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Top 6 Affordable Competitors to DocuSign for Electronic Signatures


Written by Janice

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DocuSign Competitors

This article reveals six excellent DocuSign competitors any user can rely on in this article. As you may already know, DocuSign is special software that can be used to put electronic signatures on documents.

But many individuals are looking for DocuSign competitors, particularly due to cost. That means, in general, DocuSign is inclined toward the expensive side, and many users need something affordable.

If you are among those looking for DocuSign competitors, please read this article. This article comprises six excellent alternatives to DocuSign.

Part 1. Best Six DocuSign Competitors

1. SignX

SignX can surely be placed as one of the best DocuSign competitors due to obvious reasons. This online electronic signature is offered by Wondershare (a reputed software solutions provider that offers a variety of software).

Thanks to the excellent user-friendliness of this software, you don’t have to follow any tutorials or instructions. All the instructions will be offered onscreen when you log in to this service. The interface is designed to be simplified.

Wondershare SignX has various editing options, superb security, and tracking features. Although it offers a wide array of options, Wondershare SignX comes with excellent affordability.

As we thoroughly believe Wondershare SignX deserves first place on DocuSign’s competitor list. Also, this software is recognized as a preferred mode of placing electronic signatures by hundreds and thousands of users.

On top of all that, you can try this electronic signature app for free.

Know more about other DocuSign alternatives.


Pros of Wondershare SignX

  • It can perform an Audit on trails and allow you to track the originality of documents and signers.
  • Be able to remove signatures from pdf.
  • SSL Encryption offers strong password protection for the document.
  • It is extremely easy to use, thanks to the step-by-step onscreen instructions.
  • The free trial makes a good value addition to this service.
  • This highly affordable solution is ideal for businesses.
  • It can notify the original user whenever the document is opened somewhere.
  • It comes with tamper-proof technology.

Cons of Wondershare SignX

  • It is not an entirely free software

2. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign was earlier known as Adobe EchoSign. This is another strong competitor for DocuSign.

You can use this software to insert your electronic signature into documents that are important to you. This specific software works perfectly on all devices, which is a huge advantage.

That means you can easily use it on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Adobe Sign offers signing, sending, and tracking documents like the previous software.

Many organizations and professionals use this highly versatile tool to prove the originality of important documents.

DocuSign Competitors - Adobe Sign

Pros of Adobe Sign

  • It works perfectly well with apps like Box and Salesforce
  • It is compatible with any device that has an internet connection
  • Adobe Sign allows you to manage all the documents conveniently

Cons of Adobe Sign

  • It is an expensive alternative
  • Upgrades aren’t for free

3. Nitro Cloud

Nitro Cloud is the third item on our list of DocuSign competitors. This respective software comes with a simple interface that lets you put electronic signatures on important documents easily.

In fact, Nitro Cloud is considered to be one of the most convenient ways to put electronic signatures. The developers of this software assure the security of your important documents signed using Nitro Cloud.

DocuSign Competitors - Nitro Cloud

Pros of Nitro Cloud

  • It works on nearly any computing device that has an active internet connection
  • You can integrate this software with cloud storage as well
  • You can use it to create PDF files of your valuable documents

Cons of Nitro Cloud

  • It has a relatively expensive price tag as opposed to Wondershare SignX software
  • When loading heavy PDF files, it tends to show lagging performance
  • It doesn’t work on Android smartphones

4. HelloSign

The fourth item on our list is another impressive tool with attractive features. HelloSign allows you to decide the locations where users must sign. You can also determine the order of the signatures the users should sign.

Many individuals consider HelloSign as one of the best apps that integrate perfectly with the internet. Surprisingly, this specific software is less popular than the other options mentioned in this article.


