done.

Aside from Skype, KidsGuard can also track GPS locations, text messaging, browsing history, and a lot of other useful data.

Some Key Features Include:

  • It can track data from both iOS and Android devices.
  • Remotely access all of the tracked data from a dashboard.
  • View the real-time GPS of your target.
  • See which apps are installed on the target device.
  • Your target won’t be made aware that you are tracking them.
  • User-friendly and requires no hacking knowledge.

You can even try KidsGuard for free before deciding whether or not you want to purchase it.

Steps to Hack Skype Account

Following on from above, if you’re interested in using KidsGuard to hack your Skype account, then follow our detailed guide below.

Step #1 – Click here and sign up for a KidsGuard account.

Sign up KidsGuard to Hack Skype Account without Survey

Register KidsGuard Account

Step #2 – Enter the name of your target and the type of smartphone they have. For this example, we will assume that the device is Android.

Note: if they have an iPhone, all you have to do is verify their iCloud account.

Step #3 – Next, take the target’s device and go to “Settings > Security.” Enable the “Unknown Sources” setting if it isn’t already enabled.

Step #4 – Download the KidsGuard APK onto the target’s device and install it. Upon installing, grant the permissions that are requested.

Install KidsGuard Pro on Mobile to Hack Skype Account without Survey

Step #5 – Open the app and sign in to your KidsGuard account. Tap “Start Monitoring,” and then you can delete the app’s shortcut.

KidsGuard Pro

Step #6 – Back to your computer and sign into the dashboard.

Hack Skype Account without Survey Using KidsGuard Pro

Step #7 – Lastly, after signing in, click “Social Apps” and choose “Skype.” Enable the “Feature Status” slider, and all Skype data will start being tracked.

The best thing about using KidsGuard is that it doesn’t stop with Skype track. You’ll notice that it tracks all of the most popular social apps, including Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

Section 4. Why is Hack Skype Account So Easy?

Using the solution above proves that Skype isn’t difficult to hack. You can hack a Skype account without struggling if you have access to the right tools and basic information about your target. The main reason for this being an easy task is human error.

The majority of people don’t take account security as seriously as they should, and instead of using different passwords for each account, they only use one. We explained how important it is to avoid doing this, but it goes much further than Skype.

Using the same password for your Skype account as you do for other websites puts all of your accounts at risk.

For example, if your Instagram account is hacked, hackers will also have access to your Skype and Snapchat accounts – the only way to avoid this is to use unique and secure passwords for all of your accounts.

To Conclude

There you have it, our guide on how to keep your Skype account secure. Knowing that a hacker has taken the time to hack a Skype account can be scary, but you can do a lot to prevent it from happening again.

We’ve brought all the information you’ll need to keep your account secure together within this guide, and we hope that it helps you keep your Skype account safe. You might also find it useful to have KidsGuard set up.

Check it out, and you’ll quickly notice how handy some of the software’s main features can be.



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