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Can Someone Track Your Location from a Text

Can someone track your location from a text?

Can they do it without installing an app on your device?

Basically, can someone access your phone without your consent?

The purpose of this article is to find answers to all these questions and explain the possibilities.

So, Can Someone Track Your Location from a Text?

Yes. To your surprise, text message location tracking makes it possible to see where your phone is in real-time.

A smartphone can only connect to the network if it is within range of a compatible cellular tower. That means the tower that can send and receive signals.

Sometimes there are many cell towers in a given area that the mobile phone can access.

Both Android and iOS smartphones may be traced via triangulation. The cell tower from whence a text message was received can be used to approximate a person’s current position.

So, a message-based location tracker is highly recommended. It’s common for these apps to be used to find children, the elderly, or anybody with a phone number.

Let’s find answers to the “can someone track your location from a text” below.

In addition, let’s figure out how can I monitor my child’s text messages for free.

Part 1. Scannero – Effective Way to Find iPhone Location

A new service called Scannero makes it simple to find out someone’s current position via text message.

  • For just $0.89, you can receive a trial period for any number of devices.
  • You can look up any mobile number around the globe by just entering the number.
  • Copy the phone number from the text message and paste it into the dedicated search box on Scannero website.

We recommend Scannero to those who ask, “can someone track your location from a text.” However, even if you’re not interested in the dark corners of your shop, Scannero will locate them.

That is required to seek GPS coordinates transmitted from the respective device you track. It doesn’t even take 5 minutes to complete the entire process.

Delve into our comprehensive review of Scannero, the sophisticated mobile tracking tool that enables you to locate any phone globally, simply by knowing the individual’s phone number.


Part 2. Track Your Location from a Text For Free on iPhone

Find My

To make things easier for you, Apple has bundled Find My Friends into a single app called ‘Find My.’

The purpose of this service is to assist you in locating a family member or friend. You only need to know where they are so that you can help them. You will receive a notification on your device.

If you get a text message from a family member with their location, you may monitor them. Using the messaging app, iPhone users may easily send a friend a location update.

Here’s how to see where a message was sent from your iPhone.

  • First, you should open the target device’s message app.
  • Start to compose a message.
  • Then, select your contact.
  • After that, select the information icon. Then, go to the option called “Send My Current Location.”
Send My Current Location on iPhone

You should also remember that some individuals don’t want to share locations. In that case, you have nothing much to do.

So, whenever mutual location sharing is not practical, you are supposed to rely on a different solution.

Part 3. Spybubble Pro – Best Android Location Tracker

If you wonder how someone can track your location from a text on an Android, keep reading this section. In this case, the best tool you can use is Spybubble Pro.

  • It is an SMS location tracker that works silently on the phone in the background.
  • The good thing about this tool is that it refreshes information once in 5 minutes.
  • The information includes SMS, GPS, and any other activity carried out on the device.
  • In addition to that, it allows you to track devices without the knowledge of the target user.
  • The data acquired through SpyBubble is sent to the dashboard of SpyBybble. You can access all of that information easily by logging in.

So, if you are looking for an efficient solution to monitor an Android device, SpyBubble is a handy choice.


Basically, this app is a superb app for locating your spouse’s phone no matter where they are.

SpyBubble may be used on Android devices running OS version 4 or above. It is always easy to check your device’s coverage by entering the model number.

The number should be inserted into a section on their official website and hit the button labeled “Check.”

If you wish to find the whereabouts of your spouses, Spybubble provides you with some additional features. On top of everything, it offers excellent customer service as well.

Also, click here for the completed SpyBubble Review.

Part 4. Location SMS – Track Location Using SMS for Free

Location SMS

Location SMS is the program you need if you want to get a phone’s location by sending a text. With the SMS ping location feature, Location SMS is meant to find a missing person.

The text called “Where’re you?” appears in silent text messages that have been sent by users.

Assuming the check is successful, the app will then determine whether the text contains an authorization number or not.

So if you want to know ‘can someone track your location from a text,’ here is your answer.

How to Get a Mobile Location by Sending SMS?

If all goes well, Location SMS will give the sender a link to Google Maps. This link will display the present GPS coordinates.

The position of the phone may be determined by clicking on the URL supplied to the recipient. So if you wonder, can someone track my phone by texting me? It does.

Parents, employers, and even spouses may use Geofences to keep an eye on their children and other loved ones.

A background scan checks the current GPS position to see whether any Geofences have been entered or exited.

Enter and leave Geofences might trigger a text message to be sent to your contacts.

With that said, customers have complained about erratic performance and instability with the app. The solution can’t be used in iPhone safety-critical apps; thus, it can’t be deployed there.

Different Ways to Trace a Text Message to a Specific Location

Yes. If you’ve given someone permission to share the ‘Where’re you?’ command, they may get your current position.

That will take place by sending a notice using an app like Location SMS. The device on which Location SMS is installed is always on the lookout for this command. The URL included in the response is all they need to locate your location.

Only those who have been granted access can use this method, however. In other words, an unidentified caller will not be able to get through to the phone.

In the event of an emergency, such as a missing child, this is not the best course of action. They can’t be found if there isn’t a recognized device nearby.

As a result, we propose GPS and SMS tracking tools like Spybubble to our clients and customers. There are no further permissions necessary after the app has been installed on the targeted device.

Additionally, you may keep tabs on the tracked smartphone via your browser due to the online portal.

Part 5. Is It Possible to Track Locations Silently?

You cannot possibly tell whether your smartphone is tapped or if someone can acquire your position by texting you.

It is difficult to monitor your present location if the SMS message does not include GPS data.

If you only want to know where the texting person is from, you may check his area code. You can do that easily by reading the phone number they have sent the text message.

It’s the only place where you can find the person who sent the text message. Silent text messages with the ‘Where’re you?’ command can be tracked.

However, it is possible if the sender has been authorized in the Android device’s Location SMS tool. 


1. Can someone track your location from a text message?

No, not directly. However, if they have access to the cellular network’s backend, they could see the cell tower your phone connected to when sending the text.

2. Can your IP address reveal your exact location?

No, your IP address can only give a general idea of your location, not the exact coordinates.

3. How can I prevent someone from tracking my location?

Use a VPN, regularly update your device’s software, and be cautious about what links you click on and what information you share online.

4. Can emails reveal my location?

Yes, the header of an email includes your IP address, which could be used to get a general sense of your location.

5. Can malware track my location?

Yes, if your device is infected with certain types of malware, it could potentially share your exact GPS coordinates without your consent.

6. What are some signs that my device may be infected with malware?

Signs of malware infection can include slower device performance, frequent pop-up ads, unexpected system crashes, or increased data usage.


Well, the above content explains the answer to the question, “can someone track your location from a text.”

So, if you want to track someone’s mobile device through his text, use one of the above methods. Those who are looking for professional tools can consider Scannero.

They are reliable and simple. Also, you must be very careful when using random, unpopular tools to track mobile devices. Most of those are fake tools that can even contain malware.


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