Pros of HelloSign

  • Let you create and save documents as templates for you to use later
  • It has the option of integrating API
  • It notifies you about the status of the document constantly

Cons of HelloSign

  • Its free trial is restricted to 3 documents only
  • This is another expensive alternative compared to SignX

5. Authentisign

You can consider this tool as another superb alternative to DocuSign. This specific tool can be used to upload documents and sign them electronically before sending them to another party. It lets all the relevant parties put their electronic signature on the documents.

The security of their service is impressive, and they guarantee a high level of data security for your documents.

As we have noticed, Authentisign is widely used by professionals like brokers and realtors. That is because it comes with preset forms and contracts related to the real estate industry.


Pros of Authentisign

  • It is very easy to insert your electronic signature with Authentisign
  • It lets you edit templates or create your own templates depending on your requirement
  • You don’t need to download any software as it is a browser-based solution

Cons of Authentisign

  • This tool is a bit more expensive option as opposed to Wondershare SignX
  • Changes in font affect the entire document
  • It can be pretty difficult to insert large text

Know more about Authentisign login & a detailed tutorial.

6. eSignLive

eSignLive is the 6th item on our list. Although it is the 6th item, the performance of eSignLive is very decent.

It is highly user-friendly and allows you to personalize the available document templates for your convenience. This software can be used reliably to send and receive valuable documents.


Pros of eSignLive

  • This software is compatible with cloud storage
  • It is a highly versatile tool with a multi-tenancy feature
  • Decent overall functionality
  • Excellent customer support

Cons of eSignLive

  • It requires some improvements in terms of flexibility
  • Relatively expensive solution

Part 2. How to use the Best DocuSign Competitor – SignX

In this article section, let’s see how to use one of the best DocuSign alternatives. In this case, we are going to use Wondershare SignX. As we believe, SignX is the best competitor for DocuSign.

Although the process is pretty simple, we intend to explain it step-by-step for novice users.

As the initial step, you should sign in for a Wondershare SignX account. Provide your information as required by the software interface. Then, you will see a page that displays the home screen.

Get SignX

You can see a dashboard that comes with various options. This dashboard displays all the activities associated with your account. At the bottom of this dashboard, you will find an option called “Send New Document.”

You should click on this option to see a pop-up message displaying “Click to upload.” Now, click on the button with the “+” sign to start browsing for the file.

Wondershare SignX

After the upload, you can add an “Access Code.” However, this is an optional step. You can click “Next” if you don’t need it.

Then, you should add the email addresses of all the relevant parties. Once the first email is entered, you can click on the “+” button to add another email address.

add signature

After clicking on “Next,” you will be able to add a message which your recipients will see. Such an approach will make your purpose a clearer one. Then, you should click on the “Next” button once again.

You will now be directed to the final stage of the process. At this stage, you can define which location of the document the respective parties should sign. You can add your own signature by dragging and dropping it into the position you need.

Once the signature is placed, click on “Send for Signature.” The respective parties will then receive the document. They will then put the signature and resend the documents. The entire process will be a walk in the park, as you may see.

set fields


  1. Q: How do DocuSign competitors ensure the security of digital signatures? A: Competitors employ various security measures such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and audit trails to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of digital signatures.
  2. Q: Can I integrate DocuSign competitors with my existing business software? A: Most competitors offer integration options with popular business software like CRM platforms, project management tools, and cloud storage services. Check the documentation or contact the competitor’s support team for specific details.
  3. Q: Are DocuSign competitors suitable for small businesses? A: Yes, many competitors offer plans and pricing structures suitable for small businesses, allowing them to benefit from digital signature solutions tailored to their needs.
  4. Q: Can competitors provide industry-specific solutions? A: Some competitors specialize in serving specific industries like real estate, healthcare, or legal services. These solutions often include features and compliance measures specific to those industries.
  5. Q: Is it possible to switch from DocuSign to a competitor seamlessly? A: While the process may vary, many competitors offer migration tools or support to assist businesses in transitioning their documents and workflows from DocuSign to their platform.

Final Words

That is our list of best DocuSign competitors and step-by-step guidance on using the best alternative. I hope you find our article to be useful.


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