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Galaxy S8 / S9 Not Charging – Fix It Easily Now


Written by Jack Lin

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Galaxy S8 not charging

One of the costliest and most elegant mobile devices designed by Samsung is Samsung Galaxy S9 or S8. If you happen to have these devices, then it could be frustrating when they begin to give you some technical issues.

As you know, you will hardly come across a tech gadget that does not come with technical hitches. Out of all issues, charging is the most common problem that people encounter on their Android smartphones.

That’s why Galaxy S9 and S8 are not exceptions, and you may come across errors like ‘Galaxy S8 not charging‘ or ‘Galaxy S9 not charging‘. Nonetheless, all charging problems do not appear due to the same reason.

It is quite normal that you will look for the common reason behind the problem of ‘Galaxy S9 not charging‘ in the very first place. Some common issues could be power fluctuations, phone software issues, or power outlet errors.

Meanwhile, for repairing some basic problems that cause your smartphone to have advance charging problems, we are providing some effective measures for dealing with the errors of ‘Galaxy S9 not charging’ and ‘Galaxy S8 not charging’.

1. Modify Cable to Fix Galaxy S8 Not Charging

Modify Cable to Fix Galaxy S8 Not Charging

Initially, you need to check the charging cable of Galaxy S9 and S8 on facing the error ‘Galaxy S9 not charging’. A damaged USB cable can stop your smartphone from charging or make it charge slowly.

If you think that the fault is not arising from your cable, then it is better to be sure. For this, you can charge your device with another charging cable that you think is in perfect working condition.

If the phone is still not charging, then it is time to move on to the next method, as the error is definitely not from the USB cable.

Also, if you wish to know how to fix the Touch Input Blocked issue on Samsung, here are the best solutions.

2. Watch out for the Power Source to Fix Galaxy S8 Not Charging

Watch out for the Power Source to Fix Galaxy S8 Not Charging

The primary reason behind the error ‘Galaxy S8 not charging’ could be the power source or outlet malfunctioning. So, it is not essential that the issue you face is from the USB cable, charging port, or charger.

Before you take any measures to evaluate the Galaxy mobile device for errors or issues, ensure the power outlet is working fine. Here, you need to examine whether the power outlet is fitted securely and properly or not.

Also, you have to examine if the wires are stripped, disconnected, or cut.

3. Carry out a Reset for Samsung Galaxy S9 or S8

Carry out a Reset for Samsung Galaxy S9 or S8

This method works out fine if the error ‘Galaxy S9 not charging’ occurs because of a software-related error. A reboot will fix this charging issue on devices like Samsung Galaxy S9 and S8.

However, this solution is just temporary. So, it is recommended to perform a factory reset on your device.

For this, you need to switch off the mobile device, press, and then hold the power tab, volume up the tab, and home tab altogether. Once done, you will come across a system recovery screen.

From there, choose the option ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’ and then choose ‘Yes, Delete All Data.’ After that, you have to choose the option ‘Reboot System Now.’

If you are facing the error ‘Galaxy S8 not charging’, it will be resolved if it is caused due to some software.

4. Examine the Error ‘Moisture detected’ to Fix Galaxy S8 Not Charging

Examine the Error 'Moisture detected'

The error ‘Galaxy S8 not charging’ could be due to moisture. Although Galaxy S9 and S8 are dust and water-resistant, they could restrain your smartphone from charging if it detects moisture in their port and the device.

You will find this procedure installed in the mobile under precautionary measures to avoid further damage to the device because of the detected moisture.

So, whenever you see the error ‘Galaxy S9 not charging’ on your device, it is advisable to air-dry it first. After that, you need to keep the device in an upright state on a flat surface like a table.

Then, leave your phone there for 1-2 hours for drying. Meanwhile, you have to make sure that your phone is switched off during the process.

In a state of emergency, when you have to charge and use your device, then go for wireless charging for charging your device. This is so because the error does not come up if you charge the device wirelessly.

5. Not Charging with a Wireless Charger

Not Charging with a Wireless Charger

Are you still facing the issue ‘Galaxy S8 not charging?’ If your Galaxy S8 does not charge with a wireless charger, then you can try charging your device using a wired one.

If the problem still persists even after employing a wired charger, then you need to consult your technician for the same.

6. Carry Out a System Dump

Performing a system dump will restore or correct your smartphone’s panel. It even works in situations like software-related errors that lead to charging issues. For carrying out a system dump on your mobile devices from Samsung, you need to go through just three steps.

