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Everything You Should Know to Hack Hotmail Account


Written by Janice

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Hack Hotmail Account

Microsoft is one of the largest tech companies in the world. As part of their operations, they offer Hotmail, an email service. This is one of the oldest and thus, most popular, email account services that all age groups are known to use.

Over the years we’ve seen Hotmail change in many ways, but above all, the name has seen its fair share of changes. From Hotmail to Live Hotmail, and now Microsoft has chosen to settle with “Outlook”. Nevertheless, Hotmail is still around, and a lot of people want to hack Hotmail accounts.

One roadblock that’s worth remembering is that Microsoft is a huge company and thus, they put a lot of funding into their cybersecurity. So, how can we get around this? Here’s everything that you need to know.

Part 1. Hack Hotmail Account with KidsGuard Simply

Let’s start by introducing you to KidsGuard, a professional password cracker program. There are two components to KidsGuard – the dashboard and the app. After you install the app, the dashboard gives you the opportunity to monitor your target device remotely.

Some of the Most Notable Features to Focus Your Attention on Are:

  • Track your target’s live location wherever they are with GPS tracking.
  • Monitor any of their social media activity including status updates, comments, and more. KidsGuard tracks many platforms including Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and various others.
  • Access all of the device’s browser history.
  • Support any iOS device and virtually every Android device.
  • Capture live screenshots of the device’s display without alerting the user.
  • See all of the contact information that your target stores on their device.
  • Includes keylogging software which allows you to collect all of the logins and passwords that your target types into the device.
  • View the target’s text messages, calendar data, and call information.

Each of these features alone should persuade you to give KidsGuard a shot. With KidsGuard at your fingertips, you have access to a powerful piece of monitoring software – undeniably useful.

Steps to Setup KidsGuard to Hack Hotmail Account

If you’ve read about KidsGuard above and now you want to use it to monitor your friend, spouse, or kid, here’s a short guide – simply follow these steps.

Step #1Create your KidsGuard account by filling out this form with the respective information.

Sign up KidsGuard to Hack Hotmail Account

Step #2 – After your account is ready you can select a membership plan and work yourself towards the setup wizard. Enter your target’s name, select their age group, and select a device type.

Note: the iOS process is different from the Android device. For iOS devices, sign in to the iCloud account which is associated with the target device when asked to do so.

Setup KidsGuard for iOS to Hack Hotmail Account

Step #3 – When you hack an Android device you must retrieve the device to install the KidsGuard application. Go to “Settings > Security” and turn on the setting “Unknown Sources“.

Enable Unknown Source

Step #4 – You can now download and install the KidsGuard APK. While the APK installs you will see a prompt for various permissions, you must allow all of these permissions to ensure KidsGuard can gather as much data as possible.

Download KidsGuard Pro app

Step #5 – Once the app finishes installing, launch it and sign in to your account. Click on “Start Monitoring,” and you can delete the app’s shortcut.

Set up KidsGuard Pro

Step #6 – Return the device to the target, and you can sign into the KidsGuard dashboard to enable different features and view the data that it tracks.

Hack Hotmail Account with KidsGuard Pro

Step #7 – To access emails simply click on “Email” from the menu on the left.

With just a few steps and a little patience, you can set up KidsGuard and get access to pretty much all of the target’s data. As a very versatile piece of software, KidsGuard is undoubtedly one of the best ways to hack a Hotmail account.

Part 2. Tips to Protect Your Email Account

Are you starting to worry that you might become a hacker’s victim? There’s no need to worry as long as you make an effort to secure your account. In this section, we’re going to list some of the most important tips that everyone should know if they don’t want someone to hack a Hotmail account.

Tip #1. Enable 2-Step Authentication

Two-step authentication is a security measure that more and more websites are offering. By enabling this, you can only sign in to your email account if you enter a verification code that is sent elsewhere.

Enable 2-Step Authentication

This means that whenever you sign in to your email, a text will be sent to you containing the code. To complete your sign in you’ll have to enter the code that was texted to you. Of course, unless someone has direct access to your phone, this is very effective for account protection.

Tip #2. You Should Only Sign In on HTTPS

When a website uses HTTPS, this means that your connection is secure. If a site is using an HTTPS connection, then all of the data that transmits between your computer and the website is encrypted, and therefore incredibly difficult to hack.

Only Sign In on HTTPS

All major websites, including Hotmail and other email providers, use HTTPS connections. So, if you don’t see HTTPS in the address bar, then it’s likely that the website is a fake duplicate.

Tip #3. Use a Unique Password

This is one of the things that everyone should do, but very few of us actually do. Every single account you make should have a unique password. There should never be any account that has the same password as another. If you have two accounts with the same password and someone hacks one of them, this leaves the other account vulnerable.

On a bigger scale, if you use the same password for all of your accounts and they hack your Hotmail account, they are all vulnerable. So, to avoid this happening, always use a unique password.

Tip #4. Never Tell Anyone Your Account Information

Some people tell their friends their passwords, for whatever reason. There is absolutely no reason for you to share your email information or passwords with anyone else.

Tip #5. Avoid Suspicious Websites/Emails

Lastly, don’t click on a suspicious link or respond to any emails you’re uncertain of. This is one of the sure-fire ways of becoming a victim of hacking and unless you know the email sender or you’re sure that the website is safe, don’t click the link.

For the most part, ensuring that nobody accesses your email account requires some level of common sense. We could go a step further and recommend purchasing email security software, but basic tips like those above can go a long way.


Q1: Can I hack someone’s Hotmail account without facing legal consequences?

A1: No, hacking someone’s Hotmail account is illegal and can lead to severe legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment.

Q2: Is it possible to recover a hacked Hotmail account?

A2: Yes, it is possible to recover a hacked Hotmail account by following the account recovery process provided by Hotmail and contacting their support for assistance.

Q3: How can I avoid falling victim to phishing attacks?

A3: To avoid phishing attacks, be cautious of suspicious emails, avoid clicking on unknown links, and verify the authenticity of websites before entering login information.

Q4: What should I do if I suspect my Hotmail account has been hacked?

A4: If you suspect your Hotmail account has been hacked, report it immediately to Hotmail support and follow their instructions to regain control of your account.

Q5: Are there any alternative email providers that offer better security than Hotmail?

A5: There are several email providers that prioritize security, such as Gmail and ProtonMail. However, it is essential to implement strong security practices regardless of the email provider you choose.

To Conclude

Not only does this guide cover everything you need to know to hack a Hotmail account, but we’ve also given notes on protecting your own email address. With cybersecurity problems constantly being all over the news, understanding how to protect your account is essential.

Your email account is the source of every other account you have. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and even your online banking account, all require you to sign up using your email address.

If someone gets access to your email account, then this also gives them access to your other accounts. All in all, take into account the tips above to protect yourself and if you want to monitor someone else, use KidsGuard.


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