Findmykids App Review – Can It Be the Best Child Monitoring App?


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Findmykids App Review

This Findmykids review is specifically composed for parents who are looking for a highly efficient child monitoring tool.

We intend to discuss how good this tool is at monitoring children in your absence.

Also, we will introduce you to a better alternative to Findmykids at the end of this article.

Findmykids App Review – Compatibility

One of the most important things you should consider when choosing a tool is compatibility.

The good news is that Findmykids works smoothly on both iOS and Android devices

Findmykids App Review

Features of Findmykids

Now, it’s time to take a look at the features of Findmykids.

● GPS Location Tracking

By monitoring the Location information of your child’s phone, you may locate them in real time.

Additionally, you can review the location history of your child and ensure he hasn’t been anywhere he shouldn’t be.

Findmykids GPS Location Tracking

● Listening to the Surroundings

You can use your smartphone to remotely listen in on your child’s phone’s surroundings. You can then decide if your youngster is with a trustworthy business.

Thanks to this feature, you can learn about the plans he has with his pals. Also, it lets you know whether he is secure while he is not with you.

Findmykids Listening to the Surroundings

● Ring an Alarm Sound

There are numerous occasions when your kid’s phone is silent, and he’s unable to remember where he put it.

In this case, you can manually ring a very loud sound on the lost device from your own phone. This will enable you to find his device right away.

Assume that your child is not answering the phone, perhaps since it is put in silent mode. So, you can utilize this tool to let your child know.

Findmykids Ring an Alarm Sound

● View the Target Device’s App Activities

You can see which applications and how long your youngster uses them. You can then delete any distracting applications and learn whether he or she is abusing the phone.

Findmykids View the Target Device's App Activities

● To Receive Important Notifications

The ability for parents to receive notifications whenever their child enters or exits any predetermined location is useful.

It’s handy when your child is on the school premises, at a friend’s house, at a tuition class, etc. Parents can specify the locations and receive periodic updates on the departure and arrival of their children.

Such a feature allows parents to be worry-free about their kids even if they are away.

Findmykids To Receive Important Notifications

● Notifications on Low Battery

Many times, a child’s phone will be off, making it impossible for parents to call or text their child. This can just be a result of the device’s battery dying.

Because of this, the app notifies parents whenever their child’s phone battery is running low. Well, this enables them to keep in touch and charge their phones on time.

So, that’s another useful and smart feature we should emphasize in this Findmykids app review.

Notifications on Low Battery

● Sending SOS Notifications

If your child is in danger or needs your assistance, they can transmit SOS signals. Assume that your child is unable to text or call you.

In that case, they can still reach you right away by sending an SOS signal instantaneously. 

Sending SOS Notifications

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Price of Findmykids

In our Findmykids app review, let’s focus on the price factor.

PlanPriceNumber of Devices
Monthly$2.99One device
Yearly$16.99Three devices
Lifetime$25.99Three devices

Pros and Cons of Findmykids

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of Findmykids.


  • This tool has an excellent user interface to deliver superb convenience
  • It is packed with features.
  • This app can be linked to your smartwatch as well.
  • It has received excellent ratings from users on both platforms.


  • Findmykids cannot track some of the features.
  • You should install an app on the target device physically.

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How to Use the Findmykids App to Find Your Kid?

  • First, install the Findmykids application on the device you use.
  • After opening the app, follow the instructions.
  • Tap on the option called “Connect Your Kids’ phone.” Then, you will be given a unique code to establish a connection with the target device.
How to Use the Findmykids App to Find Your Kid
  • Now, you should get the child’s device and install the app called “Pingo!Chat With Parents“.
  • Open that app on the target device and type the code you received previously.
Enter the code you received
  • That’s it. Now you can start monitoring the tool.

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What is the Best Alternative to Findmykids?

At the beginning of our Findmykids app review, it is mentioned that we introduce an alternative as well. The most comprehensive alternative you can consider is KidsGuard Pro.

This specific tool is designed with an excellent set of features. As we found, there are plenty of reasons to prefer KidsGuard Pro over Findmykids.


