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Does Burlington Take Apple Pay in All of Their Outlets?


Written by Jack Lin

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Does Burlington Take Apple Pay

Does Burlington accept Apple Pay as a mode of payment?

Will you be eligible for any rewards if you use Apple Pay?

Let’s find out those answers and more about it.

Burlington Has Almost Everything


Like any other shopper, you may like to buy your goods at an affordable price without costing a fortune. Burlington, in this case, is a preferred option as it has plenty of goods for off-price rates.

If you are from the United States, you may already know that Burlington sells many useful goods. They sell clothes for everyone, furniture, pet supplies, home décor, gift items, and so on.

With that said, knowing the methods of payment they accept is imperative to any shopper. If you know the types of payments they accept, you can prepare yourself in advance.

Does Burlington accept credit cards? Does Burlington accept Apple Pay? Does it accept cash? Does it accept cheques? Let’s find out the answers.

Besides, if you wonder, does CVS take Apple Pay and how to use Apple Pay at CVS, what are the benefits? Then this guide will show you everything about them.

Different Payment Methods Are Accepted in Burlington

Burlington stores have made it possible for its customers to make payments and spend money conveniently. So, customers can pay in any manner that they see fit, experiencing complete financial freedom.

Users of Apple devices should make it a priority to utilize Apple Pay as their preferred mode of payment. They can do it while they are shopping online or in stores. In fact, Apple Pay is among the most user-friendly, expedient, and safe payment options available.

We’ll explain whether or not you are able to use Apple Pay when you buy goods from the Burlington store. Also, we will explain how you are able to use a service like Apple Pay at a Burlington store. 

In addition, does Food Lion accept Apple Pay in any of their stores? Here, let’s figure it out and learn how to use Apple Pay at Food Lion with ease.

Does Burlington Take Apple Pay?

Does Burlington Accept Apple Pay
Does Burlington Take Apple Pay?

Without further ado, let’s focus on the main point; does Burlington take Apple Pay? The good news is that it DOES! If you’re an Apple Pay user, you can easily purchase goods at Burlington through your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Therefore, you are able to utilize Apple Pay with any Burlington location across the United States. It is true that there are rumors that Burlington established a contract through PayPal.

However, the primary basis for such misunderstanding is that Burlington started supporting Apple Pay to be a payment method. Since then, many individuals have started thinking that Burlington is accepting PayPal too.

As we mentioned before, Apple Pay is a payment option that is accepted by Burlington. In fact, they started accepting Apple Pay a long time ago.

So, are you an Apple user as of this moment? If yes, you can use Apple Pay and complete your transaction at almost any Burlington store.

Can You Shop In-store at Burlington Using Apple Pay?

Are you going to purchase at any Burlington retailer and have to pay to complete your checkout process? Well, if that’s the case, it is possible to use Apple Pay to finish the process.

Apple Pay is accepted at all Burlington stores. When you shop at Burlington via Apple Pay, you can take advantage of some amazing offers. You can enjoy them on a variety of products, including apparel, accessories, and more.

In addition, Apple Pay enables customers to significantly improve the security of their payment information. They offer that while also facilitating the completion of their payment operations in a more expedient and hassle-free manner.

Also, if you wonder, does Harris Teeter accept Apple Pay when purchasing grocery items? What are the other payment methods we can use? Let’s figure them out here.

Checking the Acceptance of Apple Pay is Easy

Now let’s learn how to find out does Burlington take Apple Pay. There’s a convenient way to obtain information about a store and determine whether or not it takes Apple Pay.

This is necessary because it is not always evident whether or not a particular store will accept Apple Pay. Entering the store and checking whether it features Apple Pay’s logo is all that is required.

If you see the Apple logo, it indicates that Apple Pay can be used to make purchases there.

Double-checking is Always a Good Idea

Additionally, it is quite likely that the situation can change. One location of that respective chain will take Apple Pay, while another location of the same chain may not. This may also be the source of the misunderstandings that’s been disseminated regarding Burlington not taking Apple Pay. You may even check with the stores that don’t display it as a payment option on their map page.

