GuestSpy Review | A Sophisticated Smartphone Monitoring Tool

Due to various reasons, modern-day people demand the assistance of mobile phone monitoring software.

As a result of this increasing demand, there are many mobile phone spy apps on the market. GuestSpy is one app that promises to perform as a sophisticated spy app on many mobile devices.

If you are interested in learning more about GuestSpy and smartphone monitoring, please read this GuestSpy review.

GuestSpy is a powerful and highly versatile tool that comes with a variety of features. This respective spy app delivers great spying features. This spying app can be used to monitor the devices used by your kids or other family members.

Apart from tracking the activities of the target devices, it can also track the precise real-time location. Now, let’s find out more about this impressive software.

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Part 1. GuestSpy Review

First of all, in this GuestSpy review, let’s look at the most notable features associated with GuestSpy.


01. Monitoring Text Messages

One of the most impressive features associated with GuestSpy is that it monitors the target device’s text messages. It lets you read all the contents of the messages that are sent and received.

Apart from that, it can track the contact details of the sender. Moreover, it can log all the time-related information about the text message.

02. Tracking All the Call Logs

This specific app can contact all the contact names and numbers associated with the calls made. Also, it can track the logs of missed calls. Also, information such as the duration of the call can be monitored through this device.

03. Recording the Calls

GuestSpy is capable of tracking call records using its impressive call recorder feature. It can record both inbound and outbound calls related to the target device. Also, you can use it to record calls from specific numbers only.

Whenever a call is received or made on this number, the recorder automatically starts to record it and inform you. Moreover, this call recorder stays hidden in the target device.

04. Recording the Surrounding

This tool comes with the useful feature of recording the surrounding of the phone. That means this tool can listen to what is happening around the device.

You can easily access this facility simply through the dashboard of your GuestSpy account. This live recording feature can be accessed through a command (in the form of a text message).

05. It Can Track GPS Location

This app can easily access the exact GPS location of the target smart device. It also offers a detailed report about the locations’ latitude, longitude, and visiting times. You can use this app to track the whereabouts of your loved ones.

06. Monitoring Instant Messaging Apps

With the assistance of GuestSpy, you can monitor all the text messaging apps installed on the target device. All the attachments, such as videos, audio, and images of these apps, can be monitored.

This app can track all the activities associated with WhatsApp. For instance, it can track data like profile name, number, time, etc., of a chat of your family member.

When it comes to Skype, it can track conversations with important details like dates, times, videos, and pictures shared.

It also can track the Snapchat account installed on the target device. It can monitor details like the sender’s information, data, time, and message contents.

Apart from that, this specific app can track all the other messaging and social media apps. Namely, it can track Viber, Kik, Line, Facebook, Kik, etc., installed on the target device.

The beauty of this tool is that it lets you track all the above details in stealth mode.

07. Monitoring the Browsing History

The browsing history of the target device can be monitored easily through this app. This feature lets you track the URL, date, and time of the visited websites. Also, it lets you know how many times the respective user has visited the website.

This feature gives you a general idea about the most visited websites on the target device. You can use this feature to protect your kids from visiting gambling and pornographic websites.

08. Tracking the Phonebook

This tool lets you read all the contacts saved in the target device’s phonebook. Through GuestSpy, you can track all the entries, including Address, DOB, email ID, etc., saved with the respective contact.

09. Monitoring Multimedia Files

This feature, integrated with GuestSpy, lets you access and monitor all the multimedia files stored in the target device.

For instance, it can track details like images and recorded videos on the same device. You can view these multimedia files through a remote dashboard with an internet connection.

10. Full Remote Access

You can activate spying features using a command (through a text message) to the target device. This option allows you to enjoy the benefits of a good phone monitoring app.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can access all these features through a remote dashboard.

11. Auto Answering

The Auto Answering feature associated with this tool adds great value addition to it. Since you can turn this feature on remotely, it is even more useful. Also, it has a spy calling feature that can be activated on the target device.

12. Online Control Panel with a Real-time Update

As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the online control panel of GuestSpy. With the assistance of this control panel, you can access all the activities on the target device.

13. Trace the Activities of the User

You can see every user activity related to the target device’s online activity.

14. It Works in Stealth Mode

GuestSpy works perfectly in stealth mode, so the device owner cannot trace it. After all, that is exactly how a spy app should work, as we believe. This option works on both iOS and Android devices without any issues.

