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Written by Jason Lin

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Facebook Hack No Survey

Due to one reason or another, many people need to hack someone’s Facebook account. However, most so-called hacking methods require you to complete annoying surveys to get the job done.

Even after the completion of the surveys, the efficiency of those methods is really questionable. However, the methods mentioned in this article don’t require you to participate in any survey.

If you are interested in Facebook to hack no survey, you are reading the correct article.

We all know to hack into someone else’s social media account is an unethical approach. However, some people have acceptable reasons to do so.

For instance, some parents need to know if their kids will become victims of cybercrimes. In that case, they have no option other than gaining unauthorized access to the kids’ Facebook accounts.

Apart from that, people can gain various advantages by spying on others’ Facebook accounts. However, we strongly recommend you responsibly use the methods mentioned in this article.

You shouldn’t use these methods to disturb someone else’s privacy and personal life. Make sure to use it for the greater good without abusing it.

As we mentioned, there are various Facebook hacking tools. We know how annoying those surveys are in addition to their doubtful efficiency. Therefore, we aim to teach you how to hack Facebook without a survey.

This “Facebook hack no survey” method utilizes a very handy and smart software tool called KidsGuard Pro. KidsGuard is a highly sophisticated monitoring app that comes with a user-friendly interface.

Moreover, it comes with a really affordable price plan. Now, let’s see how to hack someone’s Facebook account using KidsGuard.

Part 1. Using KidsGuard to hack Facebook without a survey

In general, KidsGuard is a really powerful software tool that works perfectly with iOS devices and Android devices. This respective software tool assures accessing sensitive content.

For instance, it allows you to see the messages, videos, and images shared through the respective Facebook account.

Here are some of the most notable features of KidsGuard Pro.

  • KidsGuard is an affordable Viber hacker software tool that comes with different price plans.
  • It has a free trial that gives a glimpse of its efficiency
  • KidsGuard doesn’t require you to take surveys to hack Facebook. It provides a real ‘Facebook Hack No Survey’ and views a private Facebook profile.
  • Once installed, KidsGuard works in its stealth mode.
  • It comes with a really convenient user interface

As long as you hold on to a premium KidsGuard account, you can hack Facebook without a survey. Before everything else, you need to create an account with KidsGuard. You can start the registration process through this link.

It is a matter of providing your information, such as a valid email address and a password. After the registration process, your credentials will arrive at the email address you provided.

I. Setting up the account depending on the type of device the target uses

The first step of our “Facebook hack no survey” strategy is pretty tricky. If the target uses an Android device to log into his or her Facebook account, here’s what to do. You should get hold of the target device for a couple of moments to install the KidsGuard app.

However, if the target is using an iPhone, it is unnecessary to install this app. When prompted to the first wizard page, you should input a name. KidsGuard will identify the target device by the name you input.

Install KidsGuard for iOS

In addition, you will have to select the target phone’s operating system. If trying to track an Android device, choose “Android.” However, if your target is an iOS device, you should select iOS.

a) Hack Facebook without a survey on an Android device

If your target uses an Android device to log into Facebook, here’s what you do. This “Facebook hack no survey” strategy requires installing the app.

As mentioned, you should physically install the FB hacking tool on the device. Go to the Settings of the respective Android device. Then, under the Security menu, you will find an option called “Allow installation of Apps from Unknown Sources.”

Just tap that option and activate it. Android doesn’t allow third-party apps unless you activate this option.

enable unknown source on android

Now, you should go to the Official website of KidsGuard and download the app. Just click on the Download option and let the process complete.

After the download, you can locate the file in the Downloads section. If not, you can directly access this file by dragging down the notifications bar. Tap the app to install it on the target device.

Download Kidsguard for Android

Now, you should start the app on the target phone. Tap Start so the service will get activated. Then, it would help if you accepted the notifications displayed to complete the installation.

After the activation process, the installation file and the Tracker – KidsGuard icon will be removed by the app itself. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about searching for the file manually and deleting it.

Login to KidsGuard Pro

b) Hack Facebook on an iOS device

When it comes to iOS devices, the process is different from Android. In this case, you will have to know the iCloud ID and Password of the respective user. You must activate the iCloud backup and Synchronization feature on the iPhone.

II. After the setup, you should use your device

You have done all the hard work now. It is time to hack Facebook without a survey. You should go to the feature icon and go to the Facebook option.

From this point onwards, you can keep track of all the activities of the respective Facebook account. You can click on the “Refresh” icon to get the results updated.

Although KidsGuard works as an exceptionally powerful and easy-to-use tool, it has one noticeable downside. If the target switches off his phone, you will not be able to spy on the respective Facebook account.

However, you can start monitoring the account again when the respective phone is switched on. Even with this downside, KidsGuard is a superb spying tool with many other great features.

Part 2. Hacking Facebook using the email address

KidsGuard is indeed a superb way to hack Facebook without a survey. However, if you are curious about the other possible options, here’s something you should give a shot at. “Facebook hack no survey” is possible with an email address too.

Hacking Facebook using the email address

In this method, we try to decode the login credentials of a certain Facebook account.

To get this done successfully, you must have the username of the account you intend to hack. If not, you should have the profile link of the said account.

  • First, you should subscribe to the YouTube channel with the Facebook Password. It would be best if you remembered to use a genuine email address to perform this subscription.
  • Then, you should go to the www.fbhacks.net
  • You will find a search box on this site. In this search box, you should paste the username of the account you intend to hack.
  • As the last step of the process, you will get the username and password of the respective account. The credentials of the target account will be sent to the email address you used to subscribe to the channel.

The best thing about this method is that you don’t have to pay anything.

Part 3. Hacking a Facebook account online

As the third method of our tutorial, we present an online method to hack Facebook without a survey.

In this case, you will have to use a software tool called SecureHack Online V2.04. This specifically designed software tool lets you hack a Facebook account easily.

SecureHack Online

Like the previous method, you must have the Facebook name of the target individual. Then, you will have to follow the simple steps provided.

  • Find the Facebook ID of the account you need to hack. To get this done easily, you can copy the respective account’s page URL. You can find the ID of the account at the end of the URL.
  • Then, you will have to go to the website hypercracker.com and input the ID you just found. There is a special box on the website to do this.
  • You can then press “Hack this Facebook Account.” You will be redirected to the account and can view the messages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I hack a Facebook account without surveys?
    • Yes, it is possible to secure your Facebook account without resorting to surveys or unethical hacking methods. By following preventive measures, such as strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication, you can enhance the security of your account.
  2. What are the legal consequences of hacking a Facebook account?
    • Hacking someone’s Facebook account without their consent is illegal and can result in criminal charges, including potential imprisonment. It is important to respect privacy laws and engage in ethical online behavior.
  3. How can I protect my Facebook account from hacking attempts?
    • You can protect your Facebook account by using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, being cautious of phishing attempts, and limiting the personal information you share online.
  4. What should I do if my Facebook account gets hacked?
    • If you suspect that your Facebook account has been hacked, report it immediately to Facebook’s support team. They can guide you through the recovery process and help secure your account.
  5. Why is ethical hacking important?
    • Ethical hacking plays a crucial role in identifying vulnerabilities and strengthening the security of digital platforms. By conducting responsible and authorized security assessments, ethical hackers contribute to a safer online environment.


Facebook hacking is a serious issue that can have far-reaching consequences for both victims and perpetrators. It is essential to understand the risks and legal implications associated with hacking and prioritize ethical behavior in the digital realm. By implementing preventive measures and staying vigilant, users can protect their Facebook accounts from unauthorized access.


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