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Boost Your Facebook Likes with Auto Liker Apps: Are They Harmful?


Written by Jason Lin

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Facebook Auto Liker

Do you get a rapacious feeling when your friend gets more likes on Facebook than you do? Do you also wish to get more likes on the pictures that you upload and the status that you update on Facebook?

Then, you have chosen the right page to be on, which can help you get more likes on the status updates and pictures you upload on Facebook.

The application of Facebook auto liker helps you obtain more friend requests, followers, and unlimited likes on Facebook. You have to follow a very simple process to get auto likes.

Initially, you must copy the profile picture’s URL on the FB auto-liker. Certain websites provide auto likes without the need for token access, so you should visit such kinds of websites.

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Part 1. Are Facebook Auto Liker Apps and Websites Harmful?

When we talk about Facebook auto-liker websites, we need to consider the impact of these auto-liker websites on our accounts on Facebook.

Such a method of gaining likes on Facebook is not authorized by Facebook. If a person uses auto liker websites, then Facebook may restrict the user regarding its usage.

Other than that, there is a chance that some auto liker companies may reveal your personal information to third parties. So before using auto-like on Facebook, you must go through the issues associated with its usage.

1) The Possibility of a Temporary Ban

There is a possibility that your account may get banned temporarily because Facebook is keen to catch holders of fake accounts and spammers. You and others should maintain a friendly atmosphere for the success of your internet business.

Mentioned below are some things that can happen due to a temporary ban.

  • You will get blocked from writing any posts in groups on Facebook.
  • Furthermore, you will be banned from liking and posting comments on status and pictures.
  • Your account may get disabled permanently

If Facebook temporarily bans your account, strict monitoring will occur. If they find you committing such offenses again, your account can be blocked permanently.

Neither will they allow you to get it back, nor will they answer your e-mails. If your identification or credit cards are connected to such a website, you will be prohibited from creating another account using the same ID.

2) You can become a spammer for the rest of your friends

Facebook auto liker apps or websites promote themselves through status, photos, and sharing links. Each of these things happens in your personal account’s name.

There is a high possibility that you are the no. 1 ranking when it comes to being a spammer to your FB friends.

This can be explained with the aid of an example. There are going to be thousands or hundreds of people who are using an auto-like Facebook website or app. These apps perform actions such as following, sharing, commenting, and liking each other’s pictures.

So, you do these things for others, and they return your favor by doing the same things to you.

When you make comments and like pictures, then a notification is received by your friends. Sometimes you share and like inappropriate posts, and because of this, you become the best spammer.

3) Facebook auto-liker apps can negatively affect your image

The apps for generating automatic likes on the posts made by the person can affect your image.

If any of your friends suddenly start getting numerous likes on his or her posts on Facebook, you may become dubious and start feeling that your friend is using auto-like Facebook. Obviously, after that, you will lose some respect for that person.

Therefore, the solution is not to use the Facebook auto-liker app. Using the token number is again not a safe option as the websites use the token number to get access to the account, which is no different from hacking, but if you still wish to use your auto liker websites, then you are at your own risk.

Below are some of the best FB auto liker websites you can use for getting automatic likes on Facebook. Alexa rank is the basis of these auto-liker apps. A good Alexa rank means this website generates a lot of traffic. Some of the Facebook auto-liker apps.

Part 2. Boost Facebook Likes via Below Facebook Auto Liker

1: is one of the best and easy-use FB auto-liker websites that a person can use to grab more likes on Facebook. This website is free of spam and is also available for free. Plus, this website is completely safe. facebook auto liker

One can easily get more than 250 likes on the status or Facebook profile picture. This website has an additional feature of customizing that you can use.

This feature enables you to get around 20-200 likes per post. Moreover, a person can select an auto custom liker of photos and posts. Plus, Hublaa offers Facebook auto liker applications to the users of Android.


Another amazing Facebook auto-liker website is It can increase your number of likes on Facebook within no time. This website is again totally safe, allowing you to get maximum likes on Facebook.

This website enables you to get more than 350 likes on the status you post on Facebook. Additionally, it allows you to get likes on custom posts, pictures, and statuses on the fan page.

Additionally, this app comes along with customer service, making it very distinct from all other websites of auto-liker Facebook. To log in quickly, a person can also download this application from the play store.

4liker facebook auto liker


Here is one more website that can provide automatic likes on videos, statuses, profile pictures, and more. This website can easily give more than 300 likes for every post of yours. Other than that, this Facebook auto-liker website can increase the likes to 20,000 for each post of yours.

If you are a user of an Android Smartphone, then you can download its Djliker application that can help you get safe and quick auto likes. Plus, it gives numerous comments on public posts. This website also offers customer support features other than automatic likes.

4: is also one of the most amazing FB auto-liker websites. You are not required to pay anything if you snatch comments and likes on your updates on Facebook; you use these websites.

The main benefit of using this website is not going through the trouble of disclosing pictures.

Machineliker facebook auto liker

There are no worries as unwanted data cannot get logged in, and your data cannot get sold. Using this service, you can get around 15 thousand likes. You need to ensure that you have enabled Facebook followers while getting likes.

If something like 404 not found appears in front of you, then you can get token access and infinite likes. They also offer a Facebook auto-liker app for the users of Android devices.


This website for acquiring automatic likes on Facebook posts is a bit different from every other auto liker application as it offers tools like automatic requester, automatic followers, Page posters, and multi groups, and you get all these benefits for free, and you don’t need to pay anything for them.

Wefbee facebook auto liker

The tool of the auto requester can help you in generating extra likes. It is an amazing tool for increasing your popularity and demand. Moreover, it allows you to share the post, link, image, and text on various pages with a single click.


Q1: Are auto liker apps safe to use? Auto liker apps can present potential risks, such as violating Facebook’s terms of service or compromising the security of your account. It is essential to carefully research and choose reputable apps and review their permissions before authorizing access to your Facebook account.

Q2: Will using auto liker apps guarantee an increase in sales or conversions? While auto liker apps can increase the visibility and engagement of your posts, it does not guarantee a direct impact on sales or conversions. It is important to focus on creating valuable content, building relationships with your audience, and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy to achieve your business goals.

Q3: Can I rely solely on auto liker apps for my Facebook growth? Auto liker apps can be a part of your social media strategy, but relying solely on them may limit the authenticity of your engagement. It is recommended to combine auto liker apps with other organic growth strategies, such as creating valuable content, engaging with your audience, and collaborating with influencers.

Q4: Is it possible to remove likes generated by auto liker apps? While it is generally not possible to remove individual likes, you can choose to remove the app’s access to your Facebook account or adjust your privacy settings to limit the visibility of the likes generated by auto liker apps.

Q5: How often should I use auto liker apps? The frequency of using auto liker apps is subjective and depends on your specific goals and social media strategy. It is important to strike a balance between increasing your likes and maintaining authentic engagement with your audience. Regularly assess the impact of auto liker apps on your overall social media performance to determine the appropriate frequency of usage.


So, this was all about the FB auto-likers. The abovementioned were the top known websites you can use to acquire maximum likes and comments on Facebook.

These websites can amuse any person with the capability of acquiring several likes for just one post. You do not need to be disgruntled with others and let them become greedy about the likes you get.



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