[Revealed] Best Computer Monitoring Software for Parents

For obvious reasons, the need for computer monitoring software has increased significantly over the past period.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of computer monitoring software. More importantly, we will reveal the best options you can try.

With the advancements in technology, many smart devices are being introduced. These smart devices facilitate us to connect with the outer world extremely conveniently, particularly through the internet.

Although the internet is an unlimited source of knowledge, it is filled with endless amounts of unwanted stuff. Keeping your kids away from such stuff can be challenging for most parents.

However, if you have computer monitoring software, you can keep track of their activities.

With the assistance of computer monitoring software, you can see what kids do with the computers. If you notice that kids browse unsafe websites, you can apply restrictions before things go too far.

The Differences Between Monitoring and Spying

In most cases, parents are not that comfortable monitoring what their kids do on their phones. Most parents consider it is spying.

However, a watchful parent cannot be described as a spy. The purpose of a careful parent is to protect the kids from potential threats.

As a concerned parent, you only monitor your kid’s activities for the greater good. For you, your kid’s safety is very important than total privacy.

Ten Best Computer Monitoring Software Tools You Can Try

Modern-day technology makes computers and smart handheld devices very common these days.

The popularity of these smart devices has increased rapidly, and there is no turning back. With the introduction of smartphones and computers, kids have more tendency to spend increased time on the internet.

If truth be told, many kids are addicted to the internet. If parents aren’t vigilant enough, things can go wrong easily. As you may know, kids are very curious and tend to experience whatever they see.

So, it is a responsible parent’s approach to know what the kids are doing with computers. That said, here are the best computer monitoring software tools available today.

01. mSpy

mSpy is a powerful software that comes with a variety of features to control the kids. By downloading and installing this app, you can expect safer internet browsing from your kids. The installation process of mSpy is really easy, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Apart from Windows and Mac operating systems, mSpy works perfectly on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

mSpy can monitor a device’s activities, including web browsing, messaging, emailing, calling, etc. Apart from that, it can track the real-time location of the device.


Features of mSpy

  • It can access contact details and call logs of the device
  • Monitor all the inbound and outbound text messages
  • Keeping track of the real-time GPS location of the device
  • It is equipped with a GEO-Fencing feature

Pros of mSpy

  • the mSpy app lets you filter and block unwanted websites your child visits

Cons of mSpy

  • You cannot install mSpy on an iOS device unless you jailbreak it

02. Screen Limit

The 10th option in our list is Screen Limit. It is capable of managing the screen time of the phone. It can also be used to block apps and websites on devices that run on iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android.

computer monitoring software for parents - Screen Limit

Features of Screen Limit

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Screen time restriction
  • Social apps and website blocking
  • Remote access to inbound and outbound messages

Pros of Screen Limit

  • It is an easy-to-setup tool with seamless performance

Cons of Screen Limit

  • The free version comes with limited features

03. Qustodio

This respective app is ideal for monitoring the kid’s mobile phone activities. This respective app is capable of monitoring a variety of apps and activities on phones.

Qustodio is capable of tracking activities on iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android devices alike.

computer monitoring software for parents - Qustodio

Features of Qustodio

  • It can track any text message, and phone call made on the device
  • You can use it to set up screen time on the target device
  • It is capable of monitoring social media apps very effectively
  • Real-time location tracking feature to have better control over the kid

Pros of Qustodio

  • This specific software works on all the platforms
  • It has a special feature to the filter browser-independent content

Cons of Qustodio

  • It doesn’t control any games on the target device
  • When it comes to iOS, it has limited features

04. Family Time

This is another parental control app that can monitor your kids’ mobile phone activities. Once Family Time is installed on the target device, you can access almost everything on the same device.

It can monitor web browsing history, social media usage, call history, text messages, and many other activities.

This respective app, however, works with iOS and Android platforms only. Thanks to the convenient user interface, downloading and installing Family Time is a convenient process.

