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Does Hobby Lobby Take Apple Pay? Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Written by Jack Lin

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Does Hobby Lobby Take Apple Pay

With the increasing popularity of Hobby Lobby, people around the world are asking many questions.

One such question is, “Does Hobby Lobby take Apple Pay?” We have explained everything here for you, so make sure to read it till the end.

Apple started developing Apple Pay in 2014. The intention behind this was customer convenience.

Apple Pay speeds up the payment process and is now available in various stores. There are hardly any big franchises that do not accept Apple Pay.

Apple Pay
Apple Pay

Apple is always looking out for customer satisfaction. They create a dynamic ecosystem that is very enjoyable for the customers.

It is one of the widely accepted brands, and many stores accept its payment feature of Apple.

Now, let’s jump right into the article.

Does Hobby Lobby Take Apple Pay?

Does Hobby Lobby Take Apple Pay?
Hobby Lobby

No. It is so rare to find a brand that does not include Apple Pay as a payment method in their stores. Hobby Lobby is one of those rare brands.

Apple Pay isn’t accepted in Hobby Lobby. Not only in-store but even online payments can’t be made using Apple Pay at Hobby Lobby. As we dove deep into this fact, we found a few possible reasons for Hobby Lobby not to accept Apple Pay.

Reasons such as a lack of adaptability or a rumored partnership with PayPal can be behind this. Let’s explore more about possible reasons.

Besides, if you wonder does Kohl’s take Apple Pay, this article will explain all information and make everything clear about payment methods at Kohl’s for you.

Reasons for Hobby Lobby Not Accepting Apple Pay

1. Does Hobby Lobby Take Apple Pay? No. But why not? One of the major reasons can be the locations of its stores.

The locations where hobby Lobby’s cashiers’ work may still be using traditional payment methods. This makes it difficult to use Apple Pay technology.

At the counter of Hobby Lobby, purchased items are not scammed. This makes the digitization of payment more difficult. Thus newer technologies like Apple Pay are hard to implement.

Many a time, they do not scan the prices of the items. In such cases, only traditional payment methods like cash and credit or debit cards work. For the same reason, the option to pay using Apple Pay is not provided.

The unavailability of Apple Pay at Hobby Lobby is considered to be due to a rumor. The rumor is that Hobby Lobby is collaborating with PayPal. Thus not accepting Apple Pay.

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2. Does Hobby Lobby Take Apple Pay? No. But Hobby Lobby takes PayPal payments, thus starting the collaboration rumor.

Yet, this suspicion further breaks apart when you know that Hobby Lobby does not accept EMI on PayPal. On PayPal, payments are generally divided into four installations. But Hobby Lobby does not support PayPal with that feature.

We suspect that the rumored Hobby Lobby and PayPal collaboration is only a rumor. There is no concrete evidence to support it.

Using PayPal as a payment option might feel suspicious, but it can be only because of its popularity of PayPal. It is an older payment method than the latest alternatives. This makes it quite a trustworthy method.

Another reason can be that Hobby Lobby is not updated with the technology. Some brands can be ignorant about technological advancements. Even though it might feel like a downside, the services that they provide might compensate for the lack of technology.

Alternative Payment Methods at Hobby Lobby

Now that you know, the answer to “Does Hobby Lobby take Apple Pay?” is no. You might be curious about what other payment options Hobby Lobby actually accepts.

The following are the payment methods that Hobby Lobby has included in their stores-

  • Cards from companies like Visa and Mastercard
  • Discover cards
  • Amex cards
  • Prepaid Card from Burger King
  • Hobby Lobby gift cards
  • Cash
  • Personal checks

Hobby Lobby also accepts PayPal. But, this feature is only available to customers who purchase from the official site.

How to Use Apple Pay at Hobby Lobby?

The answer to “Does Hobby Lobby take Apple Pay?” is a straight ‘NO.’ Yet, there are a few ways through which you can pay using Apple Pay at Hobby Lobby. The easiest way is to link your Apple Pay with Zip.

This allows you to create a virtual card for only one-time use. Using this card, you can make a purchase at Hobby Lobby using your Apple Pay. By paying via a virtual card, the feature to make payment in four installations is also made available to you.

These four installations are equally divided over six weeks. With this, you can easily buy the items at Hobby Lobby without exhausting your account.

But first, you need to link your Apple Pay to Zip, to change the answer to “Does Hobby Lobby take Apple Pay?” into a “YES.” Although it might seem very difficult to do, linking your Apple Pay account with Zip is very easy.

  1. If you do not have the Zip App, download and install it on your device.
  2. Launch the Zip App.
  3. Go to the “Cards” section.
  4. Select the option saying, “Get a card.”
  5. After that, carefully read the Terms and Conditions.
  6. If everything seems acceptable to you, click on the little check box to accept the T&C.
  7. The final step in this is to add Zip to Apple Pay.

Now that you have set up your Zip, it is important to integrate it with Apple Pay. It is only after this step that you can actually manipulate the answer to “Does Hobby Lobby take Apple Pay?” into a ‘Yes.’

To Connect Your Zip and Apple Pay Accounts, Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. Launch Apple Pay.
  2. In the retailers, search for Hobby Lobby.
  3. Now, add the items that you want to purchase to your cart.
  4. At the time of checkout, select the option saying, “Pay with Zip.”
  5. The final step is to confirm the transaction. This will initiate the payment.

The above steps were applicable to online shopping at Hobby Lobby. However, people shopping in-store for the first time often ask, “Does Hobby Lobby take Apple Pay in their stores?” 

As we mentioned earlier, Hobby Lobby does not accept Apple Pay in-store locations as well. But you can use the same Zip App method to pay in-store using Apple Pay.

The Steps to Pay In-store Using Apple Pay with the Zip App:

  1. Launch Apple Pay
  2. Go to the “In-Store” tab.
  3. Confirm the details of the transaction.
  4. Select the option to “Pay with Zip
  5. Confirm the transaction. It will complete your transaction within minutes.


As we researched about it, we found the answer to “Does Hobby Lobby take Apple Pay?” to be a straight “NO.” But there are other payment methods that can be used at Hobby Lobby.

If you still wish to use Apple Pay, we have provided you with a guide on how you can use Apple Pay to pay at Hobby Lobby.

As technological advancements are made, it is important for a brand to keep up with these updates. Yet, some brands fail to do so. It is observed that Hobby Lobby is often unable to keep up with modern payment methods.

This is despite it being a great brand. The products at Hobby Lobby are loved by everyone. If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from “Does Hobby Lobby take Apple Pay?” there are many other questions that are asked about Hobby Lobby. We have answered the two most commonly asked questions on this topic.

Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

No. The placed orders cannot be changed or canceled on Hobby Lobby. If you need to change the order, you will need to place another order with the updated list.

To know more about this, read our Return Policy on how to return items at Hobby Lobby.

How to Know if My Order Has Been Shipped?

Hobby Lobby sends you an email when your order is shipped. Along with notifying you about the shipment, this email will also contain the tracking number for your order.

Is It Possible to Ship the Same Order to Multiple Addresses?

You cannot add more than one address to a single order. You need to place the same order multiple times in order to ship them to multiple addresses.

Are Order and Pick-up Feature Available at Hobby Lobby?

No, you cannot pick up an order made from the app. The order will be shipped to the assigned address.


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