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Bypass Factory Reset Protection via FRP Unlock Tool


Written by Jason Lin

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Frp Unlock Tool

In this blog, you will get acquainted with the top ten applications for getting over with FRP or iCloud lock, wherein the five top FRP bypass tools will be for iPhone and the other five for Android.

These tools would crack any account against FRP, whether a Google account or an iCloud one. It is definitely not an easy task to get past the FRP lock, but it can be done with precise tools.

Through the use of these tools, you can easily bypass any lock. Here, you will get every single detail about these top FRP Unlock Tools that we have searched only for you! The pros and cons would help you to make a good choice!

What’s FRP & Why Do We Need FRP Bypass Tool?

FRP has become a common term used nowadays to refer to iCloud or FRP locks. This lock was initially designed for iOS to secure these devices from counterfeit activities.

This feature helps to give access to only original users to restore their phones. For instance, if your phone gets lost, the other person will require your ID and password to restore that phone.

For something like this, FRP lock seems good due to its advanced features, but what if this system becomes a problem for you? This iCloud or FRP lock poses trouble for those who purchased pre-used phones or forgot their iCloud/Google account password.

Hence, it becomes a kind of important to know the ways to restore your phones through the cracking of these lock systems. One can only do this if one knows the right way to perform this task. It might be difficult, but not an impossible one.

Part 1: 5 Top FRP Unlock Tools for Android

The FRP feature is also there on Android devices. Undoubtedly, FRP protects your data against fraudulent activities, but you want to get your fingers off this feature when situations arise.

These top five bypass FRP unlock tools are going to provide you with a helping hand to factory reset your Android device.

The list of the best FRP bypass tools is given below.

1. Tenorshare 4uKey – Android Screen Unlocker

It does not matter whether you got a second-hand set or forgot your password. 4uKey – Android Screen Unlocker helps clear any unknown lock screen passcode. And it offers to do all this in just 5 minutes.

It can take off any passcode like a PIN, pattern, password, or fingerprint. It just helps you remove the lock without getting in the way of your data, as 4uKey for Android ensures no data loss. You can watch the demo here! Get the app now!

frp bypass tool - 4uKey for Android

Unique features of FRP Unlock Tool – 4uKey for Android:

  • It removes any lock – PIN, pattern, password, and fingerprint.
  • This FRP Unlock Tool ensures data safety.
  • It can be handled without any technical knowledge.
  • It works well with Samsung Tab/Note/S series, LG G-series, etc. Know more about LG Unlock.

It is developed by Tenorshare.


  • It removes the lock without any data loss.
  • It will give free updates for a lifetime.
  • This tool gives a 7-day guarantee service with a money-back challenge.


  • It works only for LG and Samsung devices.

2. FRP/Google account bypass & flashing tool

This FRP unlock tool can easily bypass your device’s security feature. It is a very easy-to-use app, which makes it the best tool. It supports all Android devices.

FRP/Google account bypass & flashing tool

Unique features of this FRP Bypass Tool:

  • It supports Qualcomm, HTC, SPD, MTK, and many others.
  • Be available for every version.
  • It even supports SP Flash’s older version.

Download link:

It is developed by JHON ESMAIL.


  • It is available for free.
  • Work with all Android devices.


  • It is not yet tested for Android 6.0.1 and 5.1.1.

PS: If you want to know how to Install FRP Hijacker to Delete FRP Lock, just click them to read more.

3. Samsung Reactivation/FRP Lock Removal

This FRP Unlock Tool offers an online service to unlock the FRP feature. For this, you need to enter the details like the model or IMEI number of your device to get a unique set of IDs & passwords in 72 hours.

Samsung Reactivation/FRP Lock Removal

Download link:

It is developed by Direct Unlocks.


  • It offers an online service that indicates no puzzling tutorials or risky downloads.
  • It can be handled without any hi-tech knowledge.
  • Any issue would get solved within a few hours.


  • Only Samsung devices support this tool.

