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Best Network Monitoring Apps for Android


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Why do you need Android network monitor tools? Nowadays, people cannot think of living without the net. Most users are taking up smartphones and tablets for surfing the internet.

Smartphones have become easy solutions for accommodating all applications that users need to make their lives comfortable. All of these applications and web browsers require different types of networks, such as 4G, 3G, public hotspots, Wi-Fi connections, etc.

It is quite challenging to keep a check on your network connections at all times. Luckily, numerous software developers are there for your help. In Google Store, you will come across lots of Android network monitor applications.

So, let’s discuss how these incredible programs help you. Also, know about some of the best network monitoring tools for Android.

What Do You Mean by ‘Network Monitoring’?

In simpler words, network monitoring checks the consumption of traffic on mobile devices with the help of inbuilt Android tools or other third-party apps. The task of the Android network monitor is significant for people who have data usage limits and for the net connections when roaming.

What Does Android Network Monitor Can Monitor?

Android network monitor tools are specially designed for advanced phone users who like to control outgoing and incoming traffic on their tablets and smartphones. These programs offer information on all the web services, connections, applications that employ internet traffic, or IP addresses they have a connection with.

The monitoring tools display the data received or sent throughout each connection. The data is very useful in tracking suspicious network activities. Some applications could be configured for sending notifications each time the phone makes an internet connection.

In case you are very sensitive to the data usage on your smartphone, you can set up restrictions for a specific period of time. If you like to exceed these restrictions, Android network monitor apps can provide options to reduce traffic consumption.

A network monitoring app would be a helpful tool for people who like to track network activity on their smartphones under control. Using these impressive tools, they can discover which applications consume too much data and also, detect intruders.

Best Android network monitor Tools for Android

There are lots of applications out there for network monitoring on Android. Here, we have listed some of the best network monitor tools for Android. Let’s check out this list without further ado!

1. IP Tools – Easy Network Utility

IP Tools – Easy Network Utility

IP Tools is an incredible Android network monitor tool, which is packed with amazing features. It is a simple-to-use application for diagnosing and configuring networks. Also, it even improves their performance. This network monitoring tool features lots of utilities like port and LAN scanner, IP calculator, ping data, Wi-Fi analyzers, which is information, DNS lookup, and lots more.

2. Network Monitor Mini

Android Network Monitor - Network Monitor Mini

This Android network monitor application displays all the data linked to your network in the notification window. Using its free version, users could view information on their data rate and connection speed. Plus, they can even customize the overall appearance of the Network Monitor Mini.

The pro version of this monitoring tool supplies utilities for normalizing proxy/VPN traffic, regulating Kilo values, viewing decimal places, and lots of other things.

3. Network Connections

Network Connections Android Network Monitor

This incredible application allows viewing of all the connections to and from your smartphone. Network Connections offers information on all the connections, such as number, PTR, IP address, and other things. It even tells about the amount of data received and sent.

With this Android network monitor, users can see all applications on their devices that employ internet traffic. It even sends them a notification when these applications attempt to build an internet connection.

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4. NetX Network Tools

A comprehensive suite of tools, NetX offers everything from network discovery to device management and scanning. It has a simple, intuitive interface that even beginners will find easy to navigate.

netx network tools

5. PingTools Network Utilities

PingTools is perfect for those seeking more depth. This app offers real-time monitoring and various network utilities such as traceroute, network speed test, and IP calculator.

PingTools Network Utilities

6. Fing – Network Tools

Fing stands out with its device recognition capability. It allows you to see all devices connected to your Wi-Fi and provides security scanning features to keep you safe.

Fing - Network Tools

Best Monitoring Application for Android – FamiSafe

Using the Android network monitor applications mentioned above, users can see what applications employ their network. They can even disable those applications that consume lots of traffic. So, this is what you need to do to monitor your Android device. However, what you should do to monitor the applications that your kids use.

At times, children spend lots of their time on their smartphones instead of being a part of real-life interactions or studying. So, if this is what you are struggling with, then we have a solution to your problem.

Parental control applications allow you to monitor your kids remotely and control software that your kids have downloaded on their mobile phones. Wondershare FamiSafe is an incredible tool for keeping a check on your loved ones.

Android Network Monitor - Famisafe

Besides the application blocking and monitoring function, FamiSafe provides detailed information regarding the browsing history like which sites your children have visited or which pages they have gone to. It even parents block specific websites. In case you have no clue what net resources you need to ban, then blacklist an entire category of websites.

Wondershare FamiSafe maintains a database of the sites by the content so that users could create unavailable inappropriate categories. Now, it is time for you to learn about the impressive features of this monitoring tool.

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Unique Characteristics of FamiSafe:

Wondershare FamiSafe features a lot of amazing features, which are listed as follows:

  • The application enables receiving data on every application downloaded on your kid’s device.
  • Using FamiSafe, parents can see which applications their kids use the most and when they are being opened.
  • It even allows you to block particular applications and even create schedules remotely without the knowledge of your kids.
  • The application sends notifications whenever your kid attempts to open a restricted site or blocked application.
  • The explicit content & suspicious photos detection feature enables parents to receive real-time alerts when a suspicious picture or content is detected from the child’s WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kik, Gmail, Messenger Lite, YouTube, and other suspicious content recognized on iOS smartphones.

Using Wondershare FamiSafe, users can track their children’s real-time GPS location and even check the location history. They can even configure geo-fencing for preventing visiting particular places and receive information on the date and time your kids go to their schools, leave and come home, and visit another place.


Its screen time feature offers reports on the usage of the mobile device. One can even disable the functions of the target device by setting up the screen time. Parents can identify particular hours when the phone is not supposed to be working.

FamiSafe makes it easier by joining up different features for achieving good performance. So, when you combine the geo-fencing feature with application blocking, you could block applications when your kids are found at particular places, like schools.



  1. Why do I need a network monitoring app on my Android device? Network monitoring apps provide insights into your device’s internet activity, helping you optimize usage, identify potential threats, and improve performance.
  2. Are network monitoring apps expensive? Not necessarily. Many highly rated apps are free, while others offer premium features at a cost.
  3. What is the easiest network monitoring app to use? NetX Network Tools is known for its user-friendly interface, making it a good choice for beginners.
  4. Can network monitoring apps help improve my network speed? While these apps can’t directly improve network speed, they provide information that can help you make necessary adjustments to optimize speed.
  5. Are network monitoring apps safe to use? Yes, as long as they’re downloaded from trusted sources such as the Google Play Store. Also, ensure to read user reviews and permissions before downloading.

Final Words

Android network monitor applications enable getting to know the network and smartphone better for keeping the data usage within control. However, if you like to keep an eye on the smartphone activities of your kids, then FamiSafe could be of help.

This tool assists you in making the online journeys of your little ones safer and eliminates stress on your part. You cannot always keep a check on your kids, but FamiSafe ensures that your family is safe all the time.

Wondershare FamiSafe is available on both Google Play and the App Store. You can download this application for free and enjoy its wonderful features within a 3-day free trial period.

This application fully understands the parents’ concerns, and that’s why features such as monitoring functions keep your mind at peace. So, do not waste your time and get this awesome application for starting a monitoring session!


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