Full CatWatchful Review – All About this Monitoring App

Given the difficulty you might have come across while picking up a suitable monitoring app, we are here with our CatWatchful Review, where we will be detailing all about the app that claims to be an excellent solution for all your monitoring needs.

This is a must-read if you have been suggested to use the CatWatchful app since it will help you know if it suits your purpose and is worth the investment or not.

About CatWatchful App


CatWatchful is one of the most reliable monitoring apps available for Android devices that aim at providing the highest level of security for the target users.

One of its primary roles is to be a parental control app that helps parents ensure their kids’ protection and safety.

The app is compatible with all the android versions above four and can work with/without rooting the devices. It helps the parents to have complete monitoring control over their kids through mobile devices. They can tap all the online activities and even the offline ones and what they are being exposed to.

The primary features of this app include monitoring calls, texts, browsing history, GPS location, and so much more on the target device.

All the data derived from the target device gets displayed on the online control panel of the primary user account, which can be accessed over any browser at any time.

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Primary Features of the CatWatchful App

The app is full of so many significant features that will leave you amazed and satisfied that you’ve got your kid protected with the help of the best app.

Check out This Feature List

Hidden Camera

This feature allows you to monitor all the pictures taken from any of the rear or front cameras of the target device. You can even take screenshots of the device to track the location on a real-time basis.

All these details are uploaded on the PC and can also be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Record the Surrounding Voices

This feature utilizes the device’s microphone by activating it remotely and making it record the voices in the surrounding of the device on a real-time basis.

You can even set particular periods when you want this feature to be active, and it will do so automatically when the time comes. All the voice recordings can be accessed from the main panel.

Capture the Screen

The app can capture screenshots of every activity on the target device in real time, and you can watch the screen continuously. This gives you an upper hand at stopping any mishap as it may happen to occur.

Explore All the Files

Suppose you suspect the existence of potentially harmful files in the target device. In that case, you can check for the same as the app allows you access to every file stored on that device, including the uploads, downloads, and even deleted files.

Monitor GPS Location

This is one of the best features of this app, as per our CatWatchful Review which allows you to track the target user’s location as they go on the move.

This way, you can have all the real-time updates related to the target user’s whereabouts. You can use this feature to track the stolen or lost device.

Send Audios to the Target Device

This feature comes in handy when the target device goes unresponsive to your contact attempts, and you want to send some info or help to the target.

The audios can be recorded from the main panel and sent to the target device, where they get played at the highest pitch, no matter what mode is activated on the device.

Record the Calls

The app even lets you record every call made or received on the target device while remaining undiscoverable. These recordings get saved in mp3 format for easy access later. However, this is a controversial feature as it directly clashes with privacy rights.

Track the Texts

You can have extensive control over all the conversations done over text on the target device. You can get access to all the received, sent, and deleted messages along with contact info, timestamps, and the date of the texts.

Track the Call Log

The app gets you access to all the calls made or received on the target device and views all the other related details like time, date, contact info, etc. The data collected can be seen in a chronological sequence.

View the Phone Contacts

The app also helps you gain access to the contacts saved in the target device that will help you to find out any unwanted interaction that that target user must be having. All the numbers and names saved can be watched from the main panel.

View the Multimedia Files

Every multimedia file, like images, videos, downloads, etc., stored or deleted from the device can be viewed easily. All the details related to these files, like their time and date, can also be seen.

View the Phone Pictures

All the pictures captured and received from the target device on any platform, downloaded photos, screenshots captured, etc., can be viewed immediately after their appearance on the target device.

View All the Installed Apps

With access to all the apps installed on the target device, you can get an idea of how your kid spends his or her time and if they are engaged in any forbidden activity.

Monitor Social Media

The app also lets you access all the activities being carried out on social media platforms of Facebook and WhatsApp. You can watch all the chats, calls, media exchanges, and contacts. However, you can monitor only these two social media apps.

Track the Browsing History

The CatWatchful app can also be used to monitor the online activities of the target user by checking all the visited sites, URLs searched, time of access, and frequency. Private info like user IDs and passwords can also be seen.


With this app, you can even know all the keystrokes made on the target device, which helps you to know all the input data in real-time. This can help you to prevent any risky communication and other unwanted interactions.

View the Notifications

Although you can get access to all the data on the target device, watching the notifications the moment they appear allows you to take instant action. Full notification can be viewed with this app, and that puts valuable info at your disposal to take faster actions.

Track All the Connections

Now, this app allows you to access even the minutest detail like this, where you can see a list of all the mobile data and wifi connections made by the device and even the time when the internet was disconnected. The duration of internet use and the location of the hotspots can also be seen.

App Dashboard

This is the place where all the gathered data is displayed and includes content like-

  • SIM card info
  • Device IMEI number
  • GPS status
  • Wifi status
  • Signal
  • Sound mode
  • Service info
  • OS version
  • Battery level
  • Software version
  • Internal storage info
  • Device account info
  • Target device data and activities

The Installation Method for the CatWatchful app

Now in our CatWatchful Review, we are going to tell you about the method of installing this app which is very easy and needs some simple steps only.

1: Begin with downloading the .apk file of the app on the PC and transferring it to the target device with a cable. You can also directly download the file on the target device if you can get access to it.

