Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay in 2023?


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Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay
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This increasing popularity of Apple Pay raises the question, “Does Dairy Queen accept Apple Pay?”.

We have answered this question in this article. We have also included several other related topics. Just read this article till the end to find out more.

Dairy Queen & Apple Pay

Dairy Queen

As technology develops, many businesses adopt cashless payment methods. People have been wondering if Daily Queen is also updated with the payment processes.

Of course, debit and credit cards are now widely accepted in the world. Famous brands like Dairy Queen are adopting the method of paying through mobile.

Apple Pay

One such method is Apple Pay. Apple Inc. has been developing this payment option since 2014. As of now, it is the most convenient mobile payment method for IOS users. Apple thrives on creating a dynamic and convenient atmosphere for its users.

In recent years, developing such a feature has been a massive achievement. Apple Pay has been increasing the ease of payment since its development. It is widely accepted by brands.

Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay?

Dairy Queen does accept Apple Pay as a payment method. We even recommend using Apple Pay whenever you can. You will earn benefits such as cashback on Apple Pay per transaction.

Many stores of Dairy Queen have adopted the Apple Pay payment method. They accept Apple Pay in their store locations. However, it is important to check if your nearest location accepts Apple Pay or not.

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Using Apple Pay at Dairy Queen

After you complete your purchase and proceed to pay, you need to launch Apple Pay on your iPhone.

It will ask which card you want to use for this payment. It gives you the option to use debit cards, credit cards, or Apple Pay cards for payment.

  1. After you choose the card from which you want to pay, approach the counter. Hold your iPhone over the contactless reader present at the counter.
  2. Your Apple Pay might ask you for a Fingerprint ID, Face ID, or Password to initiate payment.
  3. A slight vibration or a notifying sound will indicate the completion of payment. A green checkmark will appear on the NFC device.
  4. Also, there are some stores and countries in which you will be asked to enter the pin code to confirm the payment. The reason for that is that some countries have laws regarding cashless payments. Or it might even be due to the NFC device being an older POS machine.
Using Apple Pay on Your iOS Device
Using Apple Pay on Your iOS Device

Using Apple Pay increases customer convenience as payment processes can be complicated sometimes. With Apple Pay, payment can be made with just one click.

As we mentioned in the “Does Dairy Queen take Apple Pay?” section of this article, you need to check if your nearest store accepts Apple Pay or not since there are some Dairy Queen stores that are unable to accept Apple Pay yet.

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Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay on Its Online App?

Just like most franchises, Dairy Queen also has a mobile app. Through this, you can place an order by sitting at your home.

This feature is especially helpful if you do not want to wait for your order to be ready. You can just place the order from your mobile, and by the time you reach the store, your order will be ready for pick up.

Using the Dairy Queen app also gives you a chance to win various rewards. You can easily earn these rewards by placing an order on the Dairy Queen app.

Now you might be wondering, “Does Dairy Queen accept Apple Pay on the mobile app?” Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

So you can just download the app from the App Store. After downloading, you need to set up the app by creating an account on the app.

Then add your payment information as well to fasten up the placing of orders. If you place an order on Dairy Queen using the app, you can get several benefits.

We Have Listed a Few Benefits Below Using Dairy Queen Online App

1. Discounts

If you are using the Dairy Queen App to place an order, you will be getting exclusive discounts. These discounts are only given to app users. You can certainly save a lot of money if you benefit from these discounts.

Not only discounts, but you also get a reward after you sign up on the Dairy Queen app as a thank-you gift.

2. Advanced Order

One of the most obvious benefits of using the Dairy Queen app is that you can place your order in advance. That is, you can stay at home and place your order through the app. Then by the time your order gets ready, you can go to the store location to pick up your order.

This feature is helpful when you are in a rush, and can’t wait in line just to place an order. Speeding up the ordering process, the Dairy Queen app helps you pick up your order without hassle.

This raises the question, “Does Dairy Queen take Apple Pay in-app?” No, you will be needed to pay using either your credit or debit card. Apple Pay does not work on the Dairy Queen mobile app.

Even though it might seem like a downside at first, however, the convenience that the Dairy Queen app provides is more desirable.

3. Accumulated Rewards

Does Dairy Queen accept Apple Pay? Yes! But Dairy Queen also gives you food items at the price of points. Dairy Queen keeps you hooked up with the app by offering accumulative rewards. These rewards are smaller but constant.

If you keep ordering from the Dairy Queen app, you will be receiving accumulative rewards. If piled up to a certain extent, they can get you exciting deals, discounts, or even free items from Dairy Queen.

4. Helps You Locate the Nearest Store

Does Dairy Queen accept Apple Pay in your nearest location? To know that, you must know your nearest DQ store.

You can use the DQ app to find its exact location. This is also important to place the order on the app. The app will need to know your location to place a pickup order.

You can enter the zip code of your area or turn on your location in order to find out the locations of Dairy Queen Stores in your area.

Am I eligible for Cash Back when using Apple Pay at Dairy Queen?

While using Apple Pay Cad, you are sure to get cashback. Even you might have noticed that you get a cashback almost every time you use your Apple Pay Card for payment. The transactions that are accompanied by cashback are unlimited on Apple Pay Card.

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. You will only get cashback up to 3% of the payment amount. You will not get a cashback every time you use Apple Pay. If you want to know more about the terms and conditions for cashback, visit Apple’s official website.

If you shop frequently, then this cashback can really be helpful to you. Even the smaller amounts of cashback can be stacked for a larger amount. These can play the role of savings in the longer run.

What are the advantages of using Apple Pay at Dairy Queen?

In an attempt to simplify payments for users, Apple and Dairy Queen have collaborated.

  • Payment is more convenient with Apple Pay.
  • Debit or Credit cards can be used with no hassle.
  • Checkout time is greatly reduced. Customers can quickly pay at the counter without cash.
  • One-click payment feature on Apple Pay sped up the process.
  • Apple Pay encourages privacy and security.

Various Payment Options at Dairy Queen

All popular credit cards, such as MasterCard, Discover, Visa, American Express, etc., are accepted at Dairy Queen locations.

In addition, you may pay with cash. You can also use vouchers while still using cheques at certain locations.

It is advised to get in touch with the shop beforehand and find out if they take it if you intend to pay with either.

Is Delivery Service Available at Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen does not provide shipping through the application, but they often provide pickup. However, it doesn’t imply you can’t have some Dairy Queen shipped.

The following third-party providers offer Dairy Queen shipment:

  • Uber Eats.

Keep in mind that ordering delivery through a 3rd person will prevent you from earning cash-back points on your transactions.


Be aware that there are Dairy Queen Restaurants all throughout the nation. At some of their locations, they may or may not take Apple Pay.

With the increasing popularity of Apple Pay, you can easily amplify your payment. It is convenient to use Apple Pay. With Apple Pay, you don’t need to carry Credit or Debit Cards or even Cash. Apple Pay works nearly everywhere.

If you are planning on not carrying any other payment options at a store, we recommend you check first. You can call them to ask if they accept Apple Pay or not. Yet, it is preferred to carry another payment option just in case.


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