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Learn to Hack a Phone Number Free Online Easily


Written by Janice

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Hack Phone Number Online

A lust to hack phones is one that many people have taken on board. It’s something that most people want to do (in one way or another), but only a small group of people are aware of where to begin.

If you fall into the more significant group of individuals who are new to hacking, you’ve found the best guide possible.

Discovering programs such as KidsGuard and mSpy (the two pieces of software that we’ll be focusing on) will make learning to hack a phone number free online a cakewalk.

But before we jump ahead to those, let’s answer the most pressing questions that we receive.

Hack Phone Number Free Online – Is It Actually Possible?

Yes, it is possible to hack a phone number online & help. Most of the phone-hacking solutions out there include something known as a “bug.”

Users must install the bug on their target’s smartphone, and afterward, they can remotely connect to it. Different solutions will give you different levels of access, so selecting an effective piece of software is where the real challenge lies.

Now, what you might find is that most solutions are paid. This is due to how the software will constantly send data through the target device’s data plan. As such, it wouldn’t be possible to hack phone numbers online for free.

So, even though hacking a phone number free online is possible, there are some limits to be aware of.

Can I Hack without Direct Access?

Following on from above, you can hack a phone without having direct access to it. Initially, you may need to install a bug on the target device to achieve a direct path. However, some solutions are completely indirect.

While it depends on the solution you use, whatever data the bug collects will usually be made available on a web panel.

Aside from bugs, modern hacking solutions can connect directly with the target’s iCloud account. As a result of iCloud connecting with most Apple platforms/services, hacking iCloud gives you a lot of access to the target’s data.

Note: people inquire about hacking a phone number using the device’s IMEI code. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible, but the IMEI code can provide GPS tracking information.

KidsGuard – The Best Tool to Hack Phone Numbers Online

We recommend that if you want to hack a phone number online, use KidsGuard. A combination of the most useful hacking tools you’ll ever need, KidsGuard is the best that there is.

When you choose to use KidsGuard, you can hack an iPhone without even getting your hands on it. The only things you’ll need are the iCloud account information, a KidsGuard account, and patience.

After setting this top-class solution up and putting it in place, you’ve got an open the door to their personal data.

Some Notable Features Include the Following:

  • Monitor social media activity from Instagram, Twitter, and many other platforms
  • View all of the target’s data from a remotely accessible dashboard
  • see the real-time location of your target (unless the device’s battery has run out)
  • disable specific apps from use
  • View the text messages that your target sends and receive
  • Access to the device’s call records, even hack Xfinity wifi hotspots

Make sure that you check out the KidsGuard demo. This will allow you to see everything that KidsGuard comes with and get hands-on experience with the different features. We can say with confidence that KidsGuard is the best way to hack phone numbers online.

KidsGuard’s Requirements

Unless you want to get caught by your target, there are a few requirements to keep in mind. KidsGuard is a paid service, so make sure you understand each of these requirements before purchasing.

1. Registering a KidsGuard Account

Having a KidsGuard account allows you to access the target’s device whenever you want. With the account that you create, you can sign in wherever (and whenever) you want.

Furthermore, it ensures that you’re the only one who gets this access – you pay for it, so why should other people have access to your hack?

After you register for a KidsGuard account, the final registration step is to purchase a subscription. If you plan on sticking with KidsGuard, then this is a must.

2. Accessing the Relevant iCloud Account

KidsGuard requires you to have the iCloud account information that signs in to the iPhone for direct access to their iPhone. This is the hardest part of the process – most people take their account privacy seriously, so they don’t share anything.

But, as hard as it may be, you’ll need to get your hands on it. One way to get around this would be to use your iCloud account when setting up your child’s (or friend’s) iPhone for them.

3. Enabling iCloud’s Backup Features

The final requirement is that you enable iCloud backups. Go to the “Settings” app, swipe down to “iCloud,” and make sure the slider is on.

Once you check each of these requirements off of your list, you can start.

How to Use KidsGuard to Hack Phone Numbers Online

Now that you’re convinced KidsGuard is the best program for the job, it’s time to begin. Follow the steps below exactly as we instruct you, and before you know it, the hack will be ready.

Step #1 – Sign up for your KidsGuard account and enter the basic information that it requests.

Sign up KidsGuard

Step #2 – After you type the basic information into the form and click “Sign Up,” select the “iOS” option and enter the iCloud information.

Setup KidsGuard for iOS

Step #3 – Type the iCloud account, which connects directly with your target’s iPhone.

Note: if you enter the wrong password, the user may receive an alert via email or notification.

Step #4 – Once you enter the correct password, the device will sync with KidsGuard. After a few minutes of syncing, you’ll be able to browse the real-time data of your target’s device.

Hack Phone Number Online with KidsGuard

That’s all there is to it! You’re in the clear, and you can spy on your target whenever you want. Setting up KidsGuard is the hard part of the process, and afterward, there’s no chance of getting caught.

Hacking an Android Phone Number Online

Things are slightly more difficult for those who want to hack phone numbers online with the best phone number locators for an Android device.

The main difference between hacking iOS and Android with KidsGuard is that you’ll need to access the Android device. KidsGuard doesn’t yet support direct Android access, so, during the initial setup, you’ll need to retrieve the device.

A few notes to keep in mind when hacking Android are:

  • To set up KidsGuard, you must download the official Android app
  • After installation, you can delete the app’s icon as it runs stealthily
  • Some features are only available on iOS, whereas others are only on Android

To remain anonymous and not alert your target, grab the Android device when they’re sleeping or while they’re showering. This gives you enough time to install KidsGuard, set it up, and return the device without them knowing.

Hack Phone Numbers Online using mSpy

If KidsGuard doesn’t interest you, check out mSpy, another great hacking tool. mSpy uses a similar methodology to KidsGuard but offers a few different features, a fresh interface, and a “different feel.”

Hack Phone Number Online with mSpy
  • the quick and easy installation process
  • can target both iOS and Android devices
  • capable of monitoring texts, call logs, GPS location, and much more data
  • customer support is available 24/7
  • the mSpy demo is available, which displays all the features
  • all of the data that mSpy collects are shown in an easy-to-read format

After the setup, you can access mSpy the same way you can access KidsGuard– through an online dashboard. Both of these hacking utilities are fantastic, and either will yield the results you expect.


1. Is it legal to hack a phone number? No, hacking a phone number without proper authorization is illegal and can result in severe consequences.

2. Can I use reverse phone lookup services for free? Yes, several online platforms offer free reverse phone lookup services, but some may have limitations. Paid services may provide more comprehensive information.

3. How can I protect my phone number from hacking attempts? Use strong, unique passwords, enable two-factor authentication, keep your software up to date, be cautious online, and avoid suspicious links and downloads.

4. What are some signs that my phone number has been hacked? Unusual activity on your phone bill, receiving unexpected messages or calls, or noticing unauthorized changes to your accounts may indicate a potential hacking attempt.

5. What should I do if my phone number gets hacked? Contact your service provider immediately, change your passwords, monitor your accounts for any unauthorized activity, and consider implementing additional security measures.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has taught you a lot. Not only about KidsGuard and mSpy but, more importantly, how to hack phone numbers free online.

Although society recognizes hacking as malicious, that probably isn’t how you’re going to be using it.

Hacking can be fun and give parents a way to monitor their children, and you might even be using it to find out what your friend is buying you for your birthday!

Whatever your reasons are, we hope this guide has taught you what you need to know.


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