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Does Publix Accept Apple Pay? Find Out Here and Learn More!


Written by Jack Lin

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Does Publix Take Apple Pay

There are many individuals who wonder, “does Publix take Apple Pay.” That said, if you have the same question, this is the perfect article for you.

Apart from answering the question “does Publix accept Apple Pay” we reveal more information through this article. So, go ahead and read.

Overview of Publix


Vendors can make it absolutely easier for your consumers to make payments by accepting contactless payments.

In fact, these methods are becoming accepted by a growing number of retailers across the globe. However, you want to know if Apple Pay is accepted at Publix.

Continue reading to find out whether or not Publix accepts Apple Pay. Also, find out whether or not you can use it for online or in-store purchases and how it operates. If you’re curious about any of these things, read on!

Besides, if you wonder, ‘does Target take Apple Pay,’ here, let’s see how to use Apple Pay at Target as well as the other Target payment methods you can choose from.

Well, Does Publix Accept Apple Pay?

Does Publix Accept Apple Pay?

So, let’s get to this article’s main point: does Publix take Apple Pay? The shortest answer is “YES.” The truth is that all the Publix outlets give you the option of using Apple Pay to make purchases.

Thanks to the integration of Apple Pay, things have become very simple at Publix. You can easily use it just like you are using a debit card or a credit card.

On top of that, if you pay using Apple Pay, it is better to inform your cashier in advance. Then, you should place the smartphone right next to the NFC reader. That will initiate the process smoothly.

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Can You Pay Using Apple Pay for Instacart?

It is possible to use Apple Pay when you purchase from Publix, regardless of the iOS device used. Please find below the steps depending on the type of device.

● Using iPhone

Do you want to pay using your iPhone? If so, you can start the checkouts and position your phone closer to the NFC reader. If everything goes as planned, the completion of your transaction will take no more than a few seconds.

After completing the transaction successfully, a confirmation message should appear on the device’s screen. At this point, you are through with the process.

Can You Pay Using Apple Pay for Instacart Using iPhone

● Using Apple Watch

Assume that you want to use purchase using Apple Pay through Publix with an Apple Watch. In that case, all you have to do is double-click your Apple Watch’s button. This will cause Apple Pay to utilize the card that is associated with your Apple ID by default.

In addition, you should set the Apple Watch with the display facing down right next to the card reader. Then, wait for a buzz to indicate that the transaction has been successfully completed.

Can You Pay Using Apple Pay for Instacart using Apple Watch

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● Touch ID

Assume that your mobile device is equipped with a Touch ID. In that case, you should use Apple Pay with your default card is touch its screen with your finger.

The next step is to position your phone so that it is facing a card reader. After that, wait for a notification that says “Done” to indicate that the transaction was successful.

You can use Apple Pay using Publix. This will make paying out at Publix significantly quicker than it has ever been before. This is due to the fact that Publix lets you utilize Apple Pay on any device. However, that device should have Apple Pay installed on it.

Moreover, if you see the receipt, you will notice that your card number’s final four digits are different. This is a safety measure of Apple Pay. In fact, this was implemented to secure your card information and is visible on your receipt.

Is It Possible to Get Cashback from Apple Pay?

One of the many reasons why people wonder whether Publix takes Apple Pay is cashback offers. The good news is that you can experience cashback offers by using Apple Pay at Publix. All you need is to have your Apple Pay account linked with a debit card.

In addition to that, it will work just like the way you use a debit card. So, when you implement a payment, it is always possible to choose cash back. All you need is to select the cashback along with the amount required, and that’s it.

There’s a Limit Though

Nevertheless, you should note that there is a limit when it comes to cashback. For instance, you can go for a $100 cash-out limit when you shop through Publix outlets in the US.

On top of that, there are several Publix locations to offer a lower value of cashback. You should also inquire with the cashier before attempting to collect cashback at Publix by using Apple Pay. That is because it’s possible that some of the smaller Publix stores have a lower limit than others.

If you intend to have more than 100 USD, you can either pay for numerous purchases at Publix outlets. If not, you can just reach an ATM. Generally, there will be minimal issues in getting additional money out. Both options are available to you.

Benefits of Apple Pay

Benefits of Apple Pay

Those who wonder does Publix accept Apple Pay should also know what benefits they can enjoy. In fact, when making in-store and online purchases with Apple Pay, users can shop worry-free.

That is specifically because their credit card or debit card details are never shown. When you use Apple Pay, you can pay with a single click at checkout. Then, you can schedule automatic payments to your favorite stores.

With Apple Pay, you can pay for things with your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. As a result, you don’t have to pull out your physical wallet.

It’s easy to use Touch or Face ID and authenticate your identity, and complete payment with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay users also have the convenience of not needing physical receipts to keep track of their spending habits. The Apple Wallet makes it simple to view your complete transaction record.

Can You Pay Using Apple Pay for Online Purchases at Publix?

In fact, Apple Pay is accepted for Instacart purchases made through the Publix online store. In order to facilitate grocery delivery and curbside collection, Publix has teamed up with Instacart.

You can easily use Apple Pay and pay for your online Publix orders with the Instacart app or website. Instacart now supports ordering groceries and subs from Publix for in-store delivery or pickup. 

The delivery charge is 3.99 USD for orders above 10 USD placed with Publix. Costs to deliver an order within an hour and for orders under $35 are greater.

Also, you may place an order for Publix groceries online and have it ready for you at the curb. When you spend over 35 USD, Publix offers free curbside pickup.

When ordering from Publix online, you can only use Apple Pay via the Instacart website or app. This is applicable for deliveries and curbside pickup, as Instacart processes all online orders.

Using Apple Pay for Pickup or Delivery Orders from Publix

You are able to utilize Apple Pay with orders placed through Instacart for curbside pickup or delivery from Publix. When you place an order with Publix via their website, you’ll be taken to Instacart to complete the transaction.

To pay for the orders placed through Publix using Apple Pay, use the option called “Apple Pay.” This is true when you reach the checkout screen on the Instacart website or the Instacart app.

  • You will need the assistance of Apple Pay already on your device with a linked cart. And that card should be linked to the Apple Wallet in order to utilize Apple Pay to accomplish this. Choose Publix as the store when you’re shopping with Instacart on their website or app. After that, put the products you want to buy into your shopping cart and then go to the checkout.
  • When you’re ready to pay, Instacart will request your preferred mode of payment. This will appear once you confirm your pick-up or delivery dates. Apple Pay is a mode of payment accepted by Instacart. Make sure you have a debit card or a credit card linked to your Apple Wallet. In addition to that, your Apple Pay should be enabled if it isn’t already.
  • Your identification will be verified with Face ID or Touch ID. And it will happen only then will the transaction of Apple Pay will be performed.


Apple Pay is accepted at all Publix locations in the US. That’s the shortest answer for those who wonder does Publix take Apple Pay.

Also, it provides a simple and secure contactless payment option for grocery orders placed both in-store and online.

To do that, you should use Instacart. As a result of this, you are able to utilize Apple Pay with Publix using your iOS device. You can authenticate the payment with Touch ID. Also, you can even use an Apple Watch and pay for your purchase!

At Publix, using Apple Pay requires only a few straightforward steps. This is true no matter whether you go for traditional checkout lines or self-checkout kiosks.


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