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Glassagram Review

The Glassagram Instagram viewer app is just what you need if you are worried about what your child might be doing on Instagram.

Or if you are concerned about your Spouse’s Instagram activities. You may wonder if your fiance is cheating on you, and that can be quite a severe matter.

But it would be best not to worry about that. As you can track a person’s Instagram activities using the Glassagram app. Are you unaware of the app?

Don’t worry; here, we will introduce you to the Glassagram app. And you will be given a brief Glassagram review to learn about it before using it.

Glassagram: What is It?


Glassagram is a third-party app. It allows you to view someone’s Instagram Stories and videos without logging into the official app and letting them know.

This means you can view them while using other apps, which adds a lot of functionality to view your target’s content on Instagram anonymously.

Your target won’t know that you have been stalking them on Instagram and viewing their posts if you do it through the Glassagram app.

Besides, here are some practical ways on how to see deleted Instagram posts of others. Try them if you wonder how to see others deleted Instagram posts.

How Does Glassagram Function?

Glassagram is an app that lets you access Instagram stories and other content on a person’s Instagram. That person can be your child, spouse, or anyone you know. It also allows you to download photos and videos from Instagram.

In other words, you can say that the Glassagram app is used to spy on a person on Instagram. Not only spying, but you can also download their posts and videos, and reels without the knowledge of the target person.

It means you can stalk anonymously. And find out about a person’s Instagram activities through the Glassagram app.

Also, we will explain all about the IGmods private Instagram tool. Let’s learn how to use it properly so you can enjoy the full benefits of the services effortlessly.

Compatibility of Glassagram

Android phones running OS 4 or above can use Glassagram. In addition to compatibility with Android, it also supports iOS devices running 12.3 or above. So, for Android users, you should download this excellent app now.

Pros of Glassagram

  • Enhanced Instagram experience with additional features
  • User-friendly interface for seamless navigation
  • Private account viewing without the need for approval
  • High-quality media download for offline viewing and sharing
  • Story saver to store Instagram stories effortlessly
  • Hashtag analytics to optimize content strategy

Cons of Glassagram

  • Third-party apps like Glassagram may violate Instagram’s terms of service, which could lead to account suspension or termination
  • The app’s reliance on Instagram’s API may lead to occasional performance issues or limited functionality during Instagram updates or changes
  • Some features of Glassagram may require a premium subscription, limiting access to certain functionalities for free users

How to Install and Use Glassagram?

To use Glassagram, you will have to:

Glassagram Try Now
  • Please enter your email address to create a new account.
  • Then choose a suitable plan for Glassagram and pay for it (the free version has limited features).
  • Now, find the payment confirmation email and then use the provided credentials to sign into Glassagram. You can also do this on their official website.
  • First, get access to the target’s phone. And install the Glassagram app on it so that you can start monitoring their activity by accessing all its features without having direct access to them anymore!

That’s it. The steps to install and use Glassagram are just this simple.

What Can You See in the Glassagram Dashboard?

You can see the device’s name, which is your phone’s name or brand. You can also see its Android version, timezone, and battery status.

Glassagram Dashboard

It’s important to note that this info is only displayed when viewing someone else’s Instagram profile. If you’re viewing your profile in Glassagram, it will tell you that this feature is not supported on your account.

What Are the Best Features of the Glassagram App?

The Glassagram app is a perfect Instagram viewer and downloader. The top features of this app are:

Glassagram Features

Feature 1. Instagram Story Viewer and Downloader

Glassagram allows you to download and view stories from a user’s profile anonymously. This means you can use Glassagram to download and view all of the stories posted by your target users. And they won’t even get to know about it.

Glassagram gives you access to so many Instagram stories in one place. So, it makes sense that it would provide some sort of organizational system. Glassagram does just that by organizing all the downloaded content into different categories.

Feature 2. Reels, IG TV Videos, and Posts Viewer

The second feature of the Glassagram app is reels, IGTV videos, and post viewers. You can view all these types of content on your phone even if you don’t have an Instagram account. The app also allows you to download these contents for offline viewing whenever and wherever you want to watch them.

You can use this feature when you are out of data or do not have internet access. You should know that your target will have no idea that you have downloaded their content.

And this way, you can track their posts anonymously and be aware of what they are doing.

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Feature 3. Instagram DM Tracker

The third feature of the Glassagram Instagram viewer app is the direct message tracker. It allows you to check if your child or spouse is using DM with someone else.