The chances are that their Apple Pay logo may be switched off even if they accept Apple Pay. The store could have the Apple Pay switched off due to some reason or another. Even shops that just don’t list this as a means of payment on the “maps” may still accept it.

So, that’s one important thing you should do if you wonder does Burlington accept Apple Pay.

Using Apple Pay for Shopping at Burlington

You also need to have already set up an Apple wallet as the first step. Then, you are supposed to add your preferred means of payment to a wallet before you can start paying.

This process is applicable to any shop you intend to visit. Apple Pay at any store, including Burlington. Creating an Apple Wallet can be done in the following steps.

Steps to Follow

Mentioned below are the simplified steps to follow if you want to configure Apple Pay.  

  • First, you should go to the device’s settings and select “Wallet & Apple Pay“. After that, you can see its app window.
  • Next, you should select “add Card” and then go to “Continue“. You can then decide on a payment method that should be added to the payments. After that, you should add your card information. After that, you can simply add your credit card to the same. You can either do it through the manual method or just scan the card through the device’s camera.
Set Up Apple Pay on Your iOS Device
Set Up Apple Pay on Your iOS Device
  • Now that you have done the basics, you can agree to the conditions and compare their verification process.
  • Now that the verification is completed, Apple Pay can be used to make payments. You can use it with Burlington or any other merchant that accepts Apple Pay.

Setting Up Apple Wallet on Apple Watch

Mentioned below are the steps you should follow to configure “Apple Wallet” on your device.

  • Open the app called “Apple Watch” on the iOS device that is linked to your Apple Watch.
  • Now, you should go to the option called “Wallet and Apple Pay” to proceed.
  • After that, you should go to the option called “Add Card“. You should then follow the instructions and add the respective card (debit or credit card).  
  • You can then hit the option called “Add Card” so you can find their onscreen instructions. That will add your card.
How to Configure Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch
Setting Up Apple Wallet on Apple Watch

Using Apple Pay on Your iOS Device (iPad or iPhone)

Here are the instructions to follow if you want to use Apple Pay using an iOS device at Burlington.

  • First, open your iPhone and then launch Apple Wallet.
  • Choose a card as you wish to proceed. You can choose a different card or even the default card itself.
  • Now, you should authenticate the device simply by using the Face ID. Otherwise, you can even use the passcode of the device. Those who have Touch ID can use it.
  • Place your iOS device near its contactless reader or even on top of it if you choose. Once the checkmark symbol and “Done” messages appear, you can safely remove your device.
Using Apple Pay on Your iOS Device
Using Apple Pay on Your iOS Device

It is possible to make a payment using the contactless feature of Apple Pay at any Burlington shop.

Shopping at a Physical Store Using Apple Pay

Now that you know does Burlington accept Apple Pay or not, let’s learn how to purchase using it. Mentioned below are those steps for your reference.

  • First, you should tap on the side button of the device. That will initiate your payment.
  • After that, you can go to the Apple Watch and select the card.
  • Now, you should take the Apple Watch closer to the outlet’s contactless reader. You can even place it on top of it. Then, in a moment, you will notice a small vibration along with a small chime. That’s an indication of the completed transaction.
  • And that’s exactly how to complete the transaction at Burlington using Apple Watch.

What Are the Other Modes of Payment You Can Use at Burlington?

Assume that you don’t have an iPhone or aren’t ready to start using Apple Pay. In that case, stores of Burlington have a variety of additional payment options available. You don’t need Apple Pay and pay at the counter using a debit or credit card.

In addition to that, they accept Check payments as well. Burlington also accepts PayPal for those who choose to finish their transaction with a digital wallet of their choosing. AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, and even Euro are also accepted.

So, that’s our article in response to the question, “does Burlington take Apple Pay“. Do you have any other doubts? Please let us know.


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