Does Sonic Take Apple Pay As a Mode of Payment?


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Does Sonic Take Apple Pay
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Does Sonic accept Apple Pay, and will you be able to claim any discounts or rewards?

This specific article will explain all that information, and everything will become crystal clear.

A growing number of people are transitioning to a completely digital environment. Apple Pay and other forms of contactless payment are becoming increasingly important in today’s increasingly digital environment.

As of right now, there are a lot of people who use Apple products. And they are always curious about whether or not stores their preference accept Apple Pay.

Introduction to Sonic

Introduction to Sonic

Sonic is the eleventh-largest group of drive-in restaurants that offer fast food in the United States. They had more than 35,500 franchises in 46 states in 2020. Toaster sandwiches and Extra-long cheese coneys are among the most popular products on the menu.

In addition to that, they have freshly prepared dinners and carhop service. Troy Smith built the Top Hat Drive-In (later known as Sonic) in Oklahoma back in 1953.

For the third time, Smith opened a hamburger and hot dog restaurant in an unused root beer stall. It was known as the Top Hat. A “food stand” in Louisiana back in 1954 had improvised intercom speakers.

As a result, customers could place orders from their cars while on the road. He contacted the inventor of the Top Hat’s intercom. Carhops on roller skates were engaged to carry food directly to diners’ vehicles under a canopy that Smith constructed.

Mints were given to clients as a reminder that was “worth a mint,” a longstanding tradition. During Smith’s time, he had the prototype of Sonic.

Does Sonic Take Apple Pay?

Does Sonic Accept Apple Pay
Does Sonic Take Apple Pay

Sonic will begin accepting Apple Pay on November 2, 2019, according to the company’s official announcement. Customers who use the Apple Pay payment option at Sonic are entitled to discounts and other special launch bonuses.

In fact, those rewards are widely known. With Apple Pay, customers can pay for food and drinks at drive-in restaurants instantly. Because of that, they don’t have to waste their time in lines.

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What Are the Steps to Buying Food from Sonic Using Apple Pay?

Now you know does Sonic take Apple Pay or not. Next, you might be wondering how to use Apple Pay when you shop at Sonic drive-thru.

So, let’s go ahead and read how to use it and experience some attractive rewards.

  • First, you should go to the respective store’s check-out counter. You are supposed to have all the items that should be purchased at this point.
  • Now, you should unlock your iOS device by providing the respective authentication requirement. For instance, you can use Touch ID or Face ID and validate your ownership to proceed with the payment.
  • Now, you are supposed to select the respective card that should be used for the purchase.
  • Since Sonic does accept contactless payment methods, they do have contactless readers in their outlets. So, you should have no problem using your Apple Pay account to make the payment.
Steps to Buying Food from Sonic Using Apple Pay
Buying Food from Sonic Using Apple Pay

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Is It Possible to Get Cashback Offers by Using Apple Pay?

You can get cashback via Apple if you purchase goods using Apple Pay in stores that accept it. This is specifically true regardless of whether the merchants accept the card or not.

Cashback is available for any number of purchases because there aren’t any transactional limits. A 3% cashback benefit is available on every purchase you make. On the Apple website, review the specific terms and conditions that apply to your purchase.

There are usually cash rebates available for customers who purchase items through Apple Pay. On Apple’s official website, you can check if you are eligible for the deal. Cash back rewards are an excellent perk for frequent shoppers who use Apple Pay.

This will lead to significant cost savings in the long run. Perhaps, some individuals are wondering ‘does Sonic accept Apple Pay’ because of these cashback offers.

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Main Benefits You Can Enjoy by Shopping at Sonic Using Apple Pay

We are aware that Apple always wants to make things convenient for its users in all possible ways.

Likewise, even Sonic drive-in is looking to integrate all the latest technologies to bring convenience to their customers’ lives.

That said, mentioned below are the reasons why a customer should consider using Apple Pay.

  • They offer you plenty of discounts and rewards simply after adding a debit card. Once the card is added to your Apple Pay account, those rewards will be available for you.
  • It is a highly secure option that ensures the safety of your transactions. Your card details will be hidden even from the merchant you are dealing with.
  • Apple Pay eliminates the requirement of carrying several different cards with you because it is a digital wallet. So you don’t face the risk of losing any card.
  • The payment process has become exceptionally convenient and speedy thanks to smart and next-level technology.
  • A speedy payment process minimizes the time wasted in lines.
  • They offer one-click technology to increase the overall speed of the payment process.

Other Modes of Payments That Are Accepted by Sonic Drive-in

It is always possible to use both debit and credit cards with Sonic drive-in. They also accept other digital wallets like Google Pay.

Apart from that, they accept traditional options, including gift cards and cash. So, if you visit any local store of Sonic, you can use any of the above payment methods. However, due to various reasons, we urge our readers to contact the nearest outlet before visiting them.

Customers can clarify the methods of payments accepted by the respective outlet. Or, they can always have a backup method of payment. Customers can use it if the preferred mode of payment fails.

Is Apple Pay Secure?

Digital wallets are, of course, cutting-edge. However, does this mean that those wallets are safe? Apple Pay, on the other hand, is safe in every way possible. They employ some of the best encryption methods available to keep your personal information safe.

Apple Pay has the benefit of not disclosing your credit card information to a third party. No one, not even the merchant, will be able to see your card details.

If you use the digital wallet called Apple Pay, you won’t have to worry about misplacing your cards. There is nothing to be concerned about because only the associated cards’ details are used (encrypted) throughout every transaction.

After all, only you have access to all the information in the Apple Pay account. Your iPhone, as well as its security validation, can only be accessed by you. Passwords, facial IDs, or fingerprints might be used to unlock it. Apple Pay, on the other hand, is quite secure.

How to Configure Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch?

You can go through the steps below and follow them to set up your Apple Wallet.

  • First, you should go to Apple Watch app on your iPhone that’s already linked to your Apple Watch.
  • After that, go to “Wallet & Apple Pay.”
  • Then, select “Add Card.” You will see on-screen instructions now. The debit card or credit card can be added now.
How to Configure Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch
  • That’s basically it. You can now use this digital wallet with your Apple Watch at any outlet that accepts Apple Pay.


So, that’s basically it about Apple Pay at Sonic Drive-in. Does Sonic accept Apple Pay? Yes, it does! And there are many different reasons for you to use such an innovative method of payment.

After all, who doesn’t like to save time and money while experiencing a great deal of convenience? Apple Pay delivers all those benefits on top of cashback rewards.

If you need more information about Apple Pay, just leave a comment, and we will get back to you.


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