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Does Albertsons Take Apple Pay
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You might want to know whether Albertsons takes Apple Pay if you are an iOS device user.

In this article, we intend to answer your question. Also, this article covers other important information related to this matter.



There are many vendors in many nations that accept Apple Pay. In fact, Apple Pay has become exceptionally popular across the globe. As of today, it has become a norm when it comes to contactless payments.

So, pretty much all Apple users expect their favorite merchants to accept Apple Pay. This is the case with Albertsons as well. That said, let’s find out does Albertsons accept Apple Pay.

Does Albertsons Take Apple Pay?

Does Albertsons Take Apple Pay

Apple Pay is accepted at a large number of stores that make up the Albertsons chain in the US.

In addition to that, Apple Pay is accepted at each of the stores that are affiliated with Albertsons. Safeway is a great example that started its operations in 2022. This method of payment is not only quick and risk-free but also quite handy. 

Customers of Albertsons can use this feature if they have an iPhone 6, iPhone SE, or a later model. In addition to that, it works well on an Apple Watch.

Continue reading for fascinating information regarding how Apple Pay is implemented at Albertsons. Also, we will explain how this feature is used.

Also, if you wonder, does Publix take Apple Pay or not, here is everything you should know about it as well as how to use Apple Pay at Publix easily.

Can You Use Apple Pay to Pay at Self-Checkout?

Now that you know the answer to does Albertsons take Apple Pay, let’s proceed. It is true that Albertsons don’t want to use self-checkout lanes. They waited a long time until they implemented those checkout lanes.

Ultimately, they decided to add those self-checkout lanes saying that they wanted to make it more personal for customers. They added that option several years ago.

With that said, Apple Pay has become exceptionally popular across the globe. So, Albertsons has no option other than accepting Apple Pay. They also wanted to have this payment mode in their sister store. Mentioned below are some of the sister stores of Albertsons.

Please note that the above list can get updated at any time. That means, in the near future, you might see new outlets on this list.

On top of that, all these stores use self-checkout, where you can see Apple Pay in all those locations.

Besides, if you wonder, does Costco accept Apple Pay? If yes, what sort of benefits can you claim by using Apple Pay at Costco? Let’s find out everything related to it.

Paying with Apple Pay for In-Store Purchases

Using an iPhone model that’s more recent than the iPhone 6 is a prerequisite. That is required to make payments with Apple Pay. An Apple watch can also be used instead, with the same results.

  • Before using Apple Pay, just check to see if it displays the Apple Pay logo. If it does, you may be certain that the store acknowledges and accepts Apple Pay. Apple Pay must be selected as the default payment method on iPhones. Once you have done that, choose between using your facial recognition or touch ID for authentication.
  • After that, bring your phone within a few inches of the contactless scanner at the store. Then, you should hold it there until you see the word “Done,” followed by a checkmark.
Paying with Apple Pay for In-Store Purchases
  • In order to use an Apple Watch, one is required to double-click the side button first. Once you have done that, scroll to choose the necessary card. As the final step, bring the watch as close as possible to its contactless scanner. You will hear a gentle beep once the transaction is done.
Paying with Apple Watch for In-Store Purchases

Can You Use Apple Pay to Purchase Goods from Instacart?

Over the past couple of years, the way people shop has changed a lot. Now, many individuals prefer getting their goods and essentials delivered to their doorsteps rather than visiting shops physically.

In recent years, the option of grocery delivery has changed the shopping experience for good. Instacart is one of these delivery services, and perhaps it is the most well-known.

Well, Apple Pay is now accepted for Instacart purchases made by consumers at Albertsons. In fact, this is a very impressive development. In this case, you should go to the official website of Instacart or use the Instacart mobile app.

Only then will you be able to place an order with Albertsons using Instacart. Assume that you have placed an order through an Albertson outlet. In this case, you should use the option that asks you to pay using Apple Pay.

Benefits of Apple Pay

Benefits of Apple Pay

Here are some of the major benefits you might be able to experience with Apple Pay. Probably, these are the reasons why individuals across the globe prefer Apple Pay over conventional payment methods.

● Security

Apple Pay is a highly secure mode of payment. They offer excellent security for your transaction data as well as your personal information. The information is never shared with third parties; even the merchants will have no access to your information.

● Speed

Apple Pay is known for its speed as well. Apple Pay helps you speed up the transaction because it is a contactless payment method. That will save the valuable time you would have otherwise spent in long queues.

● Sanitary Reasons

Apple Pay is a mode of contactless payment. Therefore, you can practice social distancing, specifically during pandemics. You will not have to touch any of the devices if you choose Apple Pay.

● It Saves Money

Did you know that purchases done through Apple Pay also make you eligible for cashback offers?

So, if you are a regular Apple Pay user, you have a good chance of saving some money. The more you use Apple Pay, the more you save.  

What Are the Other Modes of Payments Accepted by Albertsons?

You must remember that some establishments may decide not to accept all these payment means.

Also, on any given day, some stores may experience technical difficulties that prevent them from accepting such payment methods.

Having said that, the following is a list of many different forms of payments that are accepted at Albertsons:

  • Pretty much all the credit cards, including (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).
  • Debit cards
  • Personal checks or cash
  • Store Gift Cards
  • EBT
  • Apple Pay
  • Albertsons Pay
  • Google Pay

Customers who download the store’s app, which is called the “U” app, get access to the contactless payment option. This specific option is called “Albertsons Pay.”

The consumers who choose to pay in this manner are eligible for discounts as well as royalty points.

So, it is likely that Albertsons’ clients use this method of payment more than any other contactless payment option.

Can You Pay Using Apple Pay at the Gas Pumps of Albertsons?

Customers who fill up their tanks at Albertsons can pay with Apple Pay if they use the “One-Touch” app. This app allows them to select from a variety of payment methods.

Despite this, a number of reviews point out that their fuel app is not always functioning appropriately. Therefore, be aware that there may be bugs and prepare alternative payment options as a backup. 


Let’s wind things up now. Does Albertsons take Apple Pay? Yes, it does! Well, Albertsons is a popular chain that is common in several western and southern states.

In fact, it is responsible for the implementation of many contactless payment alternatives that are available to customers today.

Having said that, Google Pay and the contactless payment option found in the Albertsons store app are all available. In addition to that, Instacart is another option for Albertsons customers who prefer Apple Pay.

That means if you purchase goods from Albertsons, you have the option of paying with Apple Pay. It is smart for businesses like Albertsons to accept Apple Pay as a payment option.


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