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Does Lowe’s Take Apple Pay Now? [Updated 2023]


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Does Lowes Take Apple Pay

Does Lowe’s accept Apple Pay?

What are the modes of payments they accept as of now?

And, what is the most convenient mode of payment to use for purchases at Lowe’s?

This article comprises answers to all those questions.

Overview of Lowe’s


Many establishments today are adopting Near-Field Communication (NFC) terminals to facilitate quicker and more secure transactions at the register.

Mobile payment systems that use NFC allow customers to use services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

Unfortunately, not every store is so fast to embrace cutting-edge hardware and software features. So, you may wonder does Lowe’s accepts Apple Pay like many other users in the world. So, it contains everything you are supposed to know.

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Does Lowe’s Accept Apple Pay?

Does Lowes Accept Apple Pay?

Let’s get straight to the point; does Lowe’s take Apple Pay? The simplest answer is that it does not take Apple Pay. So, it can be disappointing news for those who wish to use Apple Pay at Lowe’s.

Lowe’s doesn’t support Apple Pay at present since they don’t have the necessary NFC infrastructure in place. Lowe’s has no plans to implement this technology to accept e-wallets such as Apple Pay at this time.

Apple Pay isn’t accepted; however, they do take other forms of payment.

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What Are the Payment Methods Accepted by Lowe’s?

What Are the Payment Methods Accepted by Lowe's

Lowe’s may not take Apple Pay, but there are other alternative options for payment. Cash and personal checks are still acceptable forms of payment, just like at any other retailer. There are also a variety of debit and credit cards that may be used there.

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express

You could also use gift cards offered by Lowe’s as a form of payment. Gift cards can be used to cover mini-purchases. However, if the total is going to be more than that, you’ll need to bring another form of payment.

As an added convenience, Lowe’s now accepts PayPal for purchases done online. It doesn’t work in the shop because it doesn’t have the necessary technical support.

Last but not least, Lowe’s now offers its own store credit card. This can be used to buy anything sold in the physical or virtual store.

Reasons Why Lowe’s Doesn’t Accept Apple Pay

Lowe’s is still one of the few major retailers that haven’t switched to accepting digital wallets. However, many others already accept such innovative modes of payment.

You might be wondering why they are dragging their feet when it comes to adopting modern technology. Lowe’s may have been waiting to add Apple Pay because of the following issues. 

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01. Transaction Fees

Apple Pay’s transaction fees are likely to blame. Lowe’s must pay a merchant charge to Apple if they want to accept the Apple Pay option. Here, you’ll pay a percentage of the overall purchase price as a transaction fee.

For the trouble of integrating Apple’s service, the company is compensated by a cut of all sales. Merchant fees can be a significant drain on a store’s bottom line. This is true, especially if it accepts more than one type of credit card.

There is no shortage of stores that put the cost onto the customer’s total at checkout. It is true that some businesses are willing to risk losing customers by adopting this practice. However, others would rather absorb the financial burden.

Assume that Lowe’s keeps a close eye on their finances. If so, they likely have a cap on how much they will spend on processing fees. The cost of integrating Apple Pay may be too high. To reduce costs, they have yet to adopt Apple Pay in-store.

02. There’s No NFC Technology at Lowe’s

Similarly, there is no Near Field Communication (NFC) infrastructure in place in any Lowe’s stores either. 

In contrast to other retailers, Lowe’s has yet to implement the technology to accept other payment systems. For instance, you can use Samsung Pay or Google Pay. 

As a result, they can’t currently accept Apple Pay and any other form of digital wallet payment. The purpose of NFC terminals is to read a signal or code sent by a smart device. 

It uses the data to inform the buying decision. It’s a convenient way to pay that eliminates the necessity for handling cash or credit cards throughout the transaction.

It can be costly to set up NFC terminals, though. Since this is a relatively novel form of technology, the price can be too high.

Also, they would have to be implemented in all or the vast majority of their retail outlets. It’s easy for that to rack up a hefty bill. It is true that they experience the absence of any preexisting infrastructure.

So, Lowe’s may find it prohibitively expensive to deploy NFC terminals to accept Apple Pay purchases.

Why Should They Start Using Apple Pay?

Why Should They Start Using Apple Pay?

If you have wondered, “does Lowe’s take Apple Pay” you already know the answer. With that said, mentioned below are some good reasons why they should use Apple Pay.

01. To Bring More Convenience

It is absolutely true that Apple Pay brings more convenience to customers. Well, Apple Pay is considered to be one of the best methods of payment when it comes to convenience.

Once customers get the hang of it, using a digital wallet is easier than using any other payment method. The customer must search their wallet for the appropriate credit card.

The next step is to swipe the card and enter the necessary PIN (personal identification number). Then, they should wait for the transaction to complete. Signing their name in writing may be required.

The procedure entails a number of distinct actions. The same is true for cash transactions.

  • To pay, individuals must first determine the exact amount they wish to spend at the store. Then, they should insert the same into the terminal or hand it to the cashier.
  • The next step is for the machine/cashier to calculate the correct amount of change.
  • Some time is required. The use of digital wallets streamlines and accelerates the shopping experience. Biometric verification of payment is all that is required. As the next step, money is transferred and processed.
  • That sums up the whole operation.

Well, the line at the register will move more quickly because of its quickness. Since no one likes waiting in a big line, this can make customers happier.

It’s possible that Apple Pay would be preferred by Lowe’s customers if it were accepted there. Therefore, it boosts both their satisfaction and their commitment as customers.

02. To Bring More Customers

Did you know that some customers tend to use Apple Pay for every purchase they make?

So, if Lowe’s has Apple Pay, those customers will have no hesitation in shopping with it. That means they don’t lose out on those customers.

There is absolutely no question about the involvement of NFC in the security and convenience of payments. We believe that it will become a norm in the near future.

Lowe’s isn’t setting itself up for the future if they don’t install NFC readers and take digital wallets. This is irrespective of how things turn out.

They (Lowe’s) should remember that businesses that remain inflexible can experience some issues of various scales. So, we strongly believe that they will change their mindset for their own betterment.  

03. It Assures Good Sanitary Habits  

On top of everything, Apple Pay promotes sanitary habits because it is a contactless payment system.

It ensures that you practice social distancing, vital to preventing various diseases, including Covid19.

Is It Possible to Use Apple Pay when Shopping Online at Lowe’s?

Like many other users, you may be wondering if you may use Apple Pay on Lowe’s website.

In other words, you may be wondering does Lowe’s take Apple Pay at least for online purchases. That is irrespective of the fact that the retailer doesn’t support the payment method in its physical locations.

Regrettably, Lowe’s online store does not support Apple Pay either. For the same reasons why Lowe’s doesn’t take it in-store, this is probably the case. The implementation is costly and discourages the use of Lowe’s credit cards.

Does Lowe’s Accept PayPal?

Does Lowe's Accept PayPal?

It is true that you cannot use Apple Pay when you shop at Lowe’s. However, they do accept PayPal for the goods you may purchase online from their stores.

On the other hand, you cannot use PayPal for items purchased through their physical stores.


So, that’s our article about “does Lowe’s take Apple Pay.” As you can understand, Apple Pay is not accepted at Lowe’s. That’s mainly because the retailer’s locations do not have NFC terminals available to customers.

Apple Pay is not accepted at any of their stores, including the online store. There are currently no plans for Lowe’s to begin installing NFC terminals.

So, the customers have to wait for more to pay using contactless payment modes like Apple Pay.

They do provide their own branded credit cards in order to simplify the process of funding initiatives.


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