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Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay
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Barnes And Noble is a famous bookstore chain with more than 700 locations throughout the United States.

If you’re an Apple user and love shopping from Barnes And Noble, then you might be wondering, “Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay?” right? Don’t worry; you will find that answer in this article. So, continue reading.

Apple Pay is a payment platform that allows you to make purchases with your iPhone or Apple Watch. You can do that at over 2 million locations in the United States. If your bank supports it, you’ll be able to use Apple Pay anywhere that offers NFC payments. Some retailers even have special deals for shoppers who pay with Apple Pay.

Now without further ado, let’s find out the answer to your query, “Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay?”. Let’s see if you can pay with Apple Pay to buy books from your favorite bookstore or not.

Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay?

Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay

Now, Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay? Yes. Barnes And Noble do accept Apple Pay. Barnes And Noble has added Apple Pay to its checkout systems.

Barnes And Noble has been one of the major retailers to roll out support for Apple Pay’s platform. The new payment option is available in all physical locations and online through the Nook app.

Customers can pay with an iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 or later or an Apple Watch Series 3. And they can also, of course, pay with newer models running watchOS 5.3 or above.

Barnes & Noble began testing NFC readers in select stores earlier this year. They were also working on their own proprietary mobile payments solution. It is called Nook Pay.

Thus, you can buy your books, coffee, and other merchandise from Barnes And Noble and pay for them via Apple Pay.

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How to Use Apple Pay at Barnes and Noble?

How to Use Apple Pay at Barnes and Noble

Apple Pay is a payment system that allows you to make purchases using your phone. It’s easy to set up and more secure than using cash or credit cards.

You already know the answer to “Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay.” So, it’s time to find out how you can pay using Apple Pay at Barnes And Noble.

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1. Open the Wallet App.

To begin paying with Apple Pay at Barnes And Noble, you must open the Wallet app first.

2. Select the Card You Wish to Use.

After you turn on Apple Pay and set up your passcode, you will be prompted to select the card you wish to use. If you do not have a payment card on file with iTunes, then add it by tapping “Add Credit or Debit Card.” And then enter your information.

Add Credit or Debit Card

You can always add more cards later if need be. However, in this step, we will only be setting up an initial default card so we can start using Apple Pay!

To choose a default card or change it at any time, tap “Default” and select one of the cards listed. The icon next to each one shows which type of payment method.

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3. Scan Your Fingerprint or Facial Recognition.

In the third step, you will need to validate your identity. You can verify your payment using Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode verification.

If you’re using an iPhone X or later with iOS 12+: From your device’s home screen, swipe up from the bottom edge. You have to follow this to open the Control Center and tap the Apple Pay button.

You might need to click on Settings > Face ID & Passcode, then Set Up Face ID for Apple Pay. When you use this method for verifying payment at an NFC terminal, only enter your passcode after unlocking security.

Scan Your Fingerprint or Facial Recognition

If you’re using an older model of iPhone running iOS 11 or earlier, follow this step. Open Settings,> Wallet & Apple Pay > [Your name] Credit/Debit Card. And then select “Pay with iPhone.”

4. Hold the Top of Your Phone Near the Contactless Reader.

Hold the top of your phone near the contactless reader until you see Done and a checkmark on display. You will hear a beep. Following the beep, you will see a checkmark indicating that you have paid for your purchase.

Hold the Top of Your Phone Near the Contactless Reader

Can I get Cashback While Using Apple Pay at Barnes and Noble?

You will be qualified for Apple cashback if you use the Apple Pay Card and the merchants accept it. You can receive the cashback as often as possible. And there are no transactional restrictions.

You can receive a cashback of up to 3% on each transaction. So, yes, customers of the Apple Pay Card often receive rewards for any purchases made with the card.

But it is advised that you visit the Apple website to review the precise terms and conditions. On the official Apple website, you can determine your eligibility. Also, if you use the Apple Pay card frequently, you will have access to greater cashback and rewards.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Barnes and Noble

Apple Pay is a fast, secure, and private way to pay. Apple Pay can be used at thousands of retailers, restaurants, and apps in the United States. This includes significant grocery chains like Walmart and bookstores like Barnes And Noble. 

You are already acquainted with the answer, “Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay“. So, it will now be better if you know why you should use it at Barnes And Noble and what benefits it offers.

● Speed

Apple Pay transactions are much faster than other payment methods. With Apple Pay, you can use your phone without the need to take out your wallet or open an app.

All you have to do is enter a PIN, sign a receipt and wait for your card to be returned. You also don’t have to wait for the transaction to complete.

● Security

As a reader, you don’t want to worry about identity theft or fraud when making purchases online. Apple Pay protects your information and provides a safe way to pay at Barnes And Noble. This, in turn, lets you focus on finding the perfect book.

● Convenience

In today’s world, we need to be able to access our money and credit cards with ease. Apple Pay allows you to do just that. You don’t have to carry cash, a credit card, or even your phone! You can do it all right on the store’s app! That’s right…no wallet required!

You will never have to wait in line at Barnes & Noble again. This is because now you’ll be able to get through any line instantly. And you won’t require anything but your phone and finger ready to pay.

● Track Where You Spent Your Money Easier

You can also see where you’ve spent your money. That’s right, with Apple Pay, all of your purchases are in one place. You can see how much you spend at Barnes And Noble every year and what types of things you’re buying there. 

This way, suppose there’s a book or movie that’s been on your list for a while but wasn’t in stock when you went to the store. In that case, it’ll be easier for them to order it for you so that the next time they have it available again.

So, Apple Pay is a secure and convenient way to pay for purchases at Barnes And Noble. With Apple Pay, you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to make purchases at any register that accepts contactless payments.

Other Payment Options at Barnes and Noble

You can use MasterCard, Amex Cards, Discover, Visa, Diners Club, JCB, and PayPal. You can also use corporate purchasing cards, Barnes & Noble Gift Cards, and eGift Cards. You can use all these options to make general purchases through the Barnes And Noble shop.

You can use gift cards from Visa, American Express, and MasterCard to buy a Barnes And Noble e-gift/gift card.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Barnes and Noble accept contactless payment methods other than Apple Pay? Yes, Barnes and Noble accept other contactless payment methods including Google Pay.
  2. Can I use Apple Pay to buy e-books on Barnes and Noble’s website? As of now, Barnes and Noble’s website does not support Apple Pay for online purchases.
  3. Is Apple Pay safe to use at Barnes and Noble? Yes, Apple Pay is considered a secure payment method.
  4. What other retailers accept Apple Pay? Many retailers, including grocery stores, clothing shops, and restaurants, accept Apple Pay.
  5. How can I set up Apple Pay on my device? You can set up Apple Pay through the Wallet app on your Apple device.

Final Words

We hope you have got to learn what you came looking for in this article focusing on “Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay?”.

To conclude, Apple Pay is the way to go if you want an easy way to shop online at Barnes And Noble. It’s secure, convenient, and so simple that even kids can use it! Apple Pay uses Touch ID or Face ID to verify your identity before completing a transaction.

And for this, you don’t even have to enter a password. Plus, if someone steals your phone, they won’t be able to access any of your personal information. This will happen because Apple Pay is protected by robust encryption technology.


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