Firstly, you need to open the phone dialer and type *#9900#. After that, you have to click on the low battery dump. You will find this option present on the screen. Once found, you need to tap on the option ‘Turn On.’

7. Consult Technicians

In case all the above-mentioned tips fail for you, it is best to go to a certified technical kiosk or outlet of Samsung. A technician will locate the main problem behind the error ‘Galaxy S9 not charging’.

If your smartphone is still under the warranty period, then you will even get a replacement.

Why Go with Tenorshare Reiboot (Android)?

It is pretty complicated and complex to fix Android system problems. Only tech-savvy people can indeed deal with them on their own.

Here, we are introducing Tenorshare Reiboot (Android), which is a great tool for fixing errors related to Android in a single click. The best thing about this tool is that even complete novices can try out this application for resolving errors like ‘Galaxy S8 not charging’.

Special Features of Tenorshare Reiboot (Android):

  • The tool fixes several issues related to the Android system, such as the black screen of death.
  • It repairs the Android system back to normal.
  • Users require no technical skills to handle this repair tool.
  • It features a high success rate when it comes to repairing Android smartphones.
  • The tool supports all Samsung models, including the latest ones like Galaxy S10, S20, and S21.

Resolve Android Issues Hassle-free

If you come across the issue ‘Galaxy S9 not charging’, it could be due to some abnormal issues related to Android. Tech-savvy users can easily resolve this error on their smartphones or tablets. However, it is really impossible for others to fix the error.

Now, this repair tool will help you with this task. This professional tool will fix all problems associated with Android, such as system crashing, Galaxy S8 not charging, applications would not open, and others.

Easy Android Repair

Tenorshare Reiboot (Android) is so helpful that it looks for a correct firmware for flashing your Android device. Using this professional tool, users can fix the Android system within a few taps.

While you process the system repair, it is simple to operate the tool due to the on-screen instructions displayed to guide you at every step.

Supports over 1000 Android Models

This tool enables you to repair system-related problems on most models from Samsung, including the recent Galaxy models S10/S9.

It does not matter a bit whether your device is an unlocked phone or from some carriers like Verizon, Orange, Vodafone, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. One can bring these models back to normal in just a few seconds.

How Can You Repair Your Android System?

If you want to permanently eliminate the error ‘Galaxy S8 not charging’ error, then follow this method. Unlike tech tools available out there, Tenorshare Reiboot does not require skills on your part to fix the Android system.

Repairing your device this way is quite simple through a single click process. Before you set out to repair your device against the error ‘Galaxy S9 not charging’, it is best to back-up the device data because it may result in data erasure when the tool runs a system recovery in depth.

Steps to Repair Your Android System:

To repair your device, follow the instructions listed below!

Step 1: Connect the Device

Firstly, you have to connect your Galaxy S9 or S8 device to the system.

Reiboot for Android
Step 2: Choose Details

Next, you have to select some details related to your device on which you are facing issues like ‘Galaxy S8 not charging’.

Reiboot Repair Now
Step 3: Begin Android Repair

Now, you are all set to perform the task of Android repair. For this, you just need to tap on ‘Repair.’

ReiBoot for Android Repairing Process
complete repairing process

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Q1: Why is my Galaxy S8 not charging at all?

A1: There could be various reasons for your Galaxy S8 not charging at all, including a faulty charging cable or adapter, a damaged charging port, or a software-related issue. Refer to the troubleshooting steps in this guide to address the problem.

Q2: Can I use a wireless charger with my Galaxy S8?

A2: Yes, the Galaxy S8 is compatible with wireless charging. Ensure that you have a compatible wireless charger and that it is properly connected and aligned with your device.

Q3: How long does it take to fully charge a Galaxy S8?

A3: The charging time for a Galaxy S8 may vary depending on various factors such as the battery level, charging method, and power source. On average, it may take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to charge the device fully.

Q4: Why does my Galaxy S8 charge slowly?

A4: Slow charging on your Galaxy S8 can occur due to several reasons, such as using a low-power charger, having multiple background apps running, or a faulty charging cable or adapter. Follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this guide to improve the charging speed.

Q5: Can I replace the charging port of my Galaxy S8 myself?

A5: It is not recommended to replace the charging port of your Galaxy S8 yourself unless you have experience with smartphone repairs. It is best to seek professional help to ensure the replacement is done correctly and avoid any further damage to your device.


So, you know what to do after facing issues related to Samsung Galaxy devices. Here, we have listed various methods to fix the issue. Check them out one by one and find the best method for you!


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