10 Best WhatsApp Hacker Apps

As parents, you keep worrying about your kids’ safety whether it is in reality or on social media platforms.

You can take off from this cumbersome task of protecting them from hackers by installing some of the best parental control apps on their phones.

It is really important to know what your child is doing on WhatsApp and other social media applications. WhatsApp is one of those applications that you will find on their phones for sure.

It has become so much popular and convenient way to chat with others. So, there are high chances that your child might also be using WhatsApp to communicate with others.

But it is no surprise that crimes also take place through these social media applications, as you might have heard of Blue Whale and Momo challenges.

It is nothing to worry about if you have parental controls installed on your children’s smar6tphones. In order to protect your young ones, you have to keep an eye on their WhatsApp account through the WhatsApp hacker app.

With these WhatsApp hacker apps, you can track down your kids’ activities on their smartphones. Using these apps, you can put down your worries by ensuring your loved ones’ safety.

There are various WhatsApp hacker apps available in the market, but it is really important to choose the best one for your children to ensure their safety from cybercrime.

The List of Some of the Best Whatsapp Hacker Apps Available on the Internet Starts As Follows:

1. mSpy

It is one of the best WhatsApp hacker apps that shows a complete list of contacts as well as timings of messages on WhatsApp. It shows each message sent or received on the application.

And it scores big in terms of spying and monitoring activities of the target device. You can even take a look at all friends your child has on WhatsApp and take down their contacts and names.

mSpy WhatsApp hacker app


  • It provides amazing features at a reasonable amount.
  • It requires no jailbreaking of iPhones.


  • It is quite expensive as its premium version costs $69.99.


It is available for $29.99.

Download mSpy

2. KidsGuard

It is not only a WhatsApp hacker app, but you can also track any application on your kids’ smartphones using this app. It is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

You can even view the demo of this best Whatsapp Password Cracker on how it works here. It has become easier for parents to keep an eye on their kids due to this application.



  • It provides real-time GPS location.
  • It tracks all applications and browsers of the target device.


  • It is more expensive than other apps.


It is available at $39.99.

Try KidsGuard View Demo

3. Hoverwatch

It is one of the amazing WhatsApp hacker apps due to its wide range of features. You can track any message and call of not only Whatsapp but also of the target device itself with this professional Whatsapp Password Cracker.

It offers features for tracking GPS location as well as for Geo-fencing. Its keylogging feature allows you to see their passwords to certain applications whenever they type the same on their phone.

Hoverwatch WhatsApp hacker app


  • It is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.
  • Be secure as well as safe for monitoring activities.
  • It can be accessed through its application or browser.


  • It might be expensive.


It is available at $39.99.

Download Hoverwatch

4. SpyBubble

It is a popular WhatsApp hacker app that gives accurate details about everything. It helps you to track WhatsApp messages and calls.

You can even look for particular contact details using this amazing app to know with whom your kid is talking over the phone or in messages.



  • Its new feature for tracking WhatsApp works really well.
  • It is a secure and safe tracking tool.
  • It is an easy-to-use app.


  • It offers inadequate client support.


It is available for $49.95.

Download Spy Bubble

5. TheTruthSpy

This WhatsApp hacker app tracks messages, calls, and even the real-time location of the target device. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. It offers amazing features to track browser history and other activities of the device.

TheTruthSpy WhatsApp hacker app


  • It offers a trial period of 48 hours.
  • Its WhatsApp tracking feature works really well.


  • You might face some buggy issues at times.
  • It even has some functionality concerns.


It is available for $16.99.

Download The Truth Spy

6. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile


  • It requires no jailbreak in iPhones.
  • It offers spying and tracking tools in one place.


  • It misses out on some of the messages on WhatsApp.
  • Its tracking features are not that good.


It is available for $69.99.

Download Highster Mobile

7. iSpyoo

It is a WhatsApp hacker app that allows you to access every call and message of the target device. You can view all the information remotely on your account of iSpyoo.

It even helps you view the device’s video history and voice recordings. It provides you with complete control of your kid’s smartphone.

And learn more about it from the full iSpyoo review.

iSpyoo WhatsApp hacker app


  • It even monitors its surroundings by converting into a bug.
  • Its monitoring features are outstanding.


  • It is not compatible with every device.


It is available for $22.99.

Download iSpyoo

8. Spyera

This WhatsApp hacker app is really good for spying over any WhatsApp account. It even records calls of the target device. You can track down the location of your kid with the app’s feature for tracking GPS location. It even sends an alert on location updates of the target device.



  • Its feature for tracking WhatsApp is good.


  • It is really expensive.
  • Its interface needs improvement.


It is available for $149.

Download Spyera

9. Mobistealth

This WhatsApp hacker app offers some of the best features for tracking WhatsApp on any device. You can track 24*7 using this app. It even keeps a check on calls and SMS. Its user interface is not that good.

Mobistealth WhatsApp hacker app


  • It works well for tracking WhatsApp.
  • It offers no delay.


  • It offers just basic features of tracking.
  • Its rates are more than what it offers.


It is available for $79.99.

Download Mobistealth

10. Copy9

It is one of the cheapest WhatsApp hacker apps that give you updates on all calls and messages. It offers amazing features for tracking contacts and browsing the history of the target device.



  • It does not hack all WhatsApp chats.


  • It does not work on all Android devices.


It is available for $14.30.

Download Copy9


So, with all these amazing WhatsApp hacker apps, you can now easily track down all the activities that happen over WhatsApp as well as on the smartphone of your little one.

It is best to go with the top three WhatsApp hackers recommended on this page. All these applications come at reasonable prices with a wide range of special features for tracking down each activity of the target device.

The top three applications are mSpy, KidsGuard, and Hoverwatch; you can choose any app to keep an eye on your child. As it is really important for you to protect your children from cyber threats, it becomes easier with these apps.

Download now to ensure the safety of your children from increasing cyber crimes on social media networks.



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