Family Time

Features of Family Time

  • Monitor the GPS location of the device in real-time
  • It has a geo-fencing feature
  • You can use it to block social apps and other websites very easily

Pros of Family Time

  • This respective software comes with highly user-friendly features
  • Installation of the software is really easy

Cons of Family Time

  • Family Time doesn’t work on the Windows operating system

05. Windows Live Family Safety

Windows Live Family Safety is another user-friendly software that comes with a range of features. This respective tool is specifically designed for Windows users.

Windows Live Family Safety

Features of Windows Live Family Safety

  • It can be used to set screen time easily
  • It also allows real-time location tracking
  • You can access all the online activities using this software


  • It is considered to be one of the most convenient filtering features


  • The capacity of the app depends on the version of Windows you are using

06. Norton Online Family

This is a computer monitoring software solution from a well-known vendor, Norton. This is a really popular solution among parents these days.

Norton Online Family comes as an app with a large range of features. It can access various activities of the target device. This respective app becomes very handy when it comes to monitoring social activities.

Norton online family

Features of Norton Online Family

  • It can monitor social activities on the target device easily
  • It can track the GPS location of the device as well
  • You can use it to track all the inbound and outbound calls and messages
  • A large range of features included blocking and filtering

Cons of Norton Online Family

  • Norton Online Family doesn’t offer you a screenshot-capturing feature

07. Net Nanny

This is an impressive, popular, and powerful cross-platform app to monitor web-based activities and filter web content.

Net Nanny is a popular computer monitoring software tool with various features. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android.

Net Nanny

Features of Net Nanny

  • It can be used to block social apps and websites
  • You can monitor the target device’s online activities using this software
  • It can be used to manage screen time as well

Pros of Net Nanny

  • You can use this app easily to monitor website filtering

Cons of Net Nanny

  • This app doesn’t work on iOS devices

08. Kidlogger

Kidlogger, just like the name suggests, is an impressive tool that helps to monitor kids’ activities on computing devices. It works perfectly on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems.

Kidlogger computer monitoring

Features of Kidlogger

  • It lets you access web history and other social media apps
  • You can use it to track time
  • It can be used to monitor inbound and outbound phone calls, chats, and messages

Pros of Kidlogger

  • It lets you get screenshots as evidence

Cons of Kidlogger

  • You cannot set time controls using Kidlogger

09. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is capable of monitoring both mobile devices and computers. You can use it as a superb computer monitoring software tool.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Features of Kaspersky Safe Kids

  • You can track the GPS location of the device in real-time
  • It can restrict inappropriate, unwanted websites
  • It keeps track of the total usage of the device

Pros of Kaspersky Safe Kids

  • Real-time location tracking with a notification alert feature

Cons of Kaspersky Safe kids

  • Anyone who knows the password can track the location of the kid

Setting Parental Control on an Android or iOS device

To monitor Android and iOS devices, you should use reliable software. Many software tools are currently available on the internet to monitor mobile devices. However, not everyone is as reliable and powerful as you expect.

But, a software tool like KidsGuard can track the activities of your kids’ phones smoothly. If you are looking for the best kind of monitoring software for smartphones, KidsGuard is a perfect choice. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

And it can track activities like browsing history, location tracking, screen time, and many others. It is also one of the best monitor apps.

KidsGuard Pro

Features of KidsGuard

Now, let’s look at the most notable features associated with KidsGuard.

  • Track location and geo-fencing feature
  • Blocking apps and filtering webs
  • Controlling the screen time of the target device
  • It comes with a smart setting for parental control
  • Highly flexible remote-controlling ability
  • Monitor social media activities

Register KidsGuard Account

In a nutshell, KidsGuard is the perfect option to keep kids away from harmful content on the internet.


If you are concerned about your kid’s computer activities, you must rely on powerful computer monitoring software. Also, it is compulsory to monitor their smartphones through software tools like KidsGuard.

All in all, monitoring your kids’ activities is not spying. You do it for the greater good and keep them away from potential dangers.



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