4. FRP Bypass Solutions

This tool application will help you bypass your Google account verification process if you forget your credentials. It is available for $7.00.

frp unlock tool - frp bypass Solutions

Unique features of this FRP Bypass tool:

  • It is compatible with almost all devices of Android.
  • Keep updated to support the latest versions.
  • It is helpful to bypass FRP in Samsung Galaxy S-series.

Download link:

It is developed by Cashsite.


  • It is tested against Android 7.1 and 7.0.


  • You have to buy this tool to use its features.

5. D&G Password Unlocker

This FRP unlock tool offers a comprehensive way of unlocking your devices against FRP. This toolkit will assist you step-wise in unlocking your devices.

frp bypass tool - D&G Password Unlock

Unique features of this D&G Password FRP Unlock Tool:

  • It supports all versions of Windows.
  • It supports companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Euphoria, and Lenovo.

It is developed by DG Unlocker Tools.


  • This FRP bypass tool provides an easy and free setup for Windows PC.


  • It provides no details about LG devices.

Part 2: 3 Top FRP Unlock Tools for iPhone

The task of bypassing FRP is not legit, but circumstances necessitate this. You might forget your password, or what if you bought a second-hand iPhone with a factory lock that needs resetting?

Using bypass tools in these situations makes it quite legal. So, here comes our list of the top five bypass tools for the iPhone.

1. DirectUnlocks

This FRP Unlock Tool offers a service. It is quite effective for bypassing the FRP lock. But this one is not available for free. It helps you to do the task of bypassing more easily. It offers great service and is efficient to use.

And it helps you to remove your device permanently from any previous account on iCloud. It is the best FRP bypass tool compared to the iPhone’s other FRP unlock tools.



  • It is more effective than FRP unlock tools counted above.


  • It is not accessible for free.

2. Open My iCloud Tool

It is a widely used FRP unlock tool to bypass FRP locks on iPads, iPhones, or iPods. It works effectively with just one single click. Also, it has a user-friendly interface but is only available for Windows PC.

Open My iCloud Tool


  • Work in just one click; easy-to-use tool.
  • It has a user-friendly GUI.
  • It is free of cost.

3. iCloud Bypass Tool

This FRP unlock tool is quite popular for unlocking FRP. It is considered the best tool due to its global popularity with 3.5 stars rating.

iCloud Bypass Tool


  • It is efficient in use and available for free.
  • Support every version of iOS.


  • It offers a slow speed.
  • Its recent ratings are lower than 3.5.


  1. What is Factory Reset Protection (FRP)? Factory Reset Protection is a security feature that prevents unauthorized access to Android devices after a factory reset.
  2. What is an FRP Unlock Tool? An FRP Unlock Tool is a software that helps to bypass the FRP lock, enabling users to regain access to their device without needing to remember their Google account details.
  3. When might I need to use an FRP Unlock Tool? If you have forgotten your Google account details or have bought a second-hand device with FRP enabled, you might need to use an FRP Unlock Tool.
  4. Are there any risks to using an FRP Unlock Tool? Yes, there are risks. These include potential security vulnerabilities, risks to personal data, and possible legal implications.
  5. Are there alternatives to using an FRP Unlock Tool? Yes, alternatives include the OEM Unlock Option, Google Account Recovery, and Two-Factor Authentication.


You can get past FRP on your iPhone or Android devices using all these FRP unlock tools. You do not have to worry about your phone’s FRP system. You can utilize all these tools to get away from that security check, which always hinders you.

The FRP does not bother you, but it becomes important sometimes to restore the factory version. The reason could be any, but circumstances like forgetting your password or pre-used phones take place, it can happen to you or anyone around you. Then, these tools would be of real help!

These are the top ten applications that would help you to bypass the factory restore settings of your phone. You can use all the above-mentioned tools more easily. These FRP unlock tools are safe and secure to use.

The best FRP Unlock Tool would be 4uKey – Android Screen Unlocker for Android users, while DirectUnlocks will do a great job for iPhone ones. Download them to start bypassing your FRP now!


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