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Apple Pay Pending: Reasons and Solutions for Delayed Transactions


Written by Jack Lin

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Apple Pay Pending

Why does Apple Pay say pending? I wanted to make a payment yesterday but had this notification saying it is pending.

Luckily, I got a backup payment method (cash) so I was able to complete the purchase.

Can someone please tell me why is it happening? Thanks in advance!” 


Apple Pay

With the advent of Apple Pay, owners of iOS devices have access to this payment system based on NFC. As a result, they found it easy to make contactless payments through digital wallets for the first time.

The result has been a meteoric rise in those who use this specific system. In some cases, even the best payment systems experience momentary hiccups in the real world. That said, we wrote this article explaining the reasons for the issue of “Apple Pay pending.”

The Apple Pay status is pending since the transaction was not processed correctly. The funds have been taken out of your account, but the receiver hasn’t received the funds you paid them. Until the transaction is completed, its status will show as “pending.”

Assume that you expect your recipient to immediately only to notice that your Apple Pay transaction is still “waiting.” Needless to say, it is pretty frustrating.

In this post, we will explain why the Apple Pay transaction is still “pending.” Also, we will explain how you can accept or stop it.

Reasons for Apple Pay Pending Issue

Reasons for Apple Pay Pending Issue

Imagine that you conduct payment, and it states that it’s pending. Well, this indicates that the respective recipient has not yet received payment. Also, it says that the funds have been debited from your balance.

This occurs due to a couple of reasons. It can happen because Apple Pay has not deducted the respective money that you transferred from your bank account.

Also, it is because they’ve deducted the funds from your account but not sent them successfully to the recipient.

It’s also possible that this is happening because of problems related to the network provider (ISP). Sometimes, Apple Pay pending can appear due to issues with the system in the bank.

Sometimes, it might happen due to network congestion when there are plenty of people using the same service.

Apple Pay is There to Assure Convenience

Assume that you use Apple Pay to complete a specific transaction of this nature. In that case, the transaction should, as a general rule, be hassle-free, quick, and convenient. You also expect that the recipient receives the goods or services in question without delay.

Eventually, both parties should experience a minimal amount of anxiety. However, when the transaction status displays as “pending,” it can be quite unpleasant for users.

Well, none of the users want their money to be held in limbo for an extended period of time.

Besides, if you are experiencing the ‘Apple Pay services are currently unavailable‘ issue, don’t worry; this article explains the causes & solutions to fix it.

For How Long Will the Pending Status of Apple Pay Last?

For How Long the Pending Status of Apple Pay Will Last?

Users would prefer that their transactions be delivered instantly to the receivers. They want such an approach because the recipients have to be agitated or hassled in any way.

That said, what can you do if you notice that your payment is pending? The most appropriate option you actually need to do is to wait patiently for the respective transaction to process.

There is nothing else that you need to do. It is quite possible that the processing will take a brief amount of time. With that said, you shouldn’t do anything other than wait patiently unless you choose to reverse the transaction.

It Takes Up to Three Days for This Issue to Be Resolved

What if the funds have already been debited from the account, and you suspend the transaction?

In that case, it could take anywhere from one to three days for the funds to be transferred back. This is particularly because your bank requires you to confirm both the payment and the cancellation in advance.

They need to confirm it prior to actually returning the funds to your account. This is something that is only easily accomplished if the money has not yet been cleared from your account.

Things Can Be Frustrating When It Takes Longer

Those who wonder “why does Apple Pay say pending” should know it can take longer than expected. Pending transactions have the potential to be exceedingly annoying.

This is true, particularly if the transaction is held in limbo for an exceptionally extended amount of time.

However, the period during which a transaction is considered to be “pending” is typically between one and three days. This is due to the fact that the full processing of your transaction needs up to three days.

Now, what if a transaction continues to be pending for more than three days? In that case, you may be required to either terminate the activity or call your bank.

What Can You Do if It Takes Longer Than Three Days?

What if you try to cancel a transaction after three days? In that case, you should expect that the money will already have been taken out of your account.

So, you will need to phone the bank. Then, let them know that you stopped the transaction, but the money was taken out.

