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eyeZy Review

Do you want to track someone’s phone activities? If yes, you should look no more and install the eyeZy app after reading this eyeZy review.

eyeZy is a phone tracking software. It allows you to monitor someone’s phone and manage their activities. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

In this eyeZy review, we will discuss the eyeZy app’s features so you can decide if it’s right for you.

eyeZy: What is It?


eyeZy is a phone tracking app that helps you monitor the target’s activities on their phone. You can use it to track incoming and outgoing calls, texts, and social media messages.

With this app, one can quickly check their children’s mobile devices. And you can also check your employees’ smartphones at the workplace without letting them know they’re being monitored.

The best part of this app is that it won’t let anyone else see your spying activity. Because it does not leave any trace behind, as it has an Invisible Shield feature. The Invisible Shield feature hides the installed eyeZy app on the target’s device.

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Steps to Use the eyeZy App

Steps to Use the eyeZy App

The next thing to see in this eyeZy review are the steps to use the eyeZy app. And the steps are as follows:

1. Buy Your Subscription from the eyeZy Website

You can purchase a subscription directly from the eyeZy website. To get started, you’ll need to enter your phone number and verify it with a 6-digit code sent to that device. After that, you can pick one of three subscription options:

  • One month – $47.99/mo
  • Three months – $27.99/mo
  • 12 months – $9.99/mo

2. Install the App and Enter the Credentials

Download the eyeZy app from their website and install it onto your target’s phone.

Once installed, you need to enter their username and password into the eyeZy dashboard. Now that you’re connected with your target’s device, it’s time to start tracking them!

3. You Are Now Ready to Monitor Your Target’s Activities

Now that you have downloaded the eyeZy app on your target’s device, you are ready to monitor their activities.

The eyeZy app is a powerful spying tool that allows you to access all the info on your target’s phone in real time.

  • Open the eyeZy app on your phone and select “Device Tracking” from our home screen.
  • Enter the IMEI number of the device (found under Settings > General > About).
  • You are now ready to monitor your target’s activities!

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What Are the Features of the eyeZy App?

eyeZy Features

The eyeZy phone tracking app is a comprehensive spying tool. And it can monitor text messages, call history, and even social media apps from your target’s phone.

Now we will check out the eyeZy app’s features, which is the best part of this eyeZy review.

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1. Social Spotlight

Social Spotlight

As a parent, you worry about your kids’ actions when they’re not around. You don’t want them to be part of bad influences or situations.

eyeZy can monitor texts from social media apps on the target’s phone. This includes WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram (the most popular ones).

The app is not limited to text messages; it monitors all outgoing and incoming calls. According to our eyeZy review, the social spotlight is one of the best features of eyeZy.

2. Keystroke Capture

The eyeZy phone tracking app records every key pressed on the target’s phone. This means it records all the text messages sent and received from the target’s phone. It also records all calls made and received from the target’s phone.

In addition, eyeZy works well even if you don’t know how to use it. You only need access to the device you want to track. This means you can install it without having any technical knowledge or skills.

3. Pinpoint

eyeZy reports the current and previous GPS locations of your target’s phone. This way, you can easily find out where the person has been and where they are now. Our eyeZy review also considers the Pinpoint feature to be an excellent one.

This feature is handy for parents who want to know exactly where their children are at all times.

It’s also helpful for employers wishing to track employees’ working hours. Or even for spouses if someone needs to know if their partner is cheating!

4. eyeZy Reports the WiFi Connections on Your Target’s Phone

eyeZy reports the WiFi connections on your target’s phone. When you choose your tracker, eyeZy will automatically start recording all its data.

You can then use this information to understand where they are going and what they are doing.

However, this is only a small part of what eyeZy does for you. You can also use the app to track any incoming or outgoing calls your target makes.

With this feature, you will know exactly who they are talking to at any given time.

5. Web Magnifier Feature

The Web Magnifier feature is another unique feature of eyeZy that you will know about in this eyeZy review. It allows you to view the web history of the target device.

The Web Magnifier provides a detailed and comprehensive list of websites the target device visits. This helps you analyze how often your child browses certain websites, what content they access on those websites, etc.

You can also use this option to check whether your employees are using company resources for private purposes. You can see all their browsing history through this feature.

And keep an eye on their internet usage, time limit settings, and restrictions set by you at the workplace.

6. Plans Breaker

eyeZy also collects data from the target’s phone calendar, notes, and browser history. This allows you to see what your spouse or employee has been up to in their daily routine or upcoming plans.

It does not matter if they have deleted their browser history on the device. Because eyeZy records everything on the screen at any time.

7. Files Finder

eyeZy can help you access the front-row gallery view of the target’s device. Pictures, videos, contacts, and messages are stored on their phone. You can also easily access recent searches and websites on the target’s device.

This is a convenient feature when learning more about someone or what they are doing online. This is another excellent feature you got familiar with in this eyeZy review.

8. Connection Blocker Feature

You can block the target’s phone from accessing any WiFi network, whether at home or in an office. This is useful to prevent the target from accessing the internet.

It can also be used when your target is at home, and you want to prevent them from accessing the internet. Isn’t the connection blocker eyeZy review feature great?

9. Phone Analyzer

eyeZy’s Phone Analyzer feature can help you monitor incoming and outgoing calls on the target’s phone. It records the calls on the target’s phone.

And gives you a detailed report of all calls made or received by the target. The app will record the following:

  • The audio of each call
  • The call duration in seconds
  • Location of where they were when they made/received the call.

So these were all the features of the eyeZy app. Hopefully, this eyeZy review has been helpful to you so far. Now let’s move on.

Pros of eyeZy

The next things you will learn about in this eyeZy review are the pros and cons of the eyeZy app.

The eyeZy app is the best phone tracker to help you monitor your target’s activities. The following are some of the pros of this app:

  • Its features can help you keep track of your target, including recording calls and all text messages.
  • It is helpful for parents, employers, and spouses who want to know what their kids or employees are doing on their phones.
  • It is effortless to install and use. There’s no need for technical expertise or advanced computer skills. You can monitor the activities remotely using an internet connection (WiFi).

Cons of eyeZy

The biggest drawback of the eyeZy tracking app is that it doesn’t have a free trial.

This means you will have to purchase the app and then try it out before you know whether or not it is worth your money.

Another con is that iCloud syncing can take a long time, especially on older devices.

On Which Devices Can You Use the eyeZy App?

On Which Devices Can You Use the eyeZy App?

eyeZy is a multiplatform tracking app. It works on all Android devices, on all iOS devices, and all Windows devices, and it also works on Mac computers.

Is the eyeZy App Legitimate?

Yes, eyeZy is legitimate. It is not a scam at all. It’s a real app that has been tested and reviewed by many users, and so have we in this article of eyeZy review.

The app is not a virus or malware, so it won’t harm your device or data. You don’t need to worry about downloading the app because you can do so safely from the official website.


In conclusion to this eyeZy review, we would like to say that eyeZy is the best next-gen phone tracking app.

It has all the features you need to track who your target is communicating with, what they are doing on their phone, and where they are at any given time.

The good thing is that you can use this app without any worry about getting caught.

Because it does not require root access or jailbreak, if you want to buy an eyeZy subscription for 12 months costing $9.99 per month, it will be worth it!


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