Best Couple Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Everyone gets worried about the well-being of their loved ones.

When couples go on vacations to dangerous places, it is understood that people would start to worry, especially if they lose touch with them.

When a couple is on holiday in an unknown place, people wait anxiously, thinking there really isn’t anything they can do apart from waiting.

But there is! You could use a professional couple tracker app.

Using a Couple Tracker app doesn’t only let us know the whereabouts of the couple but it also allows us to make sure that they are safe and sound.

The best part about the tracking apps for couples is that it is available on both platforms, android as well as on iOS.

Top 5 Tracking Apps for Couples

1. KidsGuard – World’s #1 Couple Tracker App

KidsGuard is compatible with most devices that are based on Android or even iOS.

The Ultimate edition that you could purchase costs the user around $39.99 monthly.

This edition offers different features, such as a Snapchat hack with no human verification, browser history, GPS location, text message call logs, photos, videos, and even social media applications.

KidsGuard couple tracker app

There is a Premium version which is the best keylogger for Android devices & iOS devices, which is also available that offers GPS, text messages, call logs, photos, and videos and comes at around $29.99 for a single month’s subscription.

User Guide on Android device:

1. You must first set up and log in by entering your information and the other required details into the Setup Wizard.

2. Choose the device that you have, whether Android or iOS.

3. You can install the application on the device that you are using. The link is given in the Setup Wizard.

4. Once the app has been installed on your device, you can open it and sign in to your account on KidsGuard. Press on Start.

Allow and accept all the permissions that they require. Once the app has been activated, the icon will not be visible in plain sight and will function in stealth mode from then onwards.

User Guide on iPhones:

1. Choose iOS as the desired target phone.

2. Put in your iCloud ID and password that you used on the target phone and press enter to verify. Also, cross-check that the syncing service is turned on on the device.

After completing the steps, you can view the Control Panel. You can find the link to download the Control Panel on your device through the dashboard.

2. Mobistealth

This is another Couple Tracker app that is available for both iOS as well as Android. It also provides live GPS tracking.

One of the unique features of this app is that it provides the feature of Spy call, which means that you can listen in to the conversation happening around the phone that you are targeting.

This phone monitor provides basic and advanced level features like knowing the location even when the GPS is disabled or turned off.



  • Being able to keep track of all the chat messengers.
  • Screenshots as well as keystrokes logging.
  • All the records of the calls and uploads were made to other devices.

MobiStealth offers Pro and Pro-X plans for their Android devices for $16.66 and $26.66, respectively, for each month of use.

Premium and Premium Plus packages for iPhone users start at $33.33 and $40 per month.

1. Choose the option to sign up, then select the target phone’s plan and OS.

2. The link for download and the instructions will be sent through an email to you after you purchase a plan.

3. Install the app on the Smartphone using the link.

4. Now, you must sign in to your account and start tracking the activities.

3. mSpy

This is another couple tracker app that is quite popular and available on all versions of iOS (without jailbreak) and Android.

This Phone Tracker app has many distinctive features.

mSpy couple tracker app
  • You will be able to control the details of the apps that you have installed, along with the ability to block them.
  • You could initiate a complete lock-out of your device and perform the lockout command in case you lose your phone.
  • It can monitor more than a single device at a time.

mSpy couple tracker app on Android

1. You will receive the confirmation once you have purchased a plan. It will contain a download link and general information about mSpy, the login, and the control panel.

2. Go to the target phone and into Settings, then Security. Activate Unknown Sources when you go to Device Administration.

3. Download the app (bt.apk) through the provided link. You must type in the captcha characters so the download can begin.

mSpy couple tracker app for iPhone

1. The Couple Tracker app will begin to install once the download completes. Just go to the home screen and click on the mSpy icon.

2. Click on accept to accept the License Agreement.

3 You can hide the icon of the app if you want.

4. Once you log in to your mSpy account, you can locate your registration code. Type in the code and tap on Complete Registration, then select OK.

5. Tap on Proceed after you have entered the name and the number.

4. TheTruthSpy

This is a great couple tracker app that could be used on them. You could use this tracking app for couples to monitor a tablet or even a Smartphone.

You could even learn to interact by using a working example of the online control panel so that you can have a sense of how it is to monitor someone’s Smartphone and whether this is for you or not.

Also, you could purchase the app online safely and securely.

TheTruthSpy couple tracker app


  • People use this app for many reasons, such as to spy on their husbands or wives, children, lovers, or even employees.
  • It is available on Android as well as iPhones.
  • You could use the SMS tracker to keep track of the messages that come on the desired phone.
  • It also has ambient listening, meaning you can listen to the surrounding sounds.
  • You also have the feature to record calls.
  • It can also spy on WhatsApp without needing to root the device.

5. Spyera

These are some of the tracking apps for couples that you could use. These help keep track of the live location and the last messages received.

You will also access their social media accounts, pictures, videos, and other data types.

If you lose contact with the person, you could use the spying apps such as KidsGuard to know their whereabouts and ensure they are safe and protected.

Spyera couple tracker app


Although you will find many decent tracking apps for couples on the market, KidsGuard, is one of the best apps among its peers that you could use.

The customers are pleased with the ease of use and the features that it comes with.

You could use these couple tracker apps not only to spy on couples but anyone else as well. For example, children, friends, your boyfriend, or your girlfriend.

Some people even use this app to spy on their employees if they suspect them of something fishy.



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