In order to comply with “anti-scam” regulations, your bank might request some more information. For instance, you will have to confirm the payment, and the transaction is canceled by sending in specific documentation.

However, what if the transaction has been in pending status for over three days? And what if you later decide to cancel it? In that case, you might have to take additional procedures to receive your funds refunded.

Accepting Pending Payments Through Apple

What if a purchase is marked as “pending”? If so, it’s possible that the Apple Pay app itself hasn’t yet processed the payment. In this instance, it’s likely that you’ll need to get in touch with the recipient in advance.

You should contact them before the payment can be completed in the Apple Pay app of the recipient. To complete a pending “Apple Pay” transaction, please follow these steps.

01. Open Apple Wallet

As the first step, you should open your device’s Apple Wallet app. Then, you can access Apple Pay to proceed.

02. Click on Cash Card of Apple Pay

Now, you should tap the “Cash Card” option on Apple Pay. Then, you should access the transaction history to proceed.

03. Tap “Transactions”

The “Transactions” tab is where you want to be. Just below the button labeled “Cash card” is where you’ll be able to see this information.

When you click this, a list of recent transactional messages will appear on the screen. All of your recent and historical transactions will be displayed there. This includes ongoing transactions and those that have been completed.

You should check the list of pending transactions. Those are the financial dealings that are currently in the “pending” status.

04. Tap “Accept”

When you find a transaction that needs to be accepted, click the “Accept” button so that it is finalized. When you confirm the transaction, the funds will be transferred to the Apple Pay Cash account you are using. 

What can you do to ensure that payments are correctly processed by your bank and credited to Apple Pay? In that case, you should always accept payments from senders who indicate they are “pending.” You can do that by going to the transaction history.

If you don’t confirm the transaction within three days, the funds get returned to the account of the sender. So be sure that you do this within three days.

Canceling a Pending Payment on Apple Pay

If you want to cancel pending payments, you will be able to do so by following the steps below.

01. Open Launch Your Device’s Apple Wallet

As the first step, you should open Apple Wallet on your device. Then, go to Apple Pay.

02. Click Apple Pay

Now, you should tap on the Apple Pay option and access the transaction history.

03. Go to “Transactions”

Now, you should go to “Transactions.” It is possible to find this option just below the option called “Apple Pay Cash.” Once you have done that, the messages on your transaction will appear on your screen.

You will be able to see everything, including successful transactions and pending transactions, on the screen.

Apple Pay Cash
Apple Pay Cash Transactions

You will be able to see pending transactions as well. These transactions will appear with the label “Pending” on their status.

Pending Transactions

04. Click on the Respective Payment Two Times

Assume that you have seen the pending transaction that should be canceled. Just click on the transaction once to see the details. You can then click on it once again to see the option called “cancel payment.”

Cancel Pending Payment

05. Tap the Option Called “Cancel Payment”

When you see the button called “Cancel Payment,” you will be able to cancel it by clicking on it. However, if you don’t see that button, the respective transaction is completed as of this moment.

So, that’s our complete answer to the question, “why does Apple Pay say pending.” Do you have other questions about Apple Pay pending? Just let us know.


Understanding the “Apple Pay Pending” status and how to troubleshoot it is crucial for a smooth Apple Pay experience. By taking preventative steps and knowing how to resolve potential issues, you can ensure seamless and secure transactions.


  1. Why does my Apple Pay transaction say pending? It might be due to several reasons including poor internet connection, insufficient funds, or bank authorization delays.
  2. How long will my Apple Pay stay in pending status? The pending status duration varies. If it persists for a prolonged period, contact your bank for assistance.
  3. Can I cancel a pending transaction on Apple Pay? Yes, you can cancel a pending transaction. However, the method to do so can vary based on the bank or card issuer.
  4. Is it safe to use Apple Pay while the status is pending? Yes, Apple Pay is secure, even if a transaction status is pending. However, if the pending status remains for too long, you should contact your bank.
  5. What steps can I take to avoid Apple Pay transactions from going into pending status? Ensuring a stable internet connection, keeping sufficient funds in your account, and maintaining updated software on your Apple device can help avoid the pending status.


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