2: Now, launch the file to activate it and begin with the installation method to do so. Following are the steps.

  • Turn off the feature of Google PlayProtect.
  • Now, activate the option of Unknown Sources.
  • Start the installation wizard of the app and follow the instructions to set it up.
  • Now accept the App License Agreement.
  • Give the necessary permissions to the app.
  • Form a new account on the app now and set up the credentials—login into the app.
  • If your device is rooted, then give the required permission to the app for monitoring WhatsApp and Facebook messages.

You are all set to start with monitoring the target device.

There are some things that you need to ensure for the app to work successfully, and here are they.

  • Compatibility of the device with the app
  • Targeted device physically accessible for at least once
  • Good internet connection

With this CatWatchful Review, we aim to make sure that you use the app rightly. That is why we also suggest that you establish righteous and legal intentions for the monitoring so that there is no violation being caused to the privacy rights of the target.

Some of the legal purposes of the app can be.

  • Monitoring underage kids
  • Monitoring the employees using company devices
  • Installing the app on their device
  • Monitoring a person who agreed to that

Any other intentions may be identified as spying and have criminal repercussions.

Common Things to Know about the CatWatchful App

Since the spying apps like these give a lot of services and might have some complicated features involved, a lot of questions may emerge in the mind of the users.

So here are some common issues and things about the app that we will clear out for you in our CatWatchful Review so that you can understand the functioning of the app better.

Some Common Issues and Things

Mandatory Access to the Target Device

Installing the app will only be possible when you have complete access to the target device at least once. You cannot install the app remotely.

Rooting Not Compulsory

The target device doesn’t need to be compulsorily rooted in using the CatWatchful app. However, rooting allows access to more benefits like browsing history and social media monitoring in apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Check Activities on the Dashboard

After getting successfully installed, the app connects to the server and begins capturing info related to all the activities being carried out on the target phone, which is then displayed on the app’s Control panel on the primary device. This control panel can be accessed over any browser on any device at any time.

Method of Viewing and Accessing the Info

All the data collected is stored on the main control panel and remains there for 90 days. You can access the data by logging into the account and opening the info you wish to see.

Accessing Data Through the Android Client of the App

The CatWatchful app comes with an Android Client that gives direct access to all the tabs and features related to target monitoring on your device itself. This is the better, simpler, and quicker option to choose than the web account of the app.

Re-install App upon Deletion

If the application gets deleted or removed from the target device due to any reason, then it needs to be re-installed on that device because it is then only that the monitoring can happen,

Account Data Not Updating

For continuous updating of the data on the main control panel, two things are mandatory.

  • The internet connection of the target device must be activated and must have a good signal.
  • The app must be installed on the target device.
  • The target device must remain active.

Detection of the App as an Anti-virus

The good spy apps work in the background without being detected at all and don’t even get scanned by the anti-virus programs. If the app gets scanned as malware, then this means that the stealth mode of the app isn’t very good, and the security quotient is low.

In this way, you can detect the malware apps on your phone by running an anti-virus scan through good anti-virus software.

Real-time Updates Only with an Internet Connection

The target device can only transfer the data to the main control panel when it has an active internet connection. The internet can come from either mobile data or wifi.

The information captured goes to the server, which is then uploaded to the main account. Thus, real-time updates can only occur with stable internet on the target device.

One Subscription for Monitoring One Device

For every device that you want to monitor, you will have to buy another subscription. However, you can change the target devices and use the same subscription for all of them.

Moreover, you can change the devices any number of times, as we tested for it during our CatWatchful Review.

Visibility Option for the App

You can choose to make the app icon visible or not after it gets installed. However, keeping the app hidden or in stealth mode is the better option as it continues working in the background and fetches all the data secretly.

Hiding the App Icon

This can be done by choosing to hide the icon when prompted during the installation of the app. Hiding the ion makes the app go into stealth mode. To re-open the app interface, dial this number 543210.

Duration of Data Storage

The target device data remains stored on the app servers for 90 days before being deleted permanently.

The Span of the App

The app can be used by anyone worldwide, irrespective of the service providers and cellular services. The target and primary devices must have a good internet connection, and that’s all that is needed for the monitoring job.

Technical Assistance for the App

Our CatWatchful Review assessed this aspect thoroughly and was quite impressed by the round-the-clock availability of the customer assistance team and their fast responsiveness. There are three ways you can reach the assistance team.

  1. On phone: + (598) 91-799-605, 10am-6pm, holidays not available
  2. On mail: admin@CatWatchful.com
  3. Through the request form available on the site

Uninstalling the App

You can get the app removed from the target device by reaching out to the customer assistance team, and they will do that for you.

Data Storage Limit

The app’s control panel can store an unlimited amount of data, so there are no worries regarding any storage limit with this app.

Final Words on CatWatchful App – Choosing an Alternative App

After our thorough CatWatchful Review, we can say that the app does an outstanding job of monitoring when its basic features. Still, a lot of improvement is required in the app where it needs to include advanced features too.

If you want a great app that gives you complete control over the target device, then you may want to consider a more advanced app like the mSpy parental control.

It provides all the basic monitoring services and enhanced social media monitoring, including all the major apps, geo-fencing, compatibility with iOS, iCloud monitoring, etc.

Thus, mSpy is the app to go with if you are looking for something more trustworthy and valuable.


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