[FIXED] The Err_File_Not_Found Error on Chrome

“From yesterday, I noticed Err_File_Not_Found when I try to use Chrome browser on my computer. Can someone explain what this error is and how to fix it? Please let me know. Thanks a lot!”

Are you looking for a solid solution to fix Err_File_Not_Found just like the above user? If so, you are on the correct page, and we will walk you through how to overcome it. So, let’s take a look at these solutions.

A General Outline into Err_File_Not_Found Issue

  • Google Chrome has become an exceptionally popular web browser among millions of users today. However, some of its users often encounter an error called Err_File_Not_Found.
  • Generally, the Err_File_Not_Found error can occur due to a couple of reasons. It can come to play when the respective file becomes inaccessible. If the file is moved, deleted, or edited, Chrome becomes unable to access it. As a result, Err_File_Not_Found will appear.
  • Since this error is widespread regardless of the device, we intend to help you fix it. There are many different solutions, and we explain them in the simplest possible manner.
  • If the file cannot be accessed using Google Chrome, you can do it simply by disabling the extensions. There is a workaround to do that; we mention them below for your convenience.

So, keep reading and learn how to do it.

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Top Solutions to Fix Err_File_Not_Found 

If you have ever come across an Err_File_Not_Found issue, you might get frustrated with no doubt.

So, you will look for the quickest possible solution to get things back to normal. Some developers experience similar types of error messages at the time of developing extensions for Chrome.

When that error emerges on your Chrome browser, you will also see a description. That description says that the Chrome browser cannot find a given file or a directory. It says the page cannot be opened since the browser cannot locate the necessary files.

In fact, the error message itself describes what sort of an error it is. Basically, it appears because of a missing, incompatible, or edited file. Generally speaking, this error might appear when their Chrome extensions are installed.

However, the good news is that this error can be easily fixed. All you need is to follow the instructions provided in this article.

Important: Please note that the solutions below become useful if you experience Err_File_Not_Found. So, if the error has emerged due to a moved, edited, or deleted file, the solutions below will work.  

Solution 1: Remove Duplicate Tab Extensions (If Any)

In the event of experiencing the error mentioned earlier, you can check if there are duplicate tab extensions.

If any, you should remove them. Duplicate tab extensions often cause errors due to internal conflicts when accessing files.

So, let’s learn how to fix this error by removing duplicate browser extensions.

  • First, you should go to the tab called Programs & Features. You can do that by pressing the “Windows” and “R” keys together and waking the “Run” command up. Then, enter the text “appwiz.CPL” in the open field.
Remove Duplicate Tab Extensions to Fix Err_File_Not_Found 
  • Then, you should hit enter key on the keyboard. After that, you can select the option “Default” and “Uninstall“.

Duplicate Tab cannot be considered as a default extension that comes with the browser. In a nutshell, Duplicate Tab is a hijacker that comes with freeware you might have installed.

It gets installed within the browser when you install freeware from untrusted sources through the internet.

The purpose of a browser hijacker is to modify the browser’s default settings. As a result, the web searches will be redirected.

Many different users experience Err_File_Not_Found just because of this unwanted, annoying extension. So, all you need is to get rid of this extension to overcome the error.

Removing a browser extension from Chrome is a very simple process. In this case, you can expect the error to go away. You can do that by accessing the settings of the Chrome browser.

Apart from that, it is better to get rid of all the other extensions that are not necessary anymore.

Like the Duplicate Tab extension, you can find other troublesome extensions in Chrome that were installed covertly. Just uninstall them if you don’t want them.  

Solution 2: Disable Chrome Extensions

The next step to fix Err_File_Not_Found is disabling Chrome extensions. Mentioned below are the steps you can follow to disable such extensions.

  • First, please go to the option called Customize on your Chrome browser. This option is located on the top-right-hand side of the screen.
  • Then, click on “More Tools“. Then, you can choose the option called “Extensions“. That will open a different tab.
Disable Chrome Extensions
  • Now, you can delete the option “Default Tab” if it is available in the list.
  • You can then deselect every checkbox in the list, and they will be disabled.
  • After that, you should restart the browser.
  • Once the browser is restarted, the changes should take effect, and the issue should be gone. If it does, you can switch the extensions once again.
  • You can switch on extensions one after the other until you notice the error. That will help you identify the culprit extension. After identifying the troublesome extension, you may delete it from Chrome.

However, if no duplicate tab is found in Programs & Features, it might be due to something else. In this case, you have no option other than disabling or uninstalling all the extensions.

Solution 3: Reset Google Chrome

If tweaks related to extensions did not work, you could consider resetting Google Chrome to fix the Err_File_Not_Found error. Just follow up on simple steps to reset Google Chrome.

  • Press the button called “Customize Google Chrome“, and that will open the menu to proceed.
  • After that, you can choose “Settings” from the list and open the tab underneath.
Google Chrome Settings
  • Scroll further down and select the option called “Advanced“. That will show more options.
  • Scroll down and select the option called “Reset“. After that, you should confirm the action by pressing the button.
Reset Google Chrome

As you can understand, this option will reset all the settings to the default configurations. In most cases, this solution will help you overcome the Err_File_Not_Found issue.

All the extensions and themes will be gone, and temporary data will be cleared. After that, the browser will start fresh with no issues.

Solution 4: Fix Err_File_Not_Found at the Time of Developing the Extension

Some developers say that they experienced Err_File_Not_Found when they were developing extensions for the Chrome browser.

However, this error appears when a popup.html file is not compatible with the manifest (in manifest.json).

Then, you should ensure that the respective popup matches perfectly with the manifest that’s described with its JSON code.

It is always possible to fix this issue simply by editing the popup file. Or, you can even edit the popup manifest, and they will be compatible with each other.

So, those are the solutions to fix the Err_File_Not_Found error. As a safety measure, you can simply perform a virus scan on your PC. A good virus guard can remove unwanted extensions from your browser and assure smooth functionality.



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