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Can You Use Apple Pay on Amazon 2024?


Written by Jack Lin

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Can you use Apple Pay on Amazon

“Can I use Apple Pay on Amazon to buy some stuff? I have used other payment methods with Amazon so far but not Apple Pay. Can someone please help me?”

There are quite a few questions we have received over the past couple of days about Apple Pay. One of which is “does Amazon accept Apple Pay”.

If you have the same question and are looking for an answer, this write-up is just for you.

Can You Use Apple Pay on Amazon?

It is true that Amazon doesn’t necessarily support Apple Pay by default. However, the main point is that it is still possible for you to use cards in the Apple Wallets.

If not, you can even enter your Apple Card information and make purchases as you would normally do.

Besides, if you wonder, does TJ Maxx take Apple Pay or how to make an online payment at TJ Maxx using Apple Pay? This guide will show you everything.

How to Use Apple Card for an Amazon Purchase?

As mentioned above, there is an indirect method to use Apple Card for an Amazon purchase. Regrettably, unlike other purchasing sites, Amazon does not incorporate Apple Pay straightaway into its checkout process. So, the process of integrating Apple Pay into Amazon is not streamlined and smooth.

If, on the other hand, assume that you possess your Apple Card. In that case, you will be able to enter the information on your card. You can do that in the same manner as you would with any other debit or credit card.

To accomplish this, first, locate your Apple Card number. After that, you should copy and paste it into the appropriate form on the Amazon website.

You have the option of adding a card to your account immediately for use in upcoming checkout options. If not, you can do it as the final step of the process of checking out online.

Also, let’s figure out why your Amazon account is temporarily on hold and how to fix the Amazon account on hold issue immediately.

Adding Your Apple Wallet or Apple Card on Amazon

Mentioned below are the steps you should follow to add an Apple Wallet or an Apple Card.

01. First, you should go to Amazon through your computer (be it Mac or PC). After that, you should click on the dropdown that appears next to the option called “Account & Lists“.

It is in the top toolbar. This option appears right next to the feature called search. You will also see a greeting accompanied by your name.

02. After that, you should click on the option called “Your Account“.

Your Amazon Account

03. You can then select the option called “Payment Options“. You can see this option on “Ordering and Shopping preferences“. It is found on the following page.

Payment Options

04. Now, scroll down and tap on the option called “Credit/Debit Cards“.

  • Please note that Amazon does accept major cards. Also, you will be able to start entering the card simply by clicking on the box dedicated to entry. Assume that you’ve configured the credit cards through Touch ID & Keychain. You will see all those options in your dropdown.
Credit/Debit Cards

06. It is possible to add your card through the same process through the checkout screen.

  • Click on the option called “Change“. You can see it next to the exciting payment method. You can find it easily because it is followed by the “Add a Credit/Debit Card” option. You will then see a popup menu. Just click on it. After that, you can add a card already saved with the keychain. If not, you can even add that information manually.
Add a Credit/Debit Card

So, that’s the answer for those who wonder, “can I use Apple Pay on Amazon”. Let’s dig deep and find more information about it.

What Exactly is Amazon?

What Exactly is Amazon

Amazon is indeed a worldwide e-commerce shop. They almost anything, from electronics to fashion to supermarket items. That said, one of the nicest things about Amazon is that they consistently offer discounts on their products. This could be one of the reasons why they are so successful.

Amazon expanded its business into different verticals by utilizing a variety of business models. Amazon Prime, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Amazon Books, Amazon Go, etc., are a few to mention.

Therefore, it is no longer just about online shopping. Amazon is also attempting to transform other facets of our life in addition to this.

By the way, does Barnes And Noble take Apple Pay? Yes, it does! Let’s see how you can pay with Apple Pay to buy books from your favorite book store and the benefits.

What’s the Deal with Amazon Not Supporting Apple Pay?

It is true that Amazon’s platform is entirely web-based and digital. That is one of the primary reasons why the company does not accept Apple Pay. Additionally, Apple Pay has become more useful in in-store and offline transactions.

In addition, this will not have an effect on Amazon. That is because its website already supports all of the most common forms of online payment.

They do not intend to allow Apple Pay in the form of payment in the foreseeable future either. On top of that, they do not currently have new plans to do so. Additionally, if somebody wishes to pay with the help of an Apple Card, they are able to do so.

What Are the Other Forms of Payment Methods That Are Accepted by Amazon?

Amazon’s mobile app and website both support a wide number of the most common payment methods. Such an approach allows customers to pay using any one of those payment methods.

It, in fact, takes a wide variety of payment options. Cash, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, etc., are just a few to mention.

In addition to that, it works with all the major credit cards, including Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover. So, you have no shortage of options.

How to Configure Apple Pay?

Apple Pay requires customers to install Apple Wallet software on their respective iOS devices before they start. The details of the debit/credit cards are stored encrypted within Apple Wallet.

Then, you can obtain them using Apple Pay. After launching the Apple Wallet app, you should take a picture of your card. Then, you should enter any extra information if needed.

However, you can accomplish the same task manually as well. Also, you will be able to add new methods of payment to their Apple Wallet accounts.

How to Configure Apple Pay

The details will thereafter be validated either by the credit card issuer or the bank. Performing this step could require entering a passcode or making a phone call and verifying the user’s identity. However, Apple Pay can only be utilized after the approval of one card at the least. 

How Does It Work?

NFC (Near-field communications) chips are built into gadgets that are fully compatible with Apple Pay. Then, they will activate the services when they come into contact with contactless card readers.

This feature is fully activated when the device is near a point-of-sale system (POS). After that, the customer has the option of paying with one of their previously saved payment methods.

The user is then required to provide a passcode, fingerprint, or face Touch recognition. In the event of a successful transaction, a checkmark appears on the screen notably.

Then, the wearable device vibrates, and the POS terminal emits an audible sound notifying that it is completed. Then, receipts are saved to your Wallet account for easy access whenever you need them.


The above article explains the answers to “does Amazon accept Apple Pay“. As you can understand, the answer is no. But there are many other options to use instead of Apple Pay.


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