Does Zaxby’s Take Apple Pay for Online or In-store Purchases?


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Does Zaxby's Take Apple Pay
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Does Zaxby’s take Apple Pay for in-store purchases?

Or does it accept Apple Pay for online purchases?

If not, will they accept Apple Pay any soon?

Let’s figure out answers to all these questions.


Does Zaxby's Take Apple Pay

Without a doubt, Apple is among one of the most reputed names when it comes to consumer brands. It is recognized globally, and consumers today can enjoy an impressively vibrant ecosystem.

They introduced Apple Pay in 2014 as a highly secured, convenient mode of payment. For iOS users, you can easily use Apple Pay as your preferred mode of payment. As long as you have an iOS device, you become eligible for an Apple Pay account.

You can use Apple Pay to purchase from many outlets; even the globally recognized brands accept Apple Pay today.

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What is Zaxby’s?


Now, let’s learn what Zaxby’s is. If you don’t know what it is, here’s a brief introduction. In simplest terms, a famous chain of fast-casual restaurants based in America. They are famous for unique food items, including chicken wings, sandwiches, chicken fingers, and salads.

In addition to that, there’s a variety of other items that can be found on the menu at Zaxby’s. The company has well over 900 sites and primarily operates within the southern region of the United States.

The majority of Zaxby’s restaurants are independently owned by franchisees, while the Zaxby’s business itself owns 123 outlets.

With that said, if you are an iOS device user, you might be wondering does Zaxby’s take Apple Pay. The exact purpose of this article is to explain what sort of payment methods they accept. So, let’s figure out what is accepted in their stores and what’s not.

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So, Does Zaxby’s Take Apple Pay?

Well, if we get straight to the point and clarify does Zaxby’s take Apple Pay, the answer is “NO“.

In other words, Zaxby’s doesn’t accept Apple Pay in any of their outlets, and that’s bad news for you. Apart from that, they don’t even accept Apple Pay for online shopping as well. So, if you have Apple Pay, don’t expect to use it at Zaxby’s.

Interestingly, Zaxby’s doesn’t necessarily accept any of the digital wallets. So, they don’t take Google Pay or Samsung Pay as a mode of payment. However, they do accept other standard payment methods.

For instance, they accept options like Debit/Credit cards, Visa cards of all kinds, AmEx cards, and even Discover. So, do you expect to visit Zaxby’s to buy some food or other items? If so, the best thing is to get ready with other methods of payment.

Why Zaxby’s Doesn’t Accept Apple Pay As a Mode of Payment?

There are many international and local merchants that accept Apple Pay as a mode of payment. Likewise, there are many others who don’t accept such modes of payment. Zaxby’s falls into the category that doesn’t consider Apple Pay as an official payment method.

Merchants such as Taco Bell and Walmart don’t necessarily take Apple Pay as of this writing. Just like that, Zaxby’s doesn’t take Apple Pay. When it comes to retail business, however, plenty of merchants take Apple Pay from their consumers.

Well, as of today, more than a billion users use iPhones across the globe. So, it’s a good option for any merchant to accept Apple Pay as it increases their customers’ freedom. We hope, therefore, that Zaxby’s will start accepting Apple Pay in the future at some point too.

We are not sure about it, so we cannot predict an exact date for it. So, it is a matter of keeping hopes until they announce their acceptance of Apple Pay.

What Are Other Modes of Payments Accepted by Zaxby’s?

There are many other modes of payments accepted by Zaxby’s though they don’t take Apple Pay. Mentioned below are those modes of payment for your reference.

  • Visa card
  • AmEx
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Cash

So, you don’t have to worry about making payments at Zaxby’s because they accept many other methods. You can call the nearest Zaxby’s outlet and verify the modes of payment they accept.

So, let’s go ahead and learn more about Zaxby’s operations.

Ordering Food Online from Zaxby’s

The good news is that they offer an online platform to purchase their food items. They offer a convenient option to order your favorite food items. Once the order is placed online, you can collect it from their Drive-Thru point.

The order can be placed using Zaxby’s app. Their app is available for both Android and iOS phones. So, you can download their apps through the app store or even the play store. The only bad news for Apple users is that they don’t accept Apple Pay.

Is It Possible to Shop at Zaxby’s Using Your Smartphone?

Here’s more good news; they do accept payments done through your device. For example, if you want to make a payment through the mobile app of Zaxby, you can do it. All you have to do is to download the app and install it on your device. The app is designed to be a user-friendly option.

Once the installation is completed, you can use it to pay quicker and easier. Also, there haven’t been any complaints about the safety of this app as of this writing. Ordering your goods and paying are made absolutely simple through this app.

Does Zaxby Decline Apple Pay Due to Security Reasons?

Not at all; we all know how secure Apple Pay is. Zaxby’s may have unexplained reasons to stay away from Apple Pay though they will accept it in the future. In today’s world, there are lots of different ways to make a payment.

However, Apple Pay is undeniably one of the safest options. The information pertaining to your purchase will never be shared with external parties by the server that Apple uses. In addition, no one will ever have access to the details about your credit card (even the merchant).

Therefore, the likelihood of a third-party to gain gaining information about your finances is quite low. When compared to handling cash or a large number of credit cards, Apple Pay is a significantly safer option. So, bear this in mind if you are searching for a protected way of payment.

Reasons for Merchants to Use Apple Pay and Other Digital Wallets

Any well-known retailer should offer Apple Pay as a form of payment for numerous reasons. While this may seem like an extreme scenario, it’s actually the future of the world. It’s for this reason that their customers, too, have high expectations for retailers to keep up with the times. Integrating cutting-edge payment systems, such as Apple Pay, can improve a retailer’s brand image.

Apple Pay’s convenience is also a factor in merchants’ consideration of it as a payment method. Customers don’t have to wait in long lines while using Apple Pay, for example. Making the payment takes only a few seconds if you have Apple Pay enabled.

Another benefit of using Apple Pay is that it reduces your reliance on paper money. Apple Pay eliminates the need for users to take cash or other traditional payment options. All things considered, it makes sense for a business to accept Apple Pay. However, some merchants like Zaxby’s are still having different thoughts.


So, if you wondered does Zaxby’s take Apple Pay, that’s our detailed article with answers. As you can understand, Zaxby’s doesn’t take Apple Pay. So far, they have not revealed any specific reason for that.

They don’t accept Apple Pay even for online payments. However, they may accept Apple Pay in the future, and we are not sure of an exact date. Should you have any other enquires related to this matter? Please let us know.


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