This tool is developed to be compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Features of KidsGuard Pro

● Location Tracking

You may look up your child’s past locations and may even follow him around in real-time. Tracking with Wi-Fi data and GPS location is possible with KidsGuard Pro.

KidsGuard Pro Location Tracking

● Geofencing

KidsGuard Pro lets you use a virtual GPS boundary. With that, you will get notified whenever the target user enters or exits the specified location.

KidsGuard Geofencing

● Tracking Down Social Media

Kids are quite active on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. As a result, it’s critical for parents to keep an eye on their kids’ social media usage.

Such an approach is required to make sure they’re not engaging in any detrimental activities like bullying or pornography.

Tracking Down Social Media

● Tracking the Device’s Data

With KidsGuard Pro can monitor your child’s device activity, including call history, messages, and contacts. That’s in addition to browsing history, pictures, and videos.

Additionally, you may keep tabs on their app usage and the amount of time they spend on apps.

Tracking the Device's Data

● Keylogging

A keylogger included in KidsGuard Pro records each keystroke made on the target (child’s) device. By doing this, you can retrieve deleted texts and also the login information to access them in their entirety.

KidsGuard Keylogging

● Remote Recording  

Anytime you wish to learn more about what they’re doing, you can hear or even record their calls. On the child’s device, you may also remotely snap pictures and screenshots using your computer or smartphone.

KidsGuard Remote Recording

Pros and Cons of KidsGuard Pro


  • It is an all-inclusive solution that helps monitor your child’s mobile phone remotely.
  • The social media activity tracker works very efficiently.
  • Stealth mode for more efficiency.
  • It records calls and takes live pictures.


  • On iOS devices, the data extraction process is somewhat difficult.
  • No free trial (only the demo is available).

Using KidsGuard Pro on an Android

Here’s how to use KidsGuard Pro on an Android device.

  • First, you should click on the option called “Sign Up” on KigsGuard Pro’s official website.
  • Select a suitable subscription plan.
  • Now, on the target device, download KidsGuard Pro. The app icon will be hidden after the installation.
Download KidsGuard Pro
  • After that, get back to your computer or phone to access the KidsGuard Pro dashboard. That will help you monitor your child’s device remotely.
KidsGuard Pro

A Comparison of KidsGuard Pro and Findmykids

Mentioned below is a comparison, so you will get a correct idea about both tools.

ParameterFindmykidsKidsGuard Pro
Location tracking in real-timeYESYES
Finding location historyYESYES
Geofencing featureNOYES
Spot arrival & departure notificationsYESNO
App-related activitiesYESYES
Social media trackingNOYES
Listening to the target’s surroundingYESNO
Recoding callsNOYES
Capturing screenshots and live photosNOYES
Tracking the browser historyNOYES
Tracking calls, gallery, and messagesNOYES

The above table in our Findmykids app review gives you a clear idea about their functionaries.

So, you can go through this comparison and determine which one matches your requirement.

To us, KidsGuard Pro stands ahead of Findmykids thanks to the rich set of features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs related to the Findmykids review.

Is It Legitimate to Use an App Like KidsGuard Pro or Findmykids?  

Yes. Both of those apps are legitimate. However, we don’t encourage our readers to use these apps for unlawful purposes and breach others’ privacy.

Can Spy Apps Work Without the Internet?

Well, in the absence of an internet connection, you can view the data that is already synchronized. However, as you would understand, a network connection on the target device is compulsory to transmit live data.

Is It Okay to Monitor Someone’s Phone Without Their Knowledge?

As far as your intention is good, monitoring your child’s mobile phone won’t do any bad.

After all, your aim is to protect your kids from potential dangers, so that will be fine.

As long as your kid is below 13, you can monitor your kids even without letting them know. However, you shouldn’t use such tools to monitor strangers.


So, that’s our Findmykids app review. As you can see, Findmykids is not the only option; better options like KidsGuard Pro are available.

So, you may go ahead and read our comparison table before using one.


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