Pros and Cons Associated with GuestSpy

Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons associated with the GuestSpy app.


  • The feature that records the surrounding is a very impressive one
  • The online panel offers the opportunity of monitoring every activity from a remote distance
  • Auto answering feature and spy calling feature make it a great spy app


  • You cannot use it to intercept voice calls
  • There is no availability for online chats
  • Some other spying apps deliver more features than GuestSpy

GuestSpy Review – Price

Now, in this GuestSpy review, let’s look at the pricing plans of this phone monitoring software. This software comes in several editions for you to select from. Also, all those editions can be subscribed to monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually.

Standard Edition

  • Monthly plan – $20.99
  • Quarterly plan – $45.99
  • Half-yearly plan – $80.99
  • Annual plan – $120.99

Premium Edition

  • Monthly plan – $24.99
  • Quarterly plan – $60.99
  • Half-yearly plan – $100.99
  • Annual plan – $140.99

Gold Edition

  • Monthly plan – $28.99
  • Quarterly plan – $75.99
  • Half-yearly plan – $120.99
  • Annual plan – $160.99

Well, that is the conclusion of our GuestSpy review. As per our general acceptance, GuestSpy is considered an impressive app that works as a monitoring tool. However, there are several other options to consider if you are looking for phone monitoring apps.

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Part 2. GuestSpy Alternatives

In this GuestSpy review, we also intend to reveal two other impressive alternatives to GuestSpy. Namely, the two apps we explain are KidsGuard and mSpy.

1. KidsGuard

The first alternative we offer is KidsGuard Pro. This respective app has many features to perform as a great spy tool. This app is currently used by a large number of people across the globe due to its efficiency.

One of the most notable features associated with this app is that it works in perfect stealth mode. Once installed on a target device, it becomes completely invisible, and that is how a spy app should work.

KidsGuard works perfectly on iOS and Android platforms. To install KidsGuard, you don’t need to root or jailbreak the target devices. That is a major advantage associated with this software.

When installed on a device, KidsGuard starts to capture all the activities on the target device. The transmitted data can then be accessed through an online dashboard.

This dashboard can be accessed through any web browser, regardless of your device. Since KidsGuard allows you to monitor devices remotely, many users consider it a perfect spy app.


Features of KidsGuard

  • KidsGuard doesn’t need you to root Android devices to install the software
  • You can install KidsGuard on an iOS device without jailbreaking iOS devices.
  • It can be used to catch and monitor all the activities related to the target device remotely.
  • You can use it to track Viber, Snapchat, Wechat, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, and any other app installed on the target device.
  • It can track call logs, text messages, internet browsing history, etc.
  • You can access the target device’s real-time location through KidsGuard.
  • It has a really impressive keylogger feature that can track every keystroke typed on the target device.
  • Easy-to-use interface with a lot of advanced features.

As we believe, the keylogger feature is the most notable aspect associated with this tool. With the assistance of this tool, you can track any text typed on the target device.

That means you can track even the passwords typed on the device. All in all, those features make KidsGuard one of the most powerful spy apps in the industry.

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2. mSpy

mSpy is another powerful phone monitoring app, just like its name suggests. This tool is developed for both Android and iOS systems. You can consider this app mainly as a parental control tool.

Once installed on the target device, it can access text messages, call logs, social media activities, and everything else.

Apart from that, it can track the target device’s current location without much trouble. It also can track the internet history of the target device. If you are a parent, this is a good approach to keeping an eye on your kids’ online activities.

Also, this tool comes with a superb keylogger that can track any keystroke typed on the target. You don’t need to jailbreak or root the devices to install mSpy.

Thanks to the simplified user interface of this tool, even a novice user can use this too. Their customer service is impressive, and they are available throughout the day. It is a perfectly safe app that doesn’t misuse any information on target devices.


Features of mSpy

  • The Spy tool can track all the apps installed on the target device
  • It is capable of tracking social media apps like Facebook and Instagram
  • You can use it to track messaging apps like Line, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, etc. installed on the target device
  • Powerful keylogger feature to track the keystrokes typed on the target device
  • No rooting or jailbreaking is required to install mSpy
  • It supports both iOS and Android devices perfectly
  • Simplified interface which can be used even by a novice user
  • Lightweight design that works in stealth mode on the target device

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