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Family Orbit Reviews

It is important to read Family Orbit reviews before using it.

Such an approach will ensure that you know everything about it so you can decide whether to use it. Let’s dig in!

What is a Parental Control App?

Family Orbit Parental Control App

In our Family Orbit reviews, let’s learn what a parental control app is and its functionality. Parents can limit their children’s time online with the help of parental control apps. That said, parental controls are applications and resources for doing just that.

They’re a fantastic method of preventing children from viewing adult material online. You can use it to keep tabs on what your kid is up to. People of all ages now have access to these resources. That’s obviously due to the spread of mobile technology and the Internet,

Your kids won’t realize all of the ways that mobile devices, as well as the Internet, can harm them. Therefore, parental control software gives you a way to track what your kids are up to on their devices.

You can find parental control apps for both iOS and Android smartphones. Both a free and a premium version are available. These programs operate covertly on the targeted system to monitor your child’s Internet use.

You may rest easy knowing where your kids are at all times with the help of parental control software.

Family Orbit Reviews Introduction

Are you a parent interested in keeping tabs on your child’s smartphone use, whereabouts, and activities? If so, you should check out Family Orbit. Parents may track their child’s whereabouts and exchange images and messages with the help of this handy tool.

Moreover, they get alerted when their youngster arrives at predetermined areas; that means it works as a geofencing. It offers a basic free plan as well as a premium paid subscription plan with more features.

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Main Features of Family Orbit

  • GPS Locator for the family
  • It can monitor chats, contacts, and other activities.
  • You can use it to share parental responsibilities on the account.
  • It works on both Android and iPhones.
  • It has the ability even to send SOS messages whenever help is needed.
Main Features of Family Orbit

The Overall Quality of the App

Family Orbit is an excellent tool that will assist parents in monitoring their children’s mobile activities.

The developers of the app designed it to be as user-friendly as possible. It does ensure that even the youngest smartphone owners can benefit from its capabilities.

Family Orbit does allow parents to create profiles for their children and establish guidelines for the use of smartphones. In addition to that, the app features an in-depth lesson to assist with this process.

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This software is not really designed to teach children anything, but it can be rather helpful to parents nonetheless. Having the ability to track your child’s smartphone use and communicate with them in a confidential manner.

So, it does provide parents peace of mind as their children become more independent. It’s an excellent method for instilling in a young person a sense of autonomy and accountability.

It is obvious needless to mention that those aspects are useful when they become adults. Smartphones are incredibly useful tools.

We indeed have to respect their independence. But it is more important to protect them from potential dangers. Family Orbit comes into play in this case.

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You can download the Family Orbit basic version without paying anything. In fact, it is a very impressive option.

So, parents, regardless of their economic circumstances, are able to keep their children safer when they use smartphones. The cost-free software allows a maximum of three relatives members to keep track of a child’s current location.

That is, in addition, to receive notifications when certain events occur, chat with other users, and share photos. In addition to that, you can get pickup requests and make use of a panic button.

Apart from that, you can receive warnings when the child is driving too fast. You will also be able to find a plethora of other functions (including parents) with this tool.

A subscription-based option is available too. This includes capabilities such as the capability to view logs & history for the location, chat, and other services.

Additionally, the paid plan enables the connection of up to ten users at once.

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Overall Friendliness

This software is a great tool for keeping tabs on your child’s whereabouts and activities. In addition to that, it becomes useful for reassuring yourself that they are safe. However, it stores sensitive and personal information.

Therefore, parents should read the usage policies and privacy carefully. You can access such information within that specific app or on the makers’ website.

In addition, parents should know that after setting up its free service, they’ll begin receiving promotional emails.

Such emails encourage you to get a paid membership. In general, you will get such emails for about a week. Then, those messages will stop.

  • It doesn’t have any external links.
  • There are no social media integrations with the app.
  • It doesn’t have any 3rd party ads.
  • It has a few in-app purchases, but they appear only on the parent’s account.


In this section of our Family Orbit reviews, let’s go through the functions associated with it.

● Text Logs and Call Logs

On occasion, they make contact with individuals via telephone. They occasionally communicate via text message. Family Orbit has you covered regardless of how the family communicates.

Family Orbit is available for both Android and iOS. So, it allows you to read through their text messages and see their complete call log.

● Tracking the Location in Real-time

Family Orbit’s in-built GPS navigation system is feature-rich. You will be provided with real-time tracking based on GPS. That is a handy feature for knowing their whereabouts on a map.

Also, its mobile geofencing technology will send you an alert if the child crosses a predetermined boundary.

● Monitor Their Web-bases Activities

Teenagers are super curious; they always want to explore nearly everything they see online. So, there is a huge risk that they might get exposed to inappropriate content. For instance, they will visit pornographic websites, gambling websites, etc.

As a parent, therefore, you have a huge responsibility to protect them from such content. Such a task can be accomplished with the help of Family Orbit. It will notify you whenever the target (kid) visits such a website.

We should emphasize that feature in our Family Orbit reviews as it has become so helpful to modern-day parents.

● To Monitor Their Video and Photo Content

There are many instances in which your kid might view age-inappropriate videos or photos. Also, there is a risk that your kids may share their own photos with strangers. Such photos can be misused for various purposes, including blackmail.

However, with the use of Family Orbit, you can monitor everything they share and store. With that, you can take preventive measures to safeguard your kids.  

● Monitor Their WhatsApp Activities

Numerous evaluations of Family Orbit mention that you can’t pry into their social media accounts in any way.

Despite this, many people view WhatsApp as a social media network. You can safely add them to Family Orbit if they utilize WhatsApp.

● To Acquire Valuable Parental Insights

Family Orbit provides a number of features for conducting such evaluations. Text analysis provides a high-level overview of the contentious language used in online conversations.

For instance, it can track conversations with certain topic labels like profane language or drugs. And the camera app’s photo analysis function does the exact thing for its own photo library. That’s some serious firepower.

Pros & Cons of Family Orbit

Pros Cons of Family Orbit

Knowing the advantages and drawbacks of Family Orbit is vital for any parent before using it. This is true no matter whether you use the iOS version or the Android version of the app.

By analyzing all those pros and cons, you are able to decide if Family Orbit is the best match. So, let’s go ahead and find out what they are.

Pros of Family Orbit

  • They offer a free trial, so you can use it to get a good understanding of its functionality.
  • It works on Android and iOS devices smoothly.
  • You can use Family Orbit on several different devices with a single purchase.

Cons of Family Orbit

  • It has rather limited coverage in terms of social media.
  • The installation process can be somewhat confusing, specifically for novice users.
  • Some features (like App Blocker) are unavailable for the iOS version of Family Orbit.


  1. Is Family Orbit easy to use? Yes, Family Orbit has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate.
  2. Can Family Orbit track real-time location? Yes, Family Orbit offers real-time location tracking.
  3. Does Family Orbit monitor social media activity? Yes, it provides monitoring of various social media platforms.
  4. Is Family Orbit compatible with all devices? It’s compatible with most, but not all devices.
  5. Does Family Orbit offer a trial period? Yes, a trial offer is available for new users.


Reading our Family Orbit reviews gives you a general idea about the app’s functionality. Please let us know your concerns about using parental control apps.


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