This feature enables you to keep an eye on their social media activities. And ensure that they do not get involved in inappropriate conversations on Instagram.

The DM tracker helps you find out what messages have been sent to the user via DM. And who they were sent from, the date and time when these messages were sent, and the content of these messages.

You can use this information accordingly so that your children or spouse do not get involved in any kind of online harassment due to this app.

Feature 4. Instagram Like Viewer

With this feature, you can view the number of likes on any post, photo, or story and the number of comments for each. You’ll also see a list of all the brands and accounts that liked your content.

To use this feature, tap on a post and select “Likes” at the top right corner of your screen. This will bring up all posts with high engagement rates. To filter by specific types of interactions, use the filter buttons at the top right corner.

Feature 5. Instagram Location Tracker

You can also track the location of the target’s Instagram account. You can view the location of the target’s Instagram account through a map or its link. This feature is very useful if you want to know where your target is.

Or suppose you want to find out if your ex-lover is still in town after they left you last night. Or if you want to know the whereabouts of your Fiancé or teenage child.

You can access this feature by clicking on “View Location” under any given user profile or hashtag page. It will provide you with two options: Map and Links. Select which option suits your needs best.

And then click on it for more information about that particular user or hashtag page.

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What is the Pricing of the Glassagram App?

The Glassagram app offers both free and paid packages depending on your requirements. The free plan lets you view a public Instagram account’s stories anonymously.

However, the paid package is an excellent deal for many users as it provides additional features like monitoring an Instagram private account. And also track videos & reels, and stories, looking through DM conversations and more.

  • 1-month subscription – $59.99/mo
  • 1-year subscription – $14.99/mo
Glassagram Price Plan

There are no hidden fees or in-app purchases with this service. And this makes it very appealing to users who want something they can use without spending too much money on it.

Is the Glassagram App Safe to Use?

Glassagram is a safe app. It does not contain viruses or malicious software, nor does it contain any form of malware. Many experts have shared their positive Glassagram reviews.

And you should know that many users who want to track their close ones’ Instagram activities are using Glassagram daily.

Glassagram does not contain viruses, malware, or any form of malicious software. This is because the app only works with photos that have been submitted by users and then approved by the Glassagram team.

If you are concerned about the security of your device, you can install a virus scanner. A scanner such as Avast Mobile Security will scan all apps before installation.

Can the Glassagram App Harm the Target’s Phone?

The Glassagram app is not harmful to the target’s phone. It does not need to be installed on the target’s phone. The Glassagram app does not leave behind any traces of itself in your network. And this is why it is undetectable and safe for you to use.

The Glassagram app works with iOS and Android devices. So it should work with any device supporting Instagram as a native application.

Is Glassagram Detectable?

You will not get caught by Instagram because Glassagram doesn’t use any API from Instagram. So no one can detect you are using Glassagram by looking at your account. It also does not collect personal info from the target phone and leaves no traces after its removal.

When installing it on another device, it binds its files with the Android system files. And then disables itself when you uninstall it from that device.

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  1. Can Glassagram be used on both Android and iOS devices?
    • Yes, Glassagram is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can easily download it from the respective app stores.
  2. Does Glassagram violate Instagram’s terms of service?
    • Using third-party apps like Glassagram may violate Instagram’s terms of service. It’s essential to consider the potential risks and consequences before using such apps.
  3. Is it possible to download private Instagram stories using Glassagram?
    • Yes, Glassagram allows users to save private Instagram stories effortlessly, expanding your content-saving options.
  4. Can Glassagram track hashtag performance?
    • Yes, Glassagram provides valuable hashtag analytics, allowing you to track the performance of hashtags in terms of reach, engagement, and popularity.
  5. How does Glassagram compare to other Instagram viewer apps?
    • Glassagram offers a range of features and functionalities that set it apart from other Instagram viewer apps. However, the choice ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities, so it’s recommended to compare the features and user feedback of different apps before making a decision.


Thus, Glassagram is a great way to track the Instagram activities of your child, fiancé, or spouse.

It is a great app that can give you peace of mind as it helps you know the Instagram activities of your target.

You already know how to install it through our Glassagram review. So, without more delay, you should install this excellent app right away and obtain peace of mind.

You should definitely buy the paid version because it is cost-effective and will give you the best